Luv Kush 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram cares for Lav and Kush

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Luv Kush 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram getting Lav and Kush to the palace. He calls Vaid. He asks Vaid to make them fine some way. He says I love them a lot. Shatrughan asks what happened to them. Ram says they were attacked by magical snakes, its not a small thing, they got many enemies, they tried to change the Ayodhya thinking, someone wants to kill them to end their aim, I will protect them, its my Rajya, none can end good thinking. Sita and Dheera miss Lav and Kush. He asks will they stay fine. Shurpanakha gets angry that Ram reached there and saved Lav and Kush. She punishes Nagarseth. He apologizes. He says I have an easy solution, if we tell the people that Lav and Kush are Ram and Sita’s children, then the people will abandon them.

Shurpanakha says Lav and Kush already won the people’s hearts, if you tell their truth, then you will unite their family. Vaid says I have given them medicines, they will be fine until morning. Ran says they will get fine, I will ensure this. Ram asks everyone to go, he will stay with Lav and Kush, he won’t get sleep. Hanuman gets Lav and Kush’s veena. Ram smiles and you did good, it will be good for them to spend the night if they hear the good music of the veena. He smiles. Sita says Lav and Kush are lucky, they are in Ram Rajya, they will be looked after well. He says yes, they are lucky. She says you are also lucky, as I m with you. She sings a lullaby for him. Ram takes care of Lav and Kush. Everyone sleeps. Ram stays awake. Its morning, Kush wakes up and sees Ram. He wakes up Lav and says I think we died and we are in heaven, we are in Ram’s palace, he is welcoming us. Ram smiles and says I m happy seeing you both fine. Everyone comes. Lav says its not any dream, but reality, are we really in Ayodhya palace. Ram says this is a medical care centre for the Praja, I m a king later, and a father first for Praja, you are with your dad. Kaushalya says just a dad can cure child by staying awake all night. Lav and Kush thank him and call him dad. Everyone smiles.

Ram hugs them and cries. Ram says I m glad to save you, and sad to see your pain. Kaushalya asks Lav and Kush not to go without having food. Lav says we are done by your immense love. Kush says yes, but we can eat it. They laugh. Kush says we can’t refuse to your invite, but we can’t stay here until we complete our aim. Ram asks them to take rest for some time. Lav says no, we are bound by promise. Kush tells Raghukul ritual to keep the promise. Ram looks at them. Kush says we will stay here forever if we stay back. Ram says I m proud of you, your mum needs the praise, you are extraordinary. He invites them for Makar Sankranti. He asks them to start Ramayana chapter tomorrow. He blesses them. They leave. Shurpanakha gets angry. Nagarseth says I came to tell you that Lav and Kush came out. She says now their end is certain, I will get an eclipse on the sun.

Shurpanakha attacks Ram and others.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can you tell us the lullaby sita sings to Dhira in this episode. Its truly lovely

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