Made for each other..(Part-3) #IMMJ2


At Sia’s house,

Riddhima: Hey Sia,how are you?

Sia(surprised):….at this hour…..did sun rise from opposite direction?

Riddhima: What yaar,Cheeku bhai was less that you also started making fun of me. I’m not talking to you.(making a sad face)

Sia: Achaa sorry.Actually i am not used to see you this early…just forget it.

Seeing that Riddhima was still angry,she said

Sia: Umm…let’s make your mood better…I’ve brought something for you.I wanted to give it to you on your birthday,but I think I’ll have to give it now.

Saying this Sia went to take something from her cupboard.

Sia: here is your gift.

Riddhima(while unwrapping the gift): you remembered my birthday…..impressive

After riddhima opened the gift,her face glowed and a broad smile appeared on her face.

Riddhima: Sia…this diary is so beautiful.This is similar to the previous one,that I lost during our school trip,three years ago……(she then lost in her thoughts and became emotional )..(pausing)You know Sia,that diary was given to me by pap…

Sia(interuppting her): sh*t man…(trying to avoid something)

Riddhima(wiping her tears):what happened?

Sia(making a sad face):I should have waited for your birthday.


Sia: because when you cry… look like a joker.And having a joker in birthday party would have been fun…..Yaar I should have waited.(acting to cry)

Riddhima(angry):youuu…..just wait

Saying this she took a pillow and started hitting Sia.

4:30 pm

At RS Mansion,

Dadi and Sumitra were discussing something,when Abhay came to them and said

Abhay: So both the ladies are enjoying their tea….

Sumitra: Ooo Abhay,we were discussing about Dhruv’s marriage.It’s right time to get him married..

Abhay(interuppted):Sumitra,let my child enjoy for some more years…..(to himself)nhi ton apne baap ki taraah,uski zindagi bhi narak ban jaaye gi[once married,his life will become a living hell,like his father’s].

Sumitra: did you just say something??

Abhay: no…nothing..(innocently)how can I dare to say something in front of you.

While they were talking,Vansh and Pranati came home fighting.

Vansh(irritated): Pranati,stop it now.

Pranati: Why?If Ishu di would have asked you to pick her up,you would have reached there before time.

Vansh: Don’t drag Shonu di in all this.

Pranati: I will.What will you do… always obey her,but not me…why

Vansh: You want to know,then listen….kyon ki apne mein aur paraaye mein farak hota hai(becausethere’s always a difference between our owns and strangers)…..Yes,you are adopted.

Pranati: when one’s own child is useless like you naa,parents have to adopt a better child.

Vansh: you..

Sumitra: Stop it both of you…uff..when your tom and jerry fights will be over.You have grown up but still fighting like kids.

Abhay:It’s ok Sumitra…..We should never kill the child that’s inside us.

Vansh: Dad,you are the best.High five

Sumitra: But why were you fighting?

Pranati: Mom,let me tell.Actually….

Vansh: Don’t you have manners…who’s elder…me…so I’ll tell(turning to Sumitra)Mom,you know she has the habit to make fuss out of every thing.Actually,I had to pick her up from college and….I got a bit late

Pranati: A bit late…really…mom,everyone was gone and I was waiting for him like a fool

Vansh(to himself but others heard too):-huh,you are already a fool

Sumitra glared at Vansh.

Pranati: mom see

Sumitra held Vansh from ears and took him to side

Sumitra: Why do you always mess up with her…you know naa she is short tempered.

Vansh: mom,I don’t know why,but I enjoy when I have these baseless fights with her…I feel satisfied when I tease her.

Sumitra: But why were you late?

Vansh: I was having a basketball match.

Dadi: Sumitra.Come here for a while.

Sumitra: jii maaji,coming.

After she left,Pranati came to Vansh

Pranati: Vansh bhai

Vansh: yeah(who was busy on his phone)

Pranati: see this.

Vansh: what(he looked up)

She showed him chocolates(that she secretly took out from Vansh’s bag)and ran

Vansh: Pranatiiiiiii……these are my chocolates…wait or I’ll kill you.

and he ran behind her.

Guys,so this was it for today…Hope it was not boring

Drop down your comments and stay HAPPY…

  1. Chocolates….. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    1. Iyena

      I love chocolates……

  2. No…actually sering vansh so happy like a kid is fun ….update us soon

    1. Iyena

      Thank you.I” try to update soon.

  3. It was amazing loved it 😍😊

    1. Iyena

      Thank you….

    1. Iyena

      Thank you…

  4. Rianshfan

    I loved it ..Just write some longer…

    1. Iyena

      Thank you.I’ll make next update a bit longer..

  5. Nice episode😍😍….it was not at all boring….Seeing Vansh as acting like a kid is awesome🤗🤗.. looking forward to your next and yeah do make it a but lengthy…

    1. Iyena

      Thanks a lot….Definitely,I’ll make next update lengthier

  6. Denza

    It really felt like watching a live fight of Bro-Sis duo…………………like written by someone having lot of experience😂😂…………. are you and your sibiling like this??

  7. Yes…..and I think relation of siblings is like this only,sweet and sour…😊
    What about you??

  8. So pure love between the siblings!!

    1. Iyena

      😃😃…thank you for commenting..

  9. “Don’t you have manners…who’s elder…me…so I’ll tell”. so funny.
    good to see vansh behaving like kids…

    1. Iyena

      😂😂😂..thank you

  10. Naira U Singh

    It was a really fantastic episode

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