Madhubala 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Meenakshi says she has taken 1 month leave and will stay with Raju to take care of him

Raju calls Madhu to him and introes to his new friends .. Deepu & Monu .. and introes Madhu to them .!

Titu is pacing around and wonders what to do? He says dun wanna stay here anymore..! Dolly rues that whatever AK is doing to Madhu …cant see it.. ! His revenge has blinded him …

Titu asks to keep faith on God ..!

Raju is enjoying flying paper planes with the kids and Madhu looks at the gift she brought for him ..! BG  – itni si hasi ..! She gives to Raju who is excited about it..! He opens it .. n its a wallet ..with money! He thanks her and hugs her..! Madhu is startled and hugs him ..! Camera keeps moving around them … in circle..!

Raju holds her hand and leads her …! Madhu is taken aback.. and walks with him ..! Raju tells all that she is his Gudiya n his best friend and will stay there!

Meenakshi asks Madhu to sign the papers… and Madhu is a bit unsure..! Meenakshi says.. i know ur dilema..! Madhu says for Raju can do all .. n bear all ..!

Madhu asks Meenakshi to take  care of Raju n she says will do it but will she be able to handle herself..! Raju is breathless.. Madhu recollects how Raju was anxious to meet her and slowly walks out of there! She is lost in thots of past moments with Raju ..

Raju is busy playing and the plane falls outside window..! He goes to take it n sees Madhu leave in car and Raju runs after Madhu .

Nikhil is excited about getting AKs property … and Pam says he will get only 25% ..! Nikhil is disappointed .. n Pam says go see ur face in mirror.. (he has rashes on his face) and Pam too ..! AK comes n asks the matter .. n asks why red faced? They deny n then check n wonder the matter … n AK says clean up .. before my birthday party tomorrow… ! Pam-Nikhil are confused..!

AK says a big party is there n surprise for u both!

Part 2

Tamanna says Madhu is not back yet with Raju ..! AK is concerned..! Tamanna calls Rajus school and AK talks ..! He finds out that RajBala have not come ..!

Madhu reaches her chawl .. and self thot.. one story is over … Happy Ending for Raju … he is happy in his life & I in mine..

She sees Bittu and decides to confess all her lies ..

Part 3

Bittu is surprised to see Madhu and Lela wonders from where Madhu came and she prays for some divine intervention as Madhu may tell Bittu all ..!

Bittu asks her why she is crying?

Madhu is about to tell all when her moby rings ..its Meenakshi who informs her that Raju ran out of the center after Madhu ..

Madhu rushes back … ! Bittu-Lela wonder the matter…! Madhu checks her moby .. AK is calling …!!

Raju is walking on the street alone .. is scared to cross the road..! Madhu prays to PK to protetct Raju … ! A truck is rushing towards Raju n he freezes

Precap—- Madhu is showing Rajus pics all around to people and cant find Raju .. she spots his bag …n clutches it to herself tightly!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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