Luv Kush 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nagarseth plays evil

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Luv Kush 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shurpanakha doing some magic. She says Ram had snatched my respect, I will defeat Ram in front of his Praja and insult him. Guru ji says this puja is matter of pride for Suryavanshi, the chariot will go from Ayodhya towards the east, its our duty to make sure that this happens right. Shurpanakha says you can see what will happen now. Nagarseth looks on shocked.

She burns the rocks by the powder. He says I understood, I can see the eclipse on the burning sun. Guru ji says we don’t have to do anything that anger Purohit. Nagarseth takes the powder jar. Lav says we also want to take part in Ayodhya’s grand event. Kush says it will be good to start Ramayan story. Guru ji says you can’t be involved in this, you both are available in Ayodhya and have to attend it. He goes. Kush asks what does he mean. Lav says don’t know.

Lav and Kush wake up and think to wake up Ayodhya. They go out and see everyone already awake and working for the puja. Hanuman is also busy in arrangements. Shatrughan sees him coming. Hanuman lands. He says Ram asked me to get gangajal. Shatrughan asks who will do your work, the rest of the things. Lav and Kush say we will do. Hanuman says I shall go now, they will do my work. He flies off. Shatrughan says you both saved him. Lav says he helped us a lot. Shatrughan says he has helped entire Ayodhya. Lav and Kush take the flowers. Nagarseth comes in between. The flowers fall down. Lav says don’t get angry, we will pick the flowers again. Kush says yes, we came in his way, he didn’t come in his way. Nagarseth goes to Sahukar. He says you are doing the bridge work, understood. Sahukar says I won’t leave Lav and Kush. Nagarseth says don’t do this, this kalash has churan, you make sure that the churan spreads on the bridge. Sahukar sees the magical churan. They smile.

Ram likes the palace illuminating. He says the palace looks bright today. Kaikeyi says I felt just I m thinking of it, its like our family is going to see big changes. Ram says yes, its because of Lav and Kush’s courage. Sumitra says they have bigger responsibility on their shoulders. She asks him to go for the puja, Rishi Vishwa wants everything on time. Sahukar praises Lav and Kush for their work. Kush says I can sense his plotting. Lav says maybe he is also trying to change. Kush says I don’t think he can change himself. Lav says it means you can’t change. Kush says yes, I also wanted to eat laddoos on seeing Hanuman take it. Sahukar drops the churan on the bridge. Nagarseth smiles.

He sees the bridge melting. The people see the chariot coming. They run towards the chariot to see. Lav and Kush ask them to stop, the chariot is coming by the bridge itself. Sahukar says I did the work. Nagarseth says yes, first time. The bridge breaks down. Lav and Kush hear the sound. They say what was that sound, something is wrong. Kush says we have to make them away from bridge. They ask them to get away from the bridge. The people fall in the river. The chariot slips towards the bridge. Lav and Kush look on. The people try to hold it back. Lav and Kush think to save the chariot. They throw the stones and stop the chariot. Ram asks what, bridge broke down. Guard says yes, my Majesty.

Guru ji says we didn’t see such delay for the puja, it will be first time that chariot won’t be inside the temple during sunrise, it will be big stain on Suryavanshi’s name. Ram worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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