Luv Kush 24th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sita blesses her sons

Luv Kush 24th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lav saying its nothing like that. Sita cries. Lav and Kush go to greet her. She gets back. Kaki says Nagarseth and his son are lying, sorry to come this way, but I can’t sit back, some people are fooling you by fake stories. Nagarseth says what lie, didn’t Kush attack my son, was she there to see this, how can she say this, ask the people who were there, like my Bahu. He asks bahu to tell truth to Ram. Kaki says yes, tell the truth to the king, he will decide who is the culprit and who is the victim. The lady says its true that my husband and I had a fight, but he didn’t do anything that we regard Kush’s doing justified, Kush did wrong. Nagarseth smiles. The lady says Kush kidnapped my husband.

Sita scolds her sons. She says your thinking got ruined, did Ram and I got away to see this day, answer me. She says I want this respect that my sons get against. Lav says I was trying to stop Kush from walking on a wrong path. Kush says I wasn’t going on a wrong path. Sita asks him to apologize to Lav. Kush refuses to apologize. He says I m saying the truth, we didn’t lose when our lives fell in danger and when people spoke ill about you, when they asked the proof of your purity, I got angry, my patience broke, who are they to ask for your purity, you have raised the Praja.

Sita says you can justify, but I didn’t come here to listen to this, I came here to warn you against going on the wrong path, this struggle ends right away, you both come with me, you both refused to the rules. Lav and Kush refuse to come. Lav says we would have different paths, the truth is our aim will always be one, we fought and got against, but our love and blood will always keep us one. Kush smiles and says we will always stay together and protect each other. Lav says undoubtedly. Sita asks will you stand against my command. Lav says yes, we want to do this for you. Sita says no one can win to Lav in words. Kush says yes, right. They joke and smile. Sita blesses them and says you will never lose. She hugs them and cries. She leaves. They get sad.

Kush says we will get our aim, we have to walk o different paths, we will do this. They see Hanuman coming. Kush says you should go, its my call. Lav says you just said we will take care of each other. Hanuman lands. He comes to them. He says I know Kush, you won’t like this, but I will advice you to apologizer to Ram, tell him that you did that being emotional. Kush asks why does this happen that your heart and duty are in opposite directions, I can’t apologize. Lav says you can’t talk like this. Hanuman says its fine, my duty was to warn Kush, Kush has broken rules, I have to take Kush to Ram. Lav says I will come along and justify Kush. Hanuman says I m asked to just get Kush. Lav says its imp that I accompany him. Kush says I don’t need anyone, I have truth with me. Hanuman says Lav, you can’t come with me, it doesn’t mean you can’t come there. Lav smiles. Hanuman takes Kush with him. They fly to Ayodhya palace. Lav runs to reach there. He falls down in the market. He gets up. Hanuman lands in the palace. Kush steps inside the palace. He smiles. Guards come to catch him.

Kush says everyone can see this guy’s wounds, but not the truth. He justifies himself in the Sabha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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