Madhubala 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update, Madhubala 15th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Part 1

Madhu comes to RKs room and looks at her kangan…n smiles..!

RK comes with a bag and says.. they are not staying here Madhu says. Farmhouse? After all this happened?

RK lifts Madhus hand and kisses it..! He backhugs Madhu but ties her hand and Madhu is panicked..!

He switches off light.. n RK gags her then lifts her in his arms…

Sultan wakes up and notices.. Meear missing from the bed He runs out and asks everyone around.. n finally asks the Doc..

RK is driving n Madhu keeps fidgeting.. Madhu asks why he couldnt take her out decently n RK says..going on long drive n wanted to avoid her questions

Madhu says.. he lost the bet of being Madhu for night..! She cribs may his Car breakdown n the car stops outside the STUDIO!


asks him to get the car repaired .. n RK says. m superstar not mechanic..! Madhu says.. so they have to spend night sitting? RK says.. they dun need to sit!

Madhu cribs.. first night.. n that too in studio!

Doc brings Sultan to Meera who is knitting woolens singing . .Chanda hai tu..! Sultan offers to take Meera home but Doc asks to think thru…but says.he is happy ..with the offer.!

Sultan comes to Meera.. n she shooes him off.. n says..she is knitting for her son! She recollects.. being pregnant.. with her son .. n Sultan smiles.. !

Meera asks him if he knows where her son is? She requests Sultan to take her to him n Sultan says. YES MOM n she slaps him!

Sultan assures her..he will take her to meet her son!

Part 2

Aryan asks Kaka why they are there

Sultan brings Meera.. with him ..n Aryan is scared…! Doc goes to complete the formalities..

Sultan introes.. Kaka and Aryan to her.. ! Meera calls Aryan to her.. n he hesitatingly goes…! She hugs him n Aryan pushes her away…!

Sultan scolds Aryan n Meera asks her not to scold kids. as they hide..

Part 3

Madhu calls out to RK …

He says..right here but why need? Madhu says…allowing to fulfill duty.. follow wife..! She tells RK… he is Madhu …so FOLLOW ME BIWI!

RK says..he booked honeymoon suite.. n car broke down n Madhu cribs…so many things roses.. candles..chocolates are waiting for them in room n they r here!

RK hides n Madhu keeps calling out for RK n asks ..where is he? She says..she is angry.. already.. !!!!

Precap —- BG- Piyu bole…! RK closes in Madhu …for a kiss..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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