Madhubala 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks for her phone Sultans says.. wont get He asks CLEAR?

She says..yes.. his words.. tone .. mood.. but she also understood the kids fear.. dying hopes of freedom n childhood!

Madhu tells Aryan his fever is down! He asks if she will stay back? She says yes coz even if he is not scared ..she is ! She starts to tell him a story..he says.. he isnt weak to listen to stories. .n she says.. its a fairy story..he says..there are no fairies! Madhu tickles Aryan n they are laufing n smiling! Sultan listens to the sound of his laufter.. while lighting his lighter ..sitting all quiet..!

At the mansion Sikky looks on hurt at Dips..during dinner.! Dips asks him to eat she has to get up early ..! Sikky says..he thought its a cameo but its become longeo! He says.. he can see.. if not speak.. n that he saw it all .. she n RK! Dips says..nothing like that..! Sikky says..she has 403 pics of RK n not even passport size pic of his!

RK comes for dinner.. n Dips says.. Radha is busy..! Sikky asks RK when will Dips cameo end? RK says.. inquiry counter is on platform 12 .. n h is on platform 1.. ! Dips intervenes. .n Sikky says.. bahut yarana lagta hai! RK speak what he is allowed to. not more! Sikky walks off! Radha watches!

At the studio ..RK comes n sits while checking his moby..n asks heroine about Madhu..! She nods..its some other hair dresser! RK asks where is Madhu? She on leave!

Aryan n Madhu are doing hand wrestling.. n Aryan beats her.. n she says..he is getting stronger eating fruits..! They again repeat.! Sultan watches quietly! Madhu tells Aryan that its time to go n will miss him! She hugs Aryan n tells him to get well soon! Sultan asks Madhu what she Madhu says.excuse me? Sultan says.. he knows it all.. so better ask! Madhu says..he only knows.. about guns n bullets.. so better not talk of people! Madhu tells him that there are many things in world.. which can be done without money n guns.. a simple PLEASE will be enouf! Madhu asks if she has to tie a blindfold n he simply walks past him!

Madhu reaches the chawl n all are staring at her there! She enters her home, Trish opens n find RK waiting for her! He says that heard ur unwell n at home got to know ur on shoot! RK tells Trish its a personal screening..! Madhu tells RK he cant tell Trish to leave.. only he will leave! Trish goes out on her own! RK says. Samajhdar hai.. tumpar nahi gai! RK tells Madhu that..why is her nights being spent outside.. by lying to all? Madhu stays mum! She then asks RK ..why does he care if she is lying or not? Comes on set or not? Madhu says..firs the answer her..then she will try to reply back..TRY!!! RK-Madhu glare-stare at each other!

Part 2

RK tells Madhu that.. he asked first… so reply! Madhu says..keep the sawal with u.. raise it.. feed it.. n stare it..wont answer! RK asks who was the guy..n where was she entire night? RK shakes Madhu n asks who was that GUY..where was she whole night?

Madhu says..he is hurting her n he says.. she is.. hurting him! He says..he has right to hurt her.. to make her happy make her smile.. to make her cry.. ONLY HE HAS THE RIGHT! Madhu says.. NO . .NO RIGHT anymore! He had.. the rights.. but he himself broke it n destroyed it..! Madhu tells RK that he only told her.. she is his EX-Biwi!

RK says.. payback? Madhu says.. not a superstar.. to plan revenge for 4 slaps for the rest of life.. by destroying a life!

Part 3
Madhu says.. dun have time.. energy.. nor does he have that importance in her life that she has to sit n plan a revenge from him! RK asks if she is trying to make him jealous?? Madhu asks..he is jealous?? Rishabh Kundra?
Madhu opesn the door n says. .its a door meant to show the way out to some. .n way in to others..! LEAVE ..!

Precap –RK says..she cant hide HIM from RK for long..! Madh usays..keep voice low.. n dun take out ur frustration here..! RK goes out! Paddo overhears.. asks Madhu who RK was talking of? She slaps Madhu!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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