Luv Kush 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sita reads out Ramayana

Luv Kush 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Luv and Kush putting many stones in the river and forming a bridge. Sita smiles. Everyone crosses the bridge. Lav and kush take Sita’s blessings and ask her about Ram’s life story. Kush says we want to know more about Ram. She says I will tell you everything, Ramayana is a big source to know his personality and life journey. They ask what is Ramayana. She says it has everything of his life, it proves how good wins over evil, its not just a book, but a life guide. Kush says we are eager to hear it. She asks them to take permission from its author, Valmiki. Valmiki says its auspicious that you read the book to them.

Everyone does aarti and chant Ram’s name. They see the book Ramayan. Sita touches the book Ramayan. Ram talks to Hanuman. He says I m a lucky person, I got love in the form of Sita. Hanuman asks why didn’t you try to find her. Ram says we both took this decision together, she has always supported me, I didn’t wish to create hurdle in her goals, she lives in my soul, why should I try to find her anywhere else. Sita says we learn the lessons from Ram’s life, that life isn’t like we wish. Hanuman says your life story is an example of love, sacrifice and sorrow, one has to be strong and move on.

Ram says no, I m walking on the path of justice, Sita has made the sacrifices, she had tolerated the pain for me and Ayodhya. Sita says Ram is connected to Ayodhya. She tells about King Dasharath. FB shows Dasharath going to meet his Guru ji. Guru ji says you have everything, why did you come. Dasharath asks him to do a yagya that his wives get a son, Ayodhya get a heir. Sumitra and Kaikeyi are seen. Sumitra says Kaushalya is waiting for you for the yagya. Kaikeyi apologizes to her.

Manthara apologizes to Kaikeyi. She tries to spoil their relations. She wants Sumitra to apologize to Kaikeyi. Sumitra says Kaikeyi, you have given much freedom to this maid. Kaikeyi says Manthara didn’t say wrong, I was practicing, you came in front, its your mistake, not mine. Sumitra says you are blaming me. Kaikeyi says no, I m clearing the blame. They argue. Manthara says leave it, sautan is like sister, forgive her, you are Dasharath’s dear wife. Sumitra says our relation got questioned in a moment. Kaikeyi says you are dragging the matter. Kaushalya comes and says come with me. Manthara asks do you want to reward me. Kaushalya drops some bead. Maid picks it. Kaushalya asks Manthara just to keep her ears sharp, not her speech. She scolds Manthara and asks her not to spoil her family relations. FB ends. Sita tells Kaushalya has shown a path to Manthara.

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