Made for Each other – Episode 10

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At morning after the conversation with Richa, Gauri’s mind was occupied with all those things and as she was in a rush to make breakfast for Dilpreet so she didn’t notice dustbin. But now as she thought to clean the dustbin before making snacks for Mukesh’s family she notices that all the food that she had given to Dilpreet last night is in the dustbin now.Seeing the amount of food it seems he hadn’t eaten at all.She remembers few minutes ago how his stomach was rumbling. It’s true it was a little late dinner for him last night but before giving the food she had warmed it and also it was not bad food….Even though they weren’t feeling any appetite because of the situation but still they managed to eat then why did Dilpreet thrown all his food is confusing her.First his delay for dinner,then puffy red eyes, cracking sound, sad face,sudden decision of going home and then again in morning same red puffy eyes and sudden decision of cancelling the journey all these are now seeming so confusing and suspicious to Gauri….Remembering his pale face she is sure there is something wrong with this guy….It seems something deep is bothering him from yesterday and he is trying to hide it.She isn’t that type of girl who calls someone friend just for name sake….She knows the meaning of friendship and so she wants to help her friend if he is having any problem.
She sees from the kitchen that Dilpreet is having his breakfast at dining area with a lost look so she thought after his breakfast she will ask him directly that what is the matter…. Meanwhile after cleaning dustbin she starts to make snacks for which she had came to kitchen.
Because of his guilty feelings Om wasn’t feeling any appetite but as his mind was diverted with the thoughts that if Gauri again asks him about the reason behind his cancelling the journey then what appropriate reason he can give…with all these he unconsciously finished his breakfast.Though he wasn’t feeling any appetite but he was really hungry so he finished all the food fully. After finishing eating then only he realizes how much hungry he was.He has just finished eating that he hears the door bell is ringing so he goes to open the door.
After opening the door he finds Ajay, Mukesh and their mother along with a priest standing outside.He welcomes them and made them sit in sofa then goes inside to call his mother-in-law and Richa’s mother. Ajay frowns at the way Dilpreet has welcomed them as if he is a member of this family or relative of Richa or Gauri. However he sits quietly waiting for Gauri to appear.
After some seconds Ajay’s phone starts to ring and he frowns seeing the caller ID.Seeing his expression his mother asks him…
“Who is calling Ajay?”
“Who else!….That filthy girl’s cousin is calling again.”Ajay replies with anger clearly visible in his voice.
“Why don’t you tell them that now you are marrying?”
“You think he doesn’t know?He knows that and he has warned me that I should be ready to go Jail soon….”
“I don’t understand why they don’t leave u alone….”
“If he wasn’t a flirt then they wouldn’t have got this chance…”Says Mukesh in between his mother and Ajay’s talking.
“I know my limit ok?Yes I agree I do flirt but it is harmless….(Then he whispers to Mukesh who is sitting beside him) and don’t made me open my mouth Mukesh. You know what u did with Richa and I don’t think maa would be happy to hear this.”
Hearing this Mukesh shuts his mouth.
“After so much pestering my son has agreed to marry and because of that I am even ready to take a divorced girl as my daughter-in-law but those greedy people are not leaving my son in peace…” expresses the mother her worry….Then she sees that Dilpreet is coming so composes herself.
Om comes with the ladies.Gauri also comes and serves the guests their welcoming eatables.While she is serving Ajay he slightly brushes his fingers with her hand.Gauri quickly steps back and sees he is giving a dirty smirk to her.
Though Om hasn’t seen the act of Ajay but he notices that how Gauri’s expression suddenly got changed and he is sure this Ajay has done something. Now Gauri is standing a little far from everyone.
While Ajay’s mother starts to talk about the reason behind their coming here Ajay is constantly watching Gauri and this is making her feel odd.Om sees how Ajay is staring Gauri as if he is undressing her with his eyes…Om fists his palms in a tight fist trying to control his anger.Then he comes in front of Ajay’s eyes hiding behind Gauri.
Seeing Dilpreet in front of him Ajay becomes angry and seeing Dilpreet’s expression he knows why he has come here.He remembers the warning that Dilpreet has given him during the last function.Both the men look at eachother with fire of anger in their eyes as if ready to kill eachother.
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