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The police inspector told Prem to go back home but he argued to go with them and they had to agree. They start to go and Prem was hoping that Tejaswini was fine.
At Prem’s house everyone was tensed as Prem was not at home. When Arjun reached home after few hours everyone started asking him questions. Arjun calmed them down and started fumbling. He then said, “Prem bhai had some work so he has gone to do it.” Dharam asked, “What work?” Arjun gets tensed.
When Prem and the police reach there they find an isolated place. It was like a large storeroom. When the enter they find Tejaswini tied up, her right hand bleeding and she was unconscious. Prem shouts, “Tejaswini.” The police check the whole place, while Prem opens Tejaswini and tries to wake her up. He has tears in his eye. After checking the whole place police tell Prem, “We searched the whole place but there was no one.” Everyone goes out and Prem holds his Tejaswini and starts going back home.

At house: Dharam: Arjun tell. Where is Prem? Arjun: Bade papa. Wo. Actually we went to. To check. Prem bhai. Deep: Arjun, say something. Where is Prem. A voice comes from behind saying, “Here I am.” Then Prem enters holding an unconscious Tejaswini with her hand still bleeding. Everyone gets shocked and go towards them. Prem tells Arjun to call the doctor. Then Prem takes Tejaswini to her room.

After some minutes the doctor comes and checks her. He says that Tejaswini had a deep cut in her and because a large amount of blood had been lost. Otherwise she is fine. Anand takes the doctor outside. Priyal asks, “But how did this happen to her.” Prem tells them everything. Everyone gets shocked. Prem thinks that he will not spare the person who was responsible for this. He tells everyone to go and have rest as he will take care of Tejaswini. Everyone go back to their rooms.

Prem enters Tejaswini’s room. He feels sad seeing her lying unconscious. He sat at the side of the bed. After around 30 minutes she wakes and gets extremely tensed and starts to go out. Prem saw that she has woke and is confused that why is she going. He stops and tries to calm her down by saying, “Calm down. I am there with you.” She then hugs him tightly and starts crying. Prem reciprocates the hug. He then lays her on the bed and asks, “Tejaswini tell me what happened and please stop crying.”

Precap: The flashback of Tejaswini’s kidnapping.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting. Waiting to know what happened to tejaswnini

  2. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Episode 1 & 2 nice episode.. I’m waiting for the 3 episode of this.. keep writing and good luck for more twist of stories… I will keep supporting u fren…

  3. Rads

    Interesting…… continue soon…. and prejaswini is soooo cuteeee….. I just love them…. love you lots and keep smiling.
    Post the next one as soon as possible…. I m eagerly waiting

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