Made for each other (Part-31) #IMMJ2

Recap: After their matches were over,our gang was going towards food court to have their lunch.

While the four of them were on their way to food court,Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Guys move fast.I’m really hungry…Especially after that tiring match.

Riddhima: Aur nhi toh kya…jaldi chalo yaar….bohot bhookh lgi hai.

Sufia: Oh ho guys..I toh am not even able to walk properly after such tiresome matches and you guys are running….huhh.

Angre: It’s because our stamina is well built,unlike you,who just lives by the rule “eat,sleep,repeat.”

Sufia(pouting): You are too mean Angre…instead of giving me support and helping me to walk properly,you are taunting me.

Riddhima: Sufia,if you say,I can ask Angre bhai to pick you up and take you to the food court…because we toh are not gonna slow down.

Angre: If this is the case,then book a bed in a orthopaedic hospital.

Vansh: But why??…and for whom?

Angre: Of course for me…kyunki agar meine iss moti ko uthaaya naa,toh meri ek aadh haddi toh zaroor toot jaani hai.

Sufia: Angre ke bache,whom did you call moti??…from last few minutes you are taunting me.I’ll not leave you today….Rukk tu zaraa.

And Sufia ran towards Angre to catch him.

Riddhima: Angre bhai,run towards the direction of food court…iss bahaane we’ll reach early.

Angre(while running): Riddhima,mujhe lagta hai tum Sufia ke haathon se mera murder karwa ke hi rahogi….And Sufia,just a minute ago,you were saying ki you don’t have energy to even walk…and now are running behind me….Where’s the logic yaar?

Sufia: Angre,let me catch you first,then I’ll explain in full detail.

And their tom and jerry game continued.Vansh,who had been a silent spectator till now,took out his phone to record their fight.But while he was recording,he spoke,

Vansh: Riddhima,today you both planned to eat dosa,right?

Riddhima(who was enjoying their fight): Yess….but what happened? Why did you ask this out of nowhere?

Vansh: Because,I just received a message that the dosa stall is closing….just last few orders are left.If you want to eat it,hurry up then.

Riddhima: What!!

Riddhima quickly went to Sufia and spoke,

Riddhima: Sufu,come fast.We need to reach food court asap.

Sufia: Rukk yaar Riddhu…pehle mein iss Angre ko ek acha sa sabak sikha dun.

Riddhima: Sufia…Angre can wait…but first we need to go to food court as soon as possible.The dosa stall is going to close soon….we need to reach there asap.

Sufia: What!!…then why the hell are you wasting time…run!!

Riddhima looked at Sufia in disbelief.

Riddhima: Sufia,it’s you whose wasting time here…jaldi chal ab.

Sufia(panting): Angre,I’ll teach you a lesson afterwords.Right now,my dosa needs me….(to Riddhima) Bhaag Riddhu…bhaag…kahin humaara dosa khatam naa ho jaaye!!

Riddhima and Sufia ran towards the food court.Angre came near Vansh and spoke,

Angre: Bach gya yaar!!….Thank god ki you received that message at right time….nhi toh you would have been crying over my dead body now.

Vansh: Haan haan theek hai..Let’s go now and book a table for us.I’m sure that they toh will directly go to the dosa stall.(chuckled)

Angre: Let’s go.


In the food court.

Vansh and Angre had already booked a table.They were chit-chatting when they saw the girls coming back.

They came near the table and after keeping the food on the table,they themselves settled down on the chiars.

Looking at the food,the boys spoke,

Vansh: Riddhima,is this food for us?

Riddhima: Any doubt??…Of course it’s for both of you..

Angre: But it’s just simple rice and curry….haven’t we decided that we’ll be having dosas today?

Sufia: Yes,we did decide this….but after that stupid prank of yours,we decided to give you some kind of punishment.

Vansh(to himself): Ohh….so finally I’m caught.

Angre: Which prank are you talking about?

Riddhima: Remember when you and Sufu were fighting,he told us that dosa stall was gonna get closed…

Angre(interrupting); Yeah,I remember.

Riddhima(angry): Yeah….he lied at that time….and because of him,we had to run and we even made fool of ourselves at the counter.

Sufia: Aur nhi toh kya….bichaari Riddhima toh itni tez bhaagi ki Usain Bolt ko bhi agle din isse training leni padti.

Angre looked at Vansh,who gave him I-didn’t-do-anything waali look.

Angre: Vansh,why did you do that?…you know naa that these two are big foodies..So never mess up with them when it comes to food.

Before Vansh could speak,Sufia spoke,

Sufia: Riddhu….Angre ki plate side karde…he’ll not get anything to eat for lunch today.

Angre: But why?

Sufia: Because you messed with two big foodies.

Angre: But who will eat it?…Listen,it will get wasted.So let me eat it.

Riddhima: Angre,tum iski tension mtt lo…There are two big foodies here.They’ll eat your curry rice.(winks)

Angre(rebellious): But everything was done by him,then why are you dragging me in all this?

Sufia: Because you are his best friend.As simple as that.

And Riddhima and Sufia started having their lunch.

Angre(whispered to Vansh): Vansh har baar teri galti ki wajah se mein phas jaata hun.

Vansh(whispered to Angre): Angre,this is tit for tat.

Angre: But what did I do?

Vansh(whispered to Angre): Remember,I told you that don’t bet with them..par tunne meri nhi suni.

Angre: Vansh yaar…at that time I didn’t expect that I’ll lose that bet.

Vansh: Par tere chakkar mein toh phas gya naa.

Angre: Yaar I don’t even want to recall that moment.


While they were watching football match,Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Angre,I think that Atletico Madrid will win the match…the team is really strong.

Riddhima: But Vansh,even barca is a strong team and they are playing quite well.

Sufia: Yes,she is right…Barcelona may also win.

Angre: But Sufu,Riddhu…the players of AM are our friends.They are national level players.But barcelona players are all new-comers,with only few experienced players.

Sufia: I don’t know about that,but the way they have played till now,they have full chances of winning.

Their argument continued for some more time.Finally they decided to have a bet over it.

Angre: So let’s bet over it.If AM would win,then Riddhima and Sufia…you’ll have to sponsor our trip to Lonavala,that we have been planning since long…..Agree?

Sufia: Wait…you are planning to go on a tour…and you didn’t even bother telling us…huhh.

Vansh: Arey bhabhi..we planned the trip just few days back.

Riddhima: Vansh…does that mean…that all four of us would go on a trip together?…so exciting!!!

Angre: Umm..Riddhu..the trip is for me and Vansh.

Sufia(feeling dejected): What!!!…you both are planning to go without us…how mean!

Vansh: Bhabhi,we have been planning to go on a trip since our school days.

Angre: Exactly!!…but now you two don’t try to divert the topic.

Sufia: You know what..if you’d have made a plan of taking both of us with you…then we would have sponsored your trip..but now…no…never.

Riddhima whispered something in Sufia’s ear.Hearing to what Riddhima said,Sufia giggled.After this Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: We are ready to sponsor your trip…but..

Sufia: But if you loose this bet,then you’ll be doing the task given by us.

Angre: Okay.

Vansh: Angre…don’t be so stupid….these two girls are really very clever and just look at the smirks on their faces….so think once again.

Sufia: Ohh,are you both afraid??

Angre: it so!!…then we are ready.

Vansh: Angre…think once again.

Angre: Nhi Vansh…ab baat humaari izzat ki hai…we’ll not step back.

Riddhima: Okay then!!…so are you ready to listen our side of condition?

Angre: Yes!

Riddhima: So if you both lost this bet,then Vansh you’ll sponsor mine and Jay’s Lonavala trip.

Sufia: And Angre,you’ll sponsor mine and Veeru’s North India trip.

VaNgre(in unison): But who are these Jay and Veeru?

Riddhima: Jay is my friend.umm…you can say that he is my best friend.I always wanted to go on a trip with him….and now that I am getting an opportunity to go,so why not seize this opportunity!!

Sufia: Exactly.

Angre: But Sufia,who is this Veeru?

Sufia: He is my friend.And really good and close good friend of mine.

Angre(pissed): But I have never heard of him.

Sufia: Because I never told you about him.

Vansh: And Riddhima,what about that Jay.Even you never told me about him?

Riddhima: He is my bestie yaar.And as far as telling you is concerned,kabhi mauka hi nhi mila tumhe bataane kaa….And  also I didn’t feel any need of telling you about him.

Vansh: But even we are your best friends.You can plan the trip with us as well.

Sufia: But even you both planned to go without us.

Angre: Ohh…so badla liya jaa rha hai.

Sufia: Koi shakk??(any doubt??)

Riddhima: Yaar leave all this…just tell me are you both ready for this bet?

Vansh: Angre,see I told you that these two will definitely come up with something like this….(to Riddhima and Sufia)And both of can you even compare the two conditions…it’s a complete stupidity.

Sufia(cooly): Riddhima…someone seems to have gotten scared.

Angre: Enough Vansh…now it’s the matter of our self respect…so girls…we accept it.

Riddhima looked at Vansh,who seemed uninterested in all this.Seeing him not speak anything,Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: So done…let’s see who wins.

Angre: yess!!


Angre(whispered to Vansh): But yaar ab bss yeh pta lagaana hai ye Jay aur Veeru hai kon.

Vansh: Bilkul….and don’t worry.I know what exactly I have to do now.

Angre: So are you ready for our mission ‘MISSION JAY VEERU’?

Vansh: Yes.


Toh kya humaare VaNgre Jay aur Veeru ke baare mein pta lgaa paayenge…kya woh Riddhima aur Sufia ko unke saath trip par jaane se rok paayenge…inn saare sawaalo ke jawaab aapko milenge ‘MADE FOR EACH OTHER’ ke upcoming episodes mein….so Stay Tuned.

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