Madhubala 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 12th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Meera keeps telling …he cant run ..and Sultan n docs help her lie down..! Doc asks Sultan who is she to him n Rasheed says.. his mom..! The doc says..sometimes intuition works n maybe she guessed.. he was reacting like this..! Meera suddenly stops fidgeting and looks at Sultan with tears in her eyes..! Suddenly she sees Rasheed and fumes…and attacks him saying..he is a bad guy.. he is hand in gloves with THAT man.. will kill him! Doc calls for injection .! Sultan . nurse n docs help her lie down and Doc gives her injection..! Meera calms and says.. Mohan.. why did u do this? Left everything??

Rasheed says Meera identified him …and that he used to work for Sultans dad..! Doc-Nurse leave..! Sultan asks Rasheed ..who Meera was talking of? Rasheed says..his father.. Mohan! Sultan asks..if his fathers name is Mohan? Rasheed says.. Mohan Kundra..! Sultan is stunned..!

At the wedding.. Radha is holding RKs arm and telling him something ..right then Meera.. holds Sultans arm…! Camera shows the two scenes in parallel..! One side happy RK-Radha. .other side.. Meera-Sultan.. sad..n troubled..!

Sultan asks..if Rasheed has lost it? Mohan Kundra ..cant be his dad..! He asks for proof..! Rasheed says.. two..proofs.. one Meera.. and another him…even if Meera is crazy..! Sultan threatens him! Rasheed says.. so he accepted .. Meera is speaking the truth? Sultan asks for full details.. rightaway..! Rasheed says.. its his weakness that when .. people threaten him..he cant speak the truth! Sultan steps back..!

Rasheed says.. he used to be Mohans driver..! Flashback shown of .. Rasheed driving with Mohan..! He says.. more than the no. of romantic films he made .. he had his own love stories..! He says. .how Mohan was nuts after Meera.. a girl working in costume department..! He he used to drive him to Meera..! He he stopped flirting around after meeting Meera..! Rasheed says.. Meera was a good girl..who had no need for money. .only wanted a man who would love her. .n give her a family ..n she can handle his life..! He Meera felt Mohan was fulfilling those dreams..! Meera told Mohan that she wanted to marry him! Rasheed Mohan lost his sense.. n how he tried to divert her mind but she din relent so one fine day.. they got married secretly in a temple..! They show.. Meera wearing a family bangle of Mohans..!

Rasheed says..he was the sole proof of the wedding.. ! Sultan sees his moms vacant mang .. n fumes…! Sultan asks next? Rasheed says.. Meera wanted to go to her in laws and started forcing. but Mohan started hiding from her..! Rasheed says. Mohans movies were bombing..whatever he earned..he lost. .and one night..he disappeared..! Rasheed says. .no one knew..where he went. .what happene to his money! Rasheed says. .Meera started asking where Mohan went. .but he had no idea.. he was a simple driver..! Rasheed says. .just knew..he was facing bad times.. and then after many months..he returned.. but in good condition..! Rasheed says.. he forgot a bit of the middle.. but what? Rasheed says.. he returned.. his business flourished.. and one day.. Meera came in front of him …she was pregnant..! Mohan rejected Meera .. in front of his eyse..and walked away..! They show.. Meera telling Mohan that she is his wife. .and he cant leave her like this. .or she will spill out all the truth.. but Mohan walked away nevertheless..! Sultan fumes .. more..!

Sultan asks..why? Why afte all this.. SHE .. ! Rasheed says.. Mohan married a girl of rich family … Radha is the name of that lady her father.. gave him lots of money to resurrect his business n thats why he turned his back on Meera..!

Part 2

Radha distributes gifts to all the guests who are attendting.. ! She inquires if Paddo has been sent off in car? Bittu says yes..! Radha ask for Rishbala.. n Bittu points. .to Madhu..! Madhu calls out for RK n he pulls her aside. .! Madhu asks what is he doing? RK shushes her n says.. so many things happened.. but he needs a minute.. with her.. to balance himself..! Madhu says ..she is with him..! RK says..for a minute he thot ..everything ended! Madhu says..she too was scared that..she lost him forever..! RK says.. never do this ever again .. n Madhu says.. u too ..else..! Rishbala hug..! RK says. .we wont separate ever.. n stay together forever..! Madhu says.. yes..! Radha says..its good everything ended nicely..! They turn to search for Rishbala ..! Bittu calls out.. to RK n Madhu jerks him off. .but RK pulls Madhu aside..!

Part 3

Rasheed says.. seems like a night in a love story.. ! Sadly Mohan moved on.. ! Money gives power to play with peoples life..! Sultan says. .no need for lectures.. what happened? Rasheed says..his bad times returned.. films started flopping..! Rasheed recollects how one night.. Mohan called him n Nazia.. and handed over .. Sultan to them calling him orphan..! Rasheed refuses to take the kid.. ! Rasheed says.. 2 lacs on hand n 20000 per month..! They accepted the offer.. ! Rasheed says.. happy that got money . .n Nazia got a kid to call her mom..!

Precap– RK points to the watch and says.. its 11pm .. n from 12am tonight.. he will love Madhu like Madhu …and by next day morning ..he will be like Madhu..! He says.. but before finalising the about a… n Madhu stops him..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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