Luv Kush 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Hanuman meets Sita in Lanka

Luv Kush 6th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav singing the Ramayana story. FB shows Hanuman looking for Sita in entire Lanka. He doesn’t see her. He sits praying. He hears someone chanting Ram’s name. He smiles and chants Ram’s name. Lav and Kush sing further. Hanuman comes to a house and sees tulsi plant. He says I m sure that someone good will be the owner of this house, he can help me in finding my answers. He takes Sadhu avatar. He chants Ram’s name. Vibhishan comes there and asks him not to invite danger by chanting Ram’s name. Hanuman asks why aren’t you in danger then. Vibhishan says Raavan can’t kill me for this, its my bad fate that I m his younger brother Vibhishan. Hanuman says fate is amazing, one brother is evil and other is pure.

Vibhishan asks him to tell the motive of his coming. He takes Hanuman inside and serves him well. He tells about Raavan kidnapping Sita. He cries. FB shows Vibhishan begging Raavan to send back Sita to Ram, he will forgive him. Raavan says you were different from Asurs, so I always worried for you, you had interest in culture and human emotions, I was sure that you are Asur, but today you proved that you are a weak and powerless man, who can’t take revenge for his sister. He ends ties with Vibhishan and kicks him down. FB ends. Vibhishan says Raavan can say many times that he kidnapped Sita to take revenge for Shurpanakha’s insult, its not true, he took revenge for his insult, which he got in Sita’s Swayamvar. He says I feel ashamed that I couldn’t help Ram and Sita. Hanuman says don’t worry, you can still help them, where is Sita, I m sent here for her sake. Vibhishan asks what, who are you, tell me. Hanuman comes to his real avatar.

He says I m Ram’s biggest devotee, I have come here as Ram’s messenger. Vibhishan greets him and cries. He says Ram will bless me and free me from this bad life. Hanuman praises Ram. He asks can you take me to Sita. Vibhishan says I have no courage to see her state, but I can tell you where Raavan kept her captive. FB ends. Lav asks Kush what happened. Kush says I just felt that our Lord can also come to us to guide us in some avatar, if we don’t identify him, then we may think he is an ordinary man, like this Acharya, he is like Hanuman, he has guided me and told me difference between right and wrong, your place is like Hanuman for me. He visualizes Hanuman in him.

Ram thinks I knew Kush, your thinking will change. Hanuman sings the story. FB shows Hanuman gets angry seeing Sita tortured by the Asurs. He thinks to control his anger. He thinks to get a solution. He sits singing Ram’s name. Sita looks for him. Asur lady asks him to come out. He faints all of them. Sita sees Hanuman. He greets her and says I m Ram’s devotee Hanuman.

Sita says its Raavan’s new trick. Hanuman says no, I didn’t come to hurt you. She says impossible.

Update Credit to: Amena

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