Madhubala 14th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 14th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK comes to Mehul and says.. magic will be created for sure.. seeing how ur wasting my money in gutter..!

He says its my first project …my career and all are at stake.. its not a canteen for old friends to gather.. dun wanna be ridiculed by working with THESE!

Mehul says they are here coz they know how to work .. n RK says before that remove ur old fame glasses… says. .one is busy eating.another sleeping..n another wonder how she will dance? RK says..talking practical ..! The people offer to leave n Mehul says .. RK know my work.. n if movie is made..will be with them..

RK says dun need ur team. .n Mehul says dun need u..! RK says.. leave. no one requesting .. nor begging.. will find someone else! Mehul says.. lemme remind ..industry kicked

u out!

RK says.. enouf n Mehul says. .no need to speak.. we know what ur status is.. lets go..! Madhu requests Mehul to stay back..! Mehul says.. she saw what happened..! Tell him his dreams are over..! Madhu says.. RK has been at top always so taking time to adjust..! She requests him to reconsider.. give 5 mins more.. ! She goes to talk to RK! RK says..cannot bear this.. ! Madhu says.. turn n see. .no one is with u. u are alone.. ..who u gonna make movie with? A lone person is not a team.. m ur life partner… din ask u to apologise.. but he cannot look away from truth.. time changes… n we need to change! She says.. Mehul has faith in them ..why not us?? They came together for Mehul … there must be some substance..! Madhu asks RK to try … RK agrees but says not happy about it ..but fine! RK says.. my experience says ..this is a loser team. .but agreeing to Mehuls confidence n Madhus faith..!

RK says… done… Mehul says.. lets make a movie..where is heroine? RK says.. crew urs.. heroine mine..! Mehul – RK shake hands.. calling each other.. Super Director – SuperStar..!

RK asks for financier and the guys comes .. (like some marwadi businessman) ! The guy says.. tu suraj hai..tu chanda hai.. tu.. n RK says..kaisa chal raha apka dhanda hai? Both says happy to meet..! Bittu says..the guy is ready to invest Rs.20 Crs..! He says whole family ur fan! RK says.. thanks to ur family n the guy goes to call his family .. saying din call first coz..its not like zoo..we here to see Lion ..! The guy calls his whole family n RK is zapped to see them…! The guy makes Bittu take pics of him with RK! All invite RK to Junagadh… n leave! RK fumes on Bittu ..from where he found such people! The guy comes.. back.. n sits with RK to talk business… n contract papers..!

The guy asks for guarantee ..that film will be hit… n says ..give guarantee.. for the deal..! RK fumes..!

Part 2

The guy says.. keep home at mortgage… and i will sign! He says… its guarantee that.. u will return 20 Cr n profit over it..! RK says.. u cannot price this house.. its my dreams… out… He leaves..!

Part 3

Madhu asks RK to listen to her..! RK fumes. n says..this is my house.. which i made with my hardwork n my wife came here.. ! RK says.. flop ph used to come to me… whatever he touched became gold.. i was lucky charm.. he shows articles about himself.. the box office king.. not all actors get such titles..

RK rues what is happening with me? Madhu is quiet..! RK asks Madhu not to worry ..all will be ok ..!

Madhu says.. not ready to be gold statute .. RK says.. if she werent my life..what would happen to him? Madhu says.. he is still arrogant n snobbish..

Madhu asks about his heroine? RK says.. found her.. fair.. 5 ft 5… big eyes.. breathtaking smile. .n no need of glycerine to cry n when angry becomes Jungli Billi ..!! Madhu smiles!

Precap —- RK says sure we will find a good heroine! Mehul says we are hoping too ..! Mehul says.. have a women oriented subject so here to see the heroine n RK says.. in his movie. he is 1 to 10 of cast is later!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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