Madhubala 13th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha tells Madhu that times are tough n she needs energy to fight

RK says.. mom saying same thing.. Biwi Dieting no Fighting!

Radha feeds Madhu saying Please..! Madhu assures to eat on her own! RK thanks his mom n she leaves!

RK sits on a chair n watches Madhu eat!

Suddenly lights go off.. n Madhu is scared.. RK surprised! Sultan enters someplace! He lights up the lighter..!

Right then RK lights up the lighter n tells Madhu he is with her.. forever..n not to be scared! Aryan calls out to Sultan n they hug!

Aryan apologises for being scared.. n Sultan says..its ok ..! Sultan recollects Madhus words about fear being proof of being alive..!

Aryan asks if he will get Madhu back ..if he stays as good boy Kaka calls out Aryan ..!

RK lights up a candle n Rishbala eyelock Both are emotional .. but Madhu looks away n so does RK!

RK lights up the entire room with candles BG- Hum hai tere dewane!

He comes n sits next to Madhu n asks her to tie the dupatta on his wound! She walks away ..! BG- Tujhe sochta hun main shamo subah..! Winds blowing.. RK sets Madhus locks.. touches her cheek!

RK tells Madhu ‘Aab ye zakhm tumhe hi sambhalne hain’! Madhu starts to tie the dupatta more tightly! RK thinks of past with Madhu … Madhu too..! She cries! Madhu tells RK that..he is like that arrogant king..who thinks the sun rises for him dry his pappads! RK says..he doesnt eat Pappad..! Madhu turns n walks away …!

RK says.. wanted u to cover the wounds.. but u healed them as well [with her tears]

Part 2

Madhu is asleep on the couch n RK pats her hair.. n drools on her..!

Part 3

RK turns Madhu around n helps her to rest her head on his chest… ! Flashback of studio night!

Precap — Madhu wakes up and finds herself in bed with RK … ! She sees her cell .. Trish is calling..! She turns to lift the phone .. n finds her hand locked with RKs.. thru handcuff n RK says.. ur Pati Parmeshwar is here!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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