Ma ka punar vivah (SwaSan ff) Episode 2

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Hi all, so sorry for late I’m actually little busy in life so I’ve taken out some time for writing a short epi, I thoughts better to give a short epi rather than making u all wait for long one, and please shower ur comments as that’s the thing making me write the epi’s

*********EPISODE 2**********

Next day

It was a Sunday both Mother-Daughter went for shopping, while coming back some goons surrounded them and showed knives to them and ordered them to handover all their money to them

Myra : Hey u get lost

Goon 1 : Haha look bhai log this 4 foot 2 inch is telling us to get lost

The other goons started laughing

Goon 1 : Hand over the money nicely or we have different ways too

Saying this he grabbed Myra by her hair and dragged her while Swara was helpless and tried to free her

Myra : (murmuring) Buddy please come….save me like last time please please

She kept murmuring and tears flowing from her eyes and Swara trying to free her suddenly the goon holding her felt a kick

Myra : Buddy!

He kicked and punched all the goons and got little injuries too, without thinking Myra ran and hugged him while he patted her head

Swara : Thank u so much, u come to our home u got hurt so I’l dress ur wounds

Sanskar : No it’s ok

Myra : U must come means come please buddy

Swara : Buddy???

Myra : Woh actually…(she tells everything while Swara gets worries)

Swara : What?? U must be careful beta if anything happened to u then….shukar hai bhagwan ka ki he came in time or else u would surely be in hospital only (to Sanskar) Thanks again

Sanskar : It’s fine

Swara takes him to her house and dresses his wounds

Swara : There u go by the way ur name??

Sanskar : Avinash

Myra : But u told me Sanskar

Avinash : When I’m seeing u first time

Myra : Say what

Avinash : Actually u met my bro Sanskar we r twins so the confusion

Swara : (whispers) Sanskar…

Myra : Oh… anyway thanks again

Avinash : Its k but take care

He said and left

In some place

Boy 1 : So met them

Boy 2 : Hmm

Boy 1 : All’s well right..

Boy 2 : Ya man all’s well thanks to them our plan is successful and I met them

He said looking towards some people standing there

Boy 1 : Ya thank u

All those people smiled and left from there

Boy 2 : So next???

Boy 1 : (tells something muted)

Boy 2 : Ok it’s peppfact (perfect)

Boy 1 : (holds his ears) Again started ur masti haan

Boy 2 : Ah! Sorry leave me…ahhhh

Boy 1 : Ok nautanki

He said and both laughed while a man saw them and smiled


That’s it sorry for short epi again

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