Maahi Ve ~Episode 1

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Hi guys, I have finally gathered up the time and courage to actually write a fan fiction and I’m so excited to share it with you. Anyways this is my very first ff but I have read so many peoples stories which inspired me to write my own. So yea pretty please read it and do comment.

Swara: a college girl, bubbly, loves to have fun with her best friend Ragini.
Sanskar maheswari: Captain of the Indian international cricket team. Straightforward, doesn’t believe in love.
Ragini maheshwari: shy but a partner in crime with Swara, sister of Sanskar but wants to be hidden because she doesn’t like the media.
Laksh: cousin of Swara, is in the same college as Swara and Ragini, loves cricket.

Parents of ragsan: Ram parsad, Sujata. Both are very nice and blessed to have both kids.

Parents of Swara: Sharmishta and Shekhar. Both tease their daughter a lot.

Parents of laksh: ap and dp. Love Swara as their own child and are the best parents for laksh.

Episode 1:
A meeting room is shown where all the cricket committee has gathered around to take a step regarding the Indian cricket team. At the end of the table a young gentleman is shown talking and is very confident in what he is saying.
Mr Sharma (coach of the Indian cricket team) :” So you believe if we take our team to this small town and make them train there is going to increase our chances of winning. Impossible”

Young boy:” Believe me sir, I have trained there all my life before I came into this team. If I can do it the team can sir, just one chance”.
Mr Sharma: “Okay, I believe that you will make our country proud continually like the past 2 years.”

Young boy: “oh and just another small request, please don’t inform the media about what we are going to do. Please” he said with a puppy face.
Mr Sharma thought for a while and said ” fine Sanskar, I will try my best.”
With this Sanskar shook the hands of the head coach and exited the room. He walked through the hall way to only notice the media gathered up till the entrance door. Put on his stylish ray bans and fixed his hair up.
Sanskar: “nope not going that way”. And with a cheeky way to the crowd he turned and decided to go through the back door. While the media crowd were in shock because the great Sanskar maheshwari had escaped again from the media’s hands.
A street is shown in a small town that is very developed. A girl is playing cricket with all the guys in her town. The boy bowls to the girl and she hits it over the house to the other side.

Rajat: “didi again u lost the ball, can’t you play on the ground”
Akash: “now how are we going to play. We have spent all our money so we can’t buy another ball and no one will go to the graveyard at the back.”
The girl: “don’t worry chiku” pulling akash’s cheeks, “me and chotu will go together and get all the balls, right chotu” she turn to looks at a fat boy sitting on a steep eating chocolates non-stop.
Chotu: ” no no no I’m not going anywhere near that place.”
Girl: “if u come with me I’ll give u lots of chocolates, promise” she similes and gives her hand to shake.

Chotu looks at his chocolates and then at the girl. And with a frown he says “okay deal”
Chiku: ” tu to Gaya”

The girl and chotu made their way to the other side of the house.
Chotu: “didi look na it’s so scary and and….. I don’t want to go.” He said while crying.
Girl: “do u want ur chocolates or not” chotu nodded with a yes, “then go get it” she pointed to the ball which was in the middle on the whole graveyard.
Chotu took a steep but looked back and said “you better give me the chocolates and that too dairy milk”. The girl crossed her arms and gave a stern look and said ” well if u don’t hurry up then I won’t give them”
Chotu looked back to the ball and started walking again when he was about to take the ball a figure appeared infront of him.

Chotu:” mummmyyyyyy” and ran all the way back out.
The girl looked at the figure and said ” laksh u won’t ever stop doing that will u” with a giggle.
Laksh: “nope never, omg but did u see his face he was scared as hell.”
Girl: ” I will tell your mum about all your bad habits and then I’ll see ur face”
Laksh drops to the floor and holds her legs and goes ” no please don’t do that. I’ll take u too the ice cream shop. I’ll but u the wats it called again…. umm double chocolate ice cream wat ever it’s called I’ll buy u it. Three scoops but please don’t tell mum about anything.”

Girl: “that’s more like it now let’s go home. Because tomorrow u are going to take me somewhere” she give a smile and a nudge to his shoulder.
Laksh: “I hate u Swara!” Looks at her with a frown because he realised that he got into her traps.
Swara: “come on quick we have to go home. My mum is waiting for us. Aghhh can’t wait for the food race u there.”
And within no time both reach the house. It’s a medium sized house not too luxurious but not that dull looking either.

Swara: “masi, u finally came I missed u so much u know.” Hugging her.
Ap: “I missed u too beta. Guess wat I bought for u though. Look at these bangles. Their beautiful na” says while giving her a packet of silver and blue bangles.
Swara: “masi wat was the need of this you came that’s wat I all need.”
Sharmishta: “sometimes I think Swara is more your sister than me. Look at her you even look the same height.” Ap gives a chuckle as she know she is waiting for her present.
Ap: “sharmishta even thou your younger in age I will never forget u.” Passes a wonderful designed sari. Sharmishta smiles and hugs her in return while doing so they both shed a tear.

Swara:” omg some one help me this emotional drama is sooooo nice to watch.” Ap and sharmishta laugh seeing Swara acting like this.
Shekhar: ” if the ladies have done their crying and hugging me and dp suggest to put in the food.”
Dp:” and a special request from me Swara will serve the food.”
Swara:” why not” says running to the kitchen.
Laksh:”I’ll help too”

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  1. Kakali

    Well i would like to welcome u 1st..
    about the Part.. it’s an awesome chappy.. seems interesting concept coz u have included Cricket… n moreover u r writing on MY SwaSan makes it more beautiful n special.. continue soon dear.. i would love to read ur further parts… !! Thnk u… 🙂

  2. SNY

    Interesting dr…
    I rly luv it…plz nxt one soon…

  3. plzz give more raglak scene or it is only swasan than plzz write swasan ff so I will not read

  4. Arshaanya

    Welcome harleen to swasan world ??
    Loved it… do continue soon
    N plz ignore dis nikkyz comments.. its her copy paste comment on all swasan stories…???

  5. Nyc dear….update soon

  6. Srusti

    It was very nice and I am happy coz u write on my lovely swasan and ur story was also different than others wow ? my sanky was cricketer I am eagerly waiting for next episode nd post next part soon dear

  7. Anurta

    It’s like aaaawwwweeesssooommmeeeee……………
    Loved it 2 core…..
    The concept seems very very very interesting………
    And welcome u to TU
    The part is superb…………..??????
    Even I’m not getting any word to describe how amazing u have written…….???
    Post next part soon waiting eagerly for it but I can’t wait more post it soon………..????????
    Keep rocking
    Loved swara’s part alot…….
    Next part soon

  8. IQRA222


  9. Scooby


  10. Awesome dear

  11. Wonderful

  12. Niku

    Wow….that’s amazing….I m looking forward….. update soon…

  13. nice..continue

  14. awesome

  15. A.xx

    amazing and waiting for ragu xx

  16. First of all welcome to tu & thnks for writing about best jodi swasan.
    Amazing start dear. Update soon..

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