Madhubala 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 11th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK stammers and says.. this is.. n tells the girl din ask ur name! Madhu says..come to our room! RK says..this is Anamika and she will take me upstairs! Bittu comes to help n RK says me ..yes me .. m over! RK asks the girl her name n she says u just christened me! Radha asks whats happening? Madhu says..dun think RK cant tell anything now.. lets talk tomorrow morning..! RK tells the girl.. couch.. RK not sleep on couch.. n says thats my bed! The girl says. no one blows up their fortune like u..! The girl helps RK lie down n he asks her to open a closet.. for drinks..! She smiles..! RK says.. its for u ..for ur treat.. coz..we dunno if we will meet tomorrow! The girl agrees..! She is walking out n runs into Madhu n says..he loves u a lot. .n was taking ur name.. all the time.

.he even called me with ur name..UR lucky girl.. ! She says.. u take care of him.. ! Cu..! She asks Bittu to give some money to pay the taxi driver! Madhu comes towards RK n wonders..what RK is doing and why?? She looks sadly at RK! She removes his shoes..! Covers him with blanket n switches off the lights!

Next day morning, RK wakes up with bad hangover..! He says.. headache..! Madhu brings coffee and water for him..! She gives him headache meds and water..! He apologises to Madhu ..! Madhu asks if he is going for shoot? RK says important stunt in Ad film ..for that! RK says.. just wanted to go out yesterday n ran into this girl. .n dun even know her..nothing happened! Madhu says dun wanna know about the girl.. what can i do ? What do u want from me? RK says space..! He gets up and goes to get fresh! Madhu says fine.. i will give u space!

The director of the shoot explains the stunt to assistants..! Bittu asks to postpone the shoot! The director says. no probs..taken 2 days.. but RK?? RK says am ready..!Bittu says.. its dangerous.. u have hangover! RK says am fine..! The director explains the stunt..! RK is holding his head..! RK nods his head..that he understood..!The shoot starts..! RK is feeling dizzy..! He keeps increasing car speed..! The director says very good..! RK starts to loose control and rams into a tree..! Bittu says cut.. n rushes to RK! RK finsd he is stuck in the car..! He is bleeding at his hand in the car n is worried! The bike rider .. comes n tries to help RK get out..! The bike rider finally helps RK get out.. of the car..! All rush to RK ..! The bike rider walks off..! RK looks on intrigued! It turns out to be the same girl n RK looks on intrigued and impressed..! He asks who was that? Bittu says no idea.. but God bless her..!

Bittu tells Madhu .. ! Bittu says. .nothing to worry.. RK is fine. no need to come! Madhu says i will come! Bittu says dun come.. if RK finds out.. he will lose his cool ..! Madhu asks to give the moby to RK .. n then recollects about that talk of space n tells Bittu to take care of RK n bring him home as soon as he can!

Part 2

Pabho hears on news that RK has met with a big accident while on shoot..! She screams and Dips n Radha are shocked too! Radha asks to call Bittu..! Madhu comes n switches off the TV n says.. nothing to worry about . .RK is fine! Dips says thank God..! He said.. only a bit of wound on hand.. ! Dips-Radha thank God! Pabho asks what is ‘bit of wound’?? Wound is wound.. when a hubby is injured a wife.. used to lose her senses… n u.. switched off TV n say that nothing to worry about? Madhu asks what do u mean? Pabho says u know what i mean!

Part 3

Radha says its a relief that RK is fine..! Pabho says how long r u gonna turn a blind eye..?? Cant u see what all is happening with RK?Everyday some new incident.. first knife.. then fire.. then losing a baby ..n that has broken him n now new accident. n what is the wife doing? Nothing! Pabho says.. just brushing things off ..n trying to spend life happily! Dips self thot.. not bad.. perfect timing Pabho! Pabho says.. we are fools to expect better from Madhu.. the one who is of faulted upbringing.. what to expect from her! Radha asks what do u mean? Pabho says.. if Madhus mom taught her.. what is importance of hubby she did not have been like this .. but she killed her own hubby! Madhu says enouf.. RK thinks ur like his mom n so i respected u too! U said i m bad for RK ..i accepted. but u r pointing finger on my mom n i wont tolerate it..! Madhu says u r the eldest.. all respect u u too have to fulfill the duty. keep the family together n at right time. .without selfishness take decision but u have kept blaming me! Pabho says . u. .n Madhu says.. me n RK lost our baby .. we were in pain.. we are trying to stabilise but u.. r pointing fingers on me.. my love n my pain?? Madhu says enough.. i know my duty.. my mom has taught me well ..! Madhu says .. bade keval umar se nahi hote.. bade hone ka farz bhi nibhana padta hai! Madhu says.. i dun need to prove to anyone ..what i feel for my hubby n what i m supposed to do . .n what i do..! Not even u..! Remember that.. ! Madhu walks off!

Bittu tells RK told u not to shoot .. glad ur safe..! Bittu says.. lets go home. .news must be out..! RK notices calls from Madhu.. ! The assistant tells RK ..told the girl to come. .but she din come! RK says fine..! He wonders where she is.. n notices.. her behind a tree doing her own bandage..! RK says ur here? The girl says u will help?? RK says called u u din come? The girl says coz i know that if its important u wuld come to me. .simple! RK asks what are u doing here? She says driving the bike.. i work here! RK pulls her by her hand .. n she glares at him ..!

Precap — RK is in his car outside the drinks bar n the girl is sitting next to him in the car n is drunk! Madhu asks RK where he is?? He says.. i m outside.. a friend of me needs help . .so here to help! Madhu asks which friend? RK says dun have time to answer all ur questions ..! RK cuts the call .. Madhu is worried!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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