Madhubala 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips tells Pabho that they need to use RKs insecurity to break Rishbala!

Pabho says i cant do this…cant hurt RK! Dips says i care for RK too. .n all this is for RKs good only!

Dips says we need to spread rage in RK for Madhu … ! Pabho loves the idea and appreciates Dips for it!

Roma feeds dahi shakkar to Madhu n says ur new start! Madhu says am nervous! Roma says.. its a simple scene. u will be able to do it..! RK comes there to support Madhu..todays superstar and breaking news! RK Madhu hug..! Roma says lemme cover my eyes n RK says.. doesnt matter.. Bittu is there to interrupt! LOL

Madhu helps RK to the set..and they notice a special sofa for RK to sit..! RK says this is chair mati.. ur souten.. will stay in front of ur eyes.. everyday on set! LOL Madhu smiles n RK says ur not assigned to stare at me. .u go and rehearse..! Madhu says I LOVE U! RK says.. who doesnt! Wink

Pabho asks Dips why she is packing extra food? Dips says coz of winter n Pabho says get a brain check..! Dips brings food in the store room ..where Sikky is hiding! He requests Dips to convince RK to forgive him!

RK asks Bittu the budget used n he says.. 20 Crs.. n 20 Crs left! RK says cut it down to 10 Crs.. as we know box office well..! Bittu says Madhu working hard.. we cant do this..! RK says am gonna be crippled by second half.. who will come to watch? People come to watch RKs film for RK better u complete film in 30 Crs.!

Part 2

Madhu is shooting the scene..! RK sulks hearing Madhus lines.. of breaking ties with Karan ..coz he has not seen the success she has..!! All clap for Madhu n RK claps too .. ! Mehul tells RK to sign Madhu for the next film ..before outsiders do..!

Part 3

Madhu shoots the next scene.. ! RK keeps feeling irritated …! He calls out for Spot..! All rush to RK n ask the matter? RK says.. sorry i spoiled ur shot.. wanted to get up!!

RK says wanna go home! Madhu offers to accompany .. but RK says.. will meet in the evening.. u complete work! RK leaves with Bittu!

RK keeps waiting for Madhu ..! Pabho brings food for RK! He says not hungry! He says Madhu said will make soup for me. .so waiting for her! RK fumes..! Dips says get used to this! RK says mind ur business! Dips says.. doing same n makes RK touch her cheek! Dips says.. in ur darkest hour .. i was with u …!

RK tells Dips ‘Aukad yaad rakhne ki cheez hai.. bhulo mat!’

Precap — Dips says.. its all written in the destiny! Madhus only purpose to be in ur life was to become heroine..! U are out of ur own film n Madhu is the heroine ..! Truth is.. after this film Madhu will be the rising sun and u the setting stars..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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