Maahi Ve ~Episode 2

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omg guys i’m back, first of all im so sorry i tried to consistently upload the episodes but aghh there’s only 24 hours and what to do i LOVE SLEEP! so yea about the comments, i felt extremely happy reading them. oh and by the way tell me if its like enough in lenght! Anyways enough of my boring speech and go ahead and happily read!! oh and do not forget to comment!
Episode 2:

Morning 5:00
The team is shown boarding the train to the village as there is no safe way to get there by car/bus. Even though there are a few people on the train station, they do not realise it is the team due to their casual attire. The team hop into their very own section that is reserved by them.
Sid (one of the players): “Hey Arjun, where’s sanky?” concerningly asking another player across from him.
Arjun looking around for his best buddy: “idk, I saw him 2 minutes ago, let me check” he goes to the window and checks outside. Finally, he spots a man at the phone booth, “there’s our lad” pointing at him.

-In the phone booth-
Sanskar: “choti, guess what im coming home but don’t inform anyone especially mom.”
Other side a young girl is speaking from her phone inside the hostel, “yaay! Okay bhai, im at hostel so I will come home too! but u might reach before me so be careful na” she said with a happy face. “now bye you go board the train and we will meet at home!!”
Sanskar stepped out to only find the train had started moving. He started running to the door where he saw the whole team standing near the windows. Luckily, he caught up to the door and Sid extended his arm and hopped into the train just in time. Sanskar saw everyone’s glaring face and pouted because he knew he is in big trouble. Seeing this everyone burst into laughter and Arjun came up to him a gave a punch “better be careful next time!”

While at the Girl’s hostel.
“Ankita…… Ankita where are you?” the girl yelled around the room while taking one of the bags on the stand. Another girl came into the room shocked at all the mess that had been made in under 2 seconds. All the clothes were on the bed and even scattered across the floor. While the girl in the middle was trying her best to pack her bag.
“yes Ragini di, are you going somewhere?” replied Ankita while doing her best to help Ragini.
“umm…” thinking for an excuse to say “ uh, yes I have to go home actually someone really important is coming so I have to leave, im sooo sorry!” said Ragini looking for her shoes. “and don’t worry me and Swara will facetime you and tell any gossip you know!” with a smirk as she knew she liked Rajat who lived in Swara’s street, while listening to this Ankita blushed.
“But yaar first Swara left and now you are going, im going to be alone!” Ankita replied with fake tears.
“oh no, don’t cry I promise we will be back before the college starts, but now since its holidays why don’t you go back to you mum too?” Ragini suggested.
“you know what fine, I’ll go to but remember don’t forget to talk to me!” Ankita said while hugging her friend cum sister.

A phone is shown ringing on the bedside table, and the girl is sleeping on the bed calmly even thou the phone is ringing non-stop. Laksh enters the room looking very annoyed due to the phone call.
Laksh: “You sleepyhead wake up; the phone is ringing!” looks at Swara who has had no impact on the words that have been said. “you know what I’ll just take the call and answer it” and he receives the call.
Other side: “hello my cutie-pie”
Laksh: “oi im Laksh, your god damm friend is sleeping peacefully, talk to her later because im not bothered to wake her up.”
Ragini: “ummm, oh hi Laksh” sounding a bit embarrassed, “you know what put the phone near her ear” and Laksh did as she said, with the loudest voice she could make she yelled “SSSWWWAAARRRRAAA!!!” into the phone. And Swara woke up with a jerk, she turned to Laksh and went “is Ragini here, I heard her voice”
Laksh: “you idiot she’s on the phone she wants to talk to you” and she snatched the phone of him.
Swara: “omg Rags, how are you?”
Ragini: “im fine, but guess wat?”

Swara: “wat don’t tell me it’s one of your bad jokes or anything”
Ragini: “arre yaar, im coming home, I have boarded the bus and will be home soon so hurry up and get ready and come to my house! I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU”
Swara: “fine but it should be better than my dream, and you know I again dreamt about Sanskar, aghhh he’s so hot yaar! Hey Rags don’t you think he’s hot too” asked curiously.
Ragini gave a snort because of the stupidity of the question as she doesn’t know she’s his sister, “ummm Swara if he doesn’t become your husband that means he’ll be my jiju, and I can’t hit on him”
Swara: “omg of course I never thought of that, anyways you quickly come home and then we will talk!” and with that she awaited curiously for the surprise.

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  1. Kakali

    Nice update… but it’s short.. really short.. !!make it a bit long.. well, i will b waiting for ur next part and for MY SwaSan meet… Thnk u…. 🙂

  2. nice…!!

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    I m just waiting for swara reaction….hehe…

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    Awesome dr…

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    Awesome dear

  6. Mind blowing

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