Ma ka punar vivah (SwaSan ff) Episode 3

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**********EPISODE 3**********

Next day

There was a big rushing in Swara’s home…..but wait..all the rushing wasn’t done by Swara but by our choti princess; Myra

Swara : Myra….calm down

Myra : What calm down….and what r u doing get ready nowww…..u’ll go like this or what huh! Go jaldi don’t see my face huh!! I itself have to do everything

After a while Swara comes down in an ankle length yellow frock suit

Swara : Lo kush I got ready now…

Myra : Perfect, 2 mins I’ll come

She goes and comes back with a bowl

Swara : What’s this

Myra : Arey Mrs. Maheshwari ur going for a job interview tho dahi shakar toh banti hai na

Swara : Ok meri ma (eats a little) now I’ll go

Myra : Zaroor

They both laugh a little and Swara and Myra leaves to interview and school respectively

Swara soon reaches the office and dashes in someone, due to this her files fell too and so was she but she was caught at nick of time by someone, he made her stand and handed over the files to her, Swara saw him and asked

Swara : Avinash right??

Avinash : Sanskar

Swara : Oh right ur twins right

Sanskar : Ya, ur here for interview???

Swara : Ya, the boss??

Sanskar : Chuck it, I mean I’m the boss and ya ur selected as my P.A

Swara : U didn’t even see my files

Sanskar ; When they fell I saw

Swara : Oh thanks, so when do I start working here sir??

Sanskar : Ahan so sir, I’m not a 60 year old guy I’m still young and well to do so Sanskar is fine

Swara : And thanks

Sanskar : Thanks ??

Swara : Ya I don’t think u recognize me…I’m Myra’s mum and that day u saved her so…

Sanskar : Hey that’s fine and that was my duty… friends??

Swara : Sure

She said and they shook hands

Swara : So when do I start

Sanskar : Tomorrow is fine

She smiles and leaves while she was going to dash someone again when they both stopped

Swara : Sorry Avinash

Avinash : Wait how u know it’s me

Swara: U see I just met Sanskar inside and u both r way different so…

Avinash : K that’s fine and ya call me Avi I like that better

Swara : Sure, nice to meet u Avi…

She smiled and put forward her hand

Swara : Friends??

Avinash : Sure friends

Swara : Ok see u tomorrow

She smiled and went

In the afternoon

Myra came home curiously

Myra : U got job

Swara : Yes I got it and guess what

Myra : What

Swara : Ur buddy and Avinash aka Avi r the bosses in the office

Myra : Woah!!! Ur lucky

Swara : Hmm hope everything is well

2 weeks passed everything was going well but all of a sudden Swara started ignoring Sanskar and only responded to him when there was important work. Irked Sanskar decided to comfront her

Sanskar : Swara y ur ignoring me

Swara : Donkey!! (she says and leaves)

Sanskar : Say what

Avinash : What’s wrong with her??

Sanskar : I have no idea!!

Again he tried talking with her

Sanskar : Swara y r u ignoring me?????

Swara :I hate u

Sanskar : What??? But y

Swara : ………….


So guys enjoy the epi and comment and sorry for the os it is incomplete I don’t know how it got submitted I was still writing it, but I’ll post complete it soon

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  4. Phoniex

    Lovely but please post long

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  6. Awesome dear

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    awesome dear

  9. Arshaanya

    Its so confusing ??
    Sanskar was her husband..
    Here another sanskar comes n hve avinash twin also ??
    So he cant be her hsbnd as shez not able to rcgnse him…
    Dan dere is somethin goin btwn dese broz as u showed in lst chappy…
    Bht confusion h

    1. Rj12

      Hehe sorry for that but please confusion I’ll be cleared soon

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