Luv Kush 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kaikeyi gets stunned by Ram’s reply


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Luv Kush 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaikeyi asking Ram what did he say, she asked him to stay away from family for 14 years in Vanvas, he has to live like an ordinary man, he won’t have any stability in life for 14 years, he won’t know about arranging food and coming problems, and he is saying this so easily. Ram says yes, I will go, you have food. She gets shocked. She says fine, you leave Ayodhya after Bharat’s coronation. He says sorry but I will go before Bharat’s arrival, else he will not accept the throne and my departure, you asked me something for the first time, I don’t want your wish to be unfulfilled. He feeds her the food and smiles. Sita waits outside. Ram opens the door and sees her.

Sita says I didn’t wish to leave you alone today, you would have fulfilled Kaikeyi’s wish, right,

that’s why she ate the food. He nods. She says I m blessed to become your life partner, you have made a sacrifice of throne for Kaikeyi and Bharat. He says so you got to know this. Kaikeyi says Ram has sacrificed his everything so easily, he has done this for me, he loves his mum a lot, he is ready to leave Ayodhya to make me leave this Kopbhavan, if I asked Ram for his life, he would have given his life for Bharat, Manthara, Ram just got married, he had to bear happiness of his married life, I have become so cruel. She starts wearing her jewellery.

Manthara says stop Kaikeyi, don’t hurry. Kaikeyi asks why. Manthara says I know such tricks, Dasharath also didn’t keep his promise, don’t go until Ram fulfills his promise. Kaikeyi says Ram will keep his promise. Manthara says we don’t know who breaks promises, bear this for one day, let Ram keep his promise, do anything you want after Ram leaves, you would be Rajmata of Ayodhya. Sita says you have saved our family from breaking, this is most imp. Ram says yes, my happiness doubled on hearing you, I was thinking what would you think, I m lucky to get a wife like you. She says I will never object to your decisions. He thinks how to tell you about the complete matter. She asks did you say anything, come we shall give the good news to Dasharath.

Raavan climbs some ice mountain. Ice slides down. He gets saved. He says I won’t go without meeting you, give me your Darshan Mahadev. He chants to him. Mahadev and Parvati are seen. Raavan comes there and greets Mahadev. Mahadev praises him. Raavan says my pride got shattered, I couldn’t lift the Dhanush, why did you do this with me, tell me, Ram could lift it. Mahadev says you accepted that there was a strange incident happening there in Sabha, understand this sign, something big is about to happen, just leave ego, anger and bad qualities.

Raavan says I know this happened because of Vishnu, you would have left me on his saying, how did you get trapped. Mahadev scolds him. Raavan says Vishnu cheated you, don’t upset me by fulfilling my wish. Mahadev asks him to think and talk, since his senses have left him. Raavan says I want Amrit from you. Mahadev asks him to think again. Raavan says I know what I m asking. Mahadev says I m bounded by Devtas’ rules, I can give you Amrit kalash, you can drink the Amrit, until you have the kalash with you, you won’t die. Raavan smiles.

Mahadev gives him the kalash. The kalash goes inside Raavan’s navel. Raavan says how will anyone dry this kalash, now none can kill me, I m immortal. Mahadev says the world will remember this Dashami, not because of your Amrit, but your death, this is the start of your end. Raavan gets shocked.

Ram says Bharat will become Ayodhya King, I promised Kaikeyi that I will leave Ayodhya and go for Vanvaas. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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