Luv Kush 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kush scares the people

Luv Kush 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man saying your magic won’t work on us. He asks the men to beat Kush. Kush gets an arrow and shoots at them. The men get tied up by the ropes. Everyone looks on. Kush attacks them. The men fall in the water. The man looks on shocked. The lady says I don’t have any doubt on you. Lav says then let me return your lost pride. She asks how are you sure that I m not characterless, you were not there at that time. He says no one has a right to doubt any woman, you accepted to stay with your husband after so much insult, this shows your character. She hugs him and cries. She says your upbringing is the best, the one who gave you these values is great. He says its my duty to look after my younger brother, I left him alone there.

The man asks who are you. Kush says I m Kush, my brother’s name is Lav, we both have stopped the horse of Ashwamedha yagya, we had fought with Shri Ram’s army, we have faced all of them and even Hanuman, if I want, I can kill you all right now, but I will not do this. The man bows down to him and asks what do you want. Kush says woman’s respect, you will start this, you are the reason for this injustice, you have to accept your wife with respect, if you don’t do this before sunset, then I will break your head. The lady says what’s this plan to get respect for the women, you have shown much power in tackling the bull. Lav says we will change their thinking with love, not fear and strength, change should be from heart. Lav comes and asks what happened here. The man says you are not the one we thought. Lav asks what do you mean.

Lav goes to see Kush. The man apologizes to Dhoban lady. He asks her not to tell anyone about him. Lav comes to Kush. He says Dhoban kaki is fine, everything changed here on the ghat, they are behaving strange, listen to me. He sees Kush with his bow and arrow. Kush says this will always happen, you play the veena and I will use the bow. Seth asks what, are they Lav and Kush. The man says yes. Sahukar says we shouldn’t go against them. The man says I will accept my wife again, my life is in danger. Lav asks did you attack the people. Kush says now my bow will talk and everyone’s thinking will change. Lav says we will win without strength. Kush says the men will accept the women and respect them, Sita will also get her due respect. Seth goes to meet Ram. Sahukar says Ram is not here, he went to meet someone in other state. Bharat goes to see Nagarseth. He asks the matter. They complain about Lav and Kush. The man says the kids are telling Ram and Sita’s story in Ayodhya.

Bharat says they are doing a good thing. The man says they are saying wrong things by changing the facts, they are doubting on Ram’s truth of killing Raavan, they are trying to change the thinking and questioning ethics, they are asking me to accept my wife, if you don’t stop them, then this problem will end. Bharat asks how do they know about out society rules. Seth says they aren’t ordinary boys. Lav says they will doubt us, if they know we are same Lav and Kush who tried to fail Ashwamedha yagya then…. Seth lies to Bharat about Lav and Kush. Lav says we will be culprit in their eyes, we won’t be the one to get justice for Sita. The man says they came here as peace makers but now they are scaring us. Kush says I told you I will support you until I tolerate, now my limits to tolerate have crossed, we will go on our own ways or not. Seth says they are changing the people’s thinking, they may do Rajdroh and make people against Ram. Bharat thinks.

Kush says Shri Ram is also wrong. Bharat asks him to lift Dhanush. Kush says I will do it for Sita and other women.

Update Credit to: Amena

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