Madhubala 16th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 16th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Entire team of the movie come n all wish Happy Diwali to each other!!

Dips sulks seeing Madhu happy n Pabho says .. waqt sabse bada vishwasghati hai..! Sikky has put black color on his face n tries to signal Dips

Madhu is in kitchen n feels dizzy

Bittu is playing cards with Mehul n Roma calls her.. Chimpu Cheater.. n he drops cold drink on her dress..! Both crib ..! Roma comes n asks Madhu if she is ok? Madhu says.. dizzy..! Roma says its break next day.. take rest..!

Sikky enters as waiter in the party. .Dips is shocked!

Roma comes n sits next to Bittu n he wants to leave but she forces him to stay back! Madhu wonders where RK is .. ! Dips is lost .. n Pabho asks her to focus ..!

Madhu comes and finds RK standing near terrace. RK says dun stare so much or someones evil eye will fall on u!

Madhu asks how did u know? RK says.. i may not know about myself. but know all about u! RK says.. u always think of me.. my relations.. about making things better for me. .but what i did ..was my insecurity n frustration .. n din realise u did all for me..! RK asks to forgive him n asks how u love me so much?

Madhu says… ishq wala love badh kar chadha hai ankhon me n when u look at me .. i feel alive! RK says.. my eyes are meant to see u..! BG-Hum hai dewane! RK caresses Madhus hair.. n face!

Madhu is dizzy and almost falls..! RK asks if she is fine n she says yes!

Sikky collides with Madhu n drops his plate.. Dips says Sikky u?? All are shocked! RK fumes! He tries to leave n is blocked by servant!

Part 2

RK fumes on Sikky who keeps begging for forgiveness! Madhu faints n all rush to her side..!

All worry for her!

Part 3

RK asks Doc what is wrong with Madhu n she says lemme check up first..! He goes downstairs n confronts Sikky! He says din wanna hurt u..! Dun call cops! RK says.. u should have thot about it before attacking me! Sikky says.. din wanna hurt u.. gimme one more chance!

Doc comes and RK asks the matter..! She says go ask ur wife! He asks Roma n she says same thing!

RK is confused!

Precap — RK asks Madhu what is the matter.. what did doc say? Why are u smiling? Madhu smiles n says try and understand! RK says no one is telling me anything.. tell me.. now! Madhu says shut up .. ur gonna be a dad! RK is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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