Madhubala 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 14th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Madhu that Dips did her all to stop Madhu from entering this home. .but Madhu entered as Bahu of the house

RK asks what will Dips do now n Madhu says.. i will tell … she pulls Dips by her arms towards the exit..

Sultan caresses Meeras head n says.. dun need money … just need to reinstate ..mothers RESPECT n IDENTITY …!! Sultan swears that he will get back Meeras respect at all cost..

Madhu tells Dips that.. its the start of her new life.. n she is here to bond the house.. not break it… She tells Dips . .’Choice main dungi ..decide tum karogi’ … Madhu tells Dips to leave..or stay on good terms..!

Madhu says.. Alvida or Nayi Shuruat..

Dips says.. Nayi Shuruat… !! RK warns Dips not to do anything to make Madhu repent her decision..! Sikky thanks Madhu..! Rishbala take Sikky-Dips blessings.. [He says.. factory ki tarah BACHCHE paida karo]

RK praises Madhu for creating drama .. n Madhu says.. it was needed.. RK style..

Bittu says Time n RK says.. for SUHAGRAAT Radha chides They do another ritual..!

A child is running n Meera comes.. n chides him for running away n breaksdown.. … Sultan is dreaming! He pats Meeras head..saying dinno!

Next rasam … Angoothi ..rasam..and Sikky wants to play but Bittu stops him..! Radha says no cheating n RK says.. RK will win n Madhu says..shall see..!

RK loses deliberately … n Madhu wins …all cheer…for her..! RK teases.. in Sikky-Dips case.. Sikky won n he is ruling.. same here.

All leave…

Madhu asks why did he let her win n RK says..coz she is RK … n RK never loses! RK is about to head with Madhu to room but Radha stops. .n says.. more rituals left

Part 2

Radha brings Rishbala to Mohans pic n RK seeks blessing from him to be a good hubby like him to take care of his wife. .n like father of a naughty son..!

Radha says no way… cant handle.. two RKs

Radha sends RK off n asks Madhu to stay back … ! RK cribs..Saas Bahu ka show khatam hi nahi hota hai..!

Radha gives Madhu the kangan … [the other one was on Meeras hand]

Part 3

Sultan rues not being by Meeras side.. when she needed..!

He swears to never leave .. his mom ..n promises to return her identity n respect to her..!

Precap — Madhu is lying down.. RK caresses her face..! BG – Saansein bhi teri hai…Jeeya dole.. haule haule..! RK – Madhu close in and screen freezes.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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