Madhubala 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mehul says.. will do ur movie RK ..if u can keep ur arrogance away!

Madhu tells RK that he too likes Mehuls movies..and he has all Mehuls movies in his libarary… RK says.. fine. .but all decisions mine be it thread or needle.. all me..!

Mehul says not done… all decisions will be mine..what needle will do..will be my call .. time mine.. place mine.. roll action camera.. all me..only u will act!

Mehul says.. if i do the movie.. it will be my way.. take 3 hours time! Madhu asks Bittu where he stays.. RK asks why? U want RK to bend before Mehul and accept all conditions? Impossible! Madhu says.. yes.. want u to say yes.. so he can do what he cant live without MOVIES!

Madhu says.. want Superstar RK to say yes so people go crazy seeing him and want

my hubby RK to work so he is relieved from all suffocation! RK says.. rubbish..!

Madhu gives a bottle of drinks n says drink … thats what u do. .when depressed! Madhu asks where is the one who used to call him Sirji?

Madhu says having big ego if it were bad thing..RK did have big bad records! Agree.. just this once! RK stays mum ..! Madhu says fine drink.. RK walks off

Mehul is repairing lights and RK comes n says its old ..wont work! RK says.. gotta hand it to u.. u came.. here n found something like u .. ! The parts of these lights.. are rotten.. old like him .. fix new parts.. so it works..! RK says take my help ..u need it..!

Mehul asks if RK did say this to his dad? RK goes mum Mehul says doing or not? RK agrees! Mehul asks RK will give script tomorrow.. get my team ready!

RK asks any more order? Mehul Chopra SIR?? Mehul says.. forcing a new part wont help the machine work.. it only works with its own parts! The lights come..

Part 2

Mehul says lights back n better than new… old is gold..!

RK says.. shot half my film here… n Mehul says.. shot my first film here.. wanna know PH? Go n check..! Its Mohan Kundra!

Later RK gives Bittu list of Mehuls crew and Bittu says hardly anyone around.. n Madhu says we cant give up..! RK asks Bittu to go fetch..

Bittu comes to a party and asks for Sancheta Ghosh… n finds her .. [She had an accident] works at party.. n tells her about the movie..

He finds the cameraman a puja… n informs about Mehuls movie..!

RK tells Bittu thank God they are alive.. n Madhu is at temple bajaoing ghanti ..till God gives what she wants!

Dips comes n RK says. .BIWI ..kisi aur ki..! She serves food to RK n shows off her hair n RK says.. nice earings. .but answer is NO …can make out from her new styling .. that she wants to be RKs heroine!

Dips asks why not? People will love us together… RK taunts her and Dips says new start n RK says. .eat..first n then give me..!

Dips asks what is the problem? Do act well … ! RK says.. ruins indicate ther was a monument here!

RK calls servant .. for food .. Dips leaves!

Part 3

Mehul greets his team! Teases them …

RK taunts that dinno with my money circus is being played..! RK fumes at Madhu …saying this wont work.. ! Madhu asks to relax n trust Mehul ..!

RK says kick them out.. except the choreo.. she still has spark..! RK sees the choreo has lost her leg!

Precap — RK asks Mehul what is this? My money and my career is at stake.. its not get together for old people .! Mehul says..they are here coz they know their work! RK says dun want them . Mehul says dun want u! RK say leave!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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