Made for each other..(Part-5) #IMMJ2

Alarm rang but she was still slept….next alarm rang,but still she didn’t wake…..and so on alarms kept ringing and finally she woke….

Riddhima: Good morning Bhai,good morning mom……(rubbing her eyes)umm…first day of the college..(yawning)btw what’s the time??

When she looked at the clock,she was shocked.

Riddhima(stressed): Sh*t,late on the very first day….god….hurry up Riddhima…just 20 minutes are left.

She hurriedly went to take the bath.She came back and got ready.She had already kept the books in her bag.5 minutes were left when she left for college.As college was near,so it generally took 2-3 minutes to reach there.She thought she’ll eat something at cafeteria during the break.

But while she on her way,she saw a poor old man,who was pleading in front of someone..

Old Man: Please li…..

Boy(interrupted): I am sorry,but I’m getting late for college..please,I have to go.

As he started to leave,Riddhima asked him to stop.

Riddhima: Stop….how can you just…..

Boy(interrupted without turning back): Listen I’m getting late…I need to leave now.

Riddhima: Don’t you feel that you should help this old man,at least for sake of humanity…..

Old Man(to Riddhima): Beta,what you are thi…

Riddhima turned towards the old man and took out some money from her bag and while giving it to him,she said

Riddhima: Baba,take this…rich,spoilt brats like these doesn’t understand pain of someone.

When she turned to see the boy,he was already gone.

Riddhima: See.

Old Man: But beta listen to me once,actually….(guys this will be revealed later.)

Riddhima looked at her watch and ran towards her class.Being her first day,she was supposed to be on time.She reached her classroom.

Riddhima: May I come in mam?

Professor: yes?

Riddhima: Good Morning Mam,I am Riddhima Bansal.It’s my first day today.

Professor: Oo,Riddhima…yes,sir told me about you..But you are seven minutes late.

Riddhima: I’m really sorry mam.From tomorrow onwards,I’ll be on time.

Professor: Ok.Find yourself a place to sit.

Riddhima nodded and looked around the class.There was no vacant seat,except one and a boy,who was studying his notes attentively,was sitting there.

Riddhima went towards him and asked him if she could sit there.The boy nodded without looking at her.Riddhima thanked him and settled herself down.

Riddhima(to the boy):Hi,I am Riddhima Bansal.

The boy didn’t respond.

Riddhima: Excuse me,I am talking to you.

Boy: Can we talk later?I am listening to what the proffesor is saying.

Riddhima(surprised): Sure

Riddhima also took out her book and started noting down the things on her notebook.She was impressed by the way professor taught here.After the topic was over,professor asked Riddhima to give her introduction.Riddhima had just finished,and the bell rang.After the professor left,students too started to leave.

Riddhima(to the boy): So,hi,myself Riddhima.

Boy(trying to ignore): Hmm,you told already.

Riddhima(to herself): What the…

Before Riddhima could speak,the boy started to leave.But Riddhima pulled him from back.As the pull was sudden,the boy lost his balance while turning and stumbled.He fell on Riddhima…( Ishq mein marjawan plays)…They share an eye-lock.Since today morning,he had been trying to ignore her.But he couldn’t.Fate always made her stand in front of him.But now as she was right there,he could see how pretty her eyes were.Her innocence was clearly reflected in her eyes.Her eyes were deep and he wanted to explore them.Ridhima too was lost in his eyes.:Their hearts were beating faster and breaths were heavy.They were lost in each other……..The bell rang,breaking the lock.They immediately stood up.Vansh turned to go.

Riddhima(embarrased): I’m so sorry……I..I actually wanted to apologise to you.

The boy turned and asked,

Boy: for what??

Riddhima: for..what happened in the morning…..baba has told me everything[FB shown…..old man telling Riddhima that the boy,whom she thought to be a spoilt brat,actually gave all his money to him(old man).And he was asking the boy to take back some money,as he would need it too.But the boy didn’t take.That was when Riddhima came and misunderstood the situation…….FB ends]…I’m sorry.

Boy: Oh,so it was you….it’s ok.

He was about to go when Riddhima asked,

Riddhima: Btw can I please know your name?

Boy: umm…Hi,I am Vansh.

Riddhima: Hi Vansh.Nice to meet you and sorry once again.

Vansh: It’s okay…umm…May I leave,I have to go to.

Riddhima: Sure.

Vansh immediately left,while Riddhima also headed towards cafeteria for having something.

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  1. It’s so funny….. We never ever imagine vansh and ridhu as college students.i can’t stop my laughter while I was imagining.
    Good one dear eagerly waiting for next one

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Muntaj….

  2. Yes…i never imagined riddhima and vansh in college…this is goung to be great…but now im quite desperate for the next update….πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Riansh lover…..I am just going to submit it…it will be available after few hours..

  3. I have never ever imagined riansh as college students…it is amazing..
    Lovely episode!!

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Astha…keep loving

  4. Oh so college besties!!πŸ˜‚
    So amazing

    1. Iyena

      Yes Diha….college besties….or maybe not

  5. College story ki hi kami thi,woh bhi poori ho gyi….😁😁

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  6. Awesome episode 😍 waiting for the next one ☺️

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Shivangi

  7. Amazing episode! Waiting for the next one

    1. Iyena

      Thank you TSA….I have submitted the article

  8. Super episode really nice story it was different from other FF this story based on clg I like it. Keep rocking dear 🀩

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Jayashree…..

  9. Naira U Singh

    Good, what a nice meeting. I really enjoyed this episode update soon.

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