Luv Kush 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Lav and Kush get Bharat’s support

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Luv Kush 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kush attacking the army to stop them. He shoots arrows at them. Lav gets treated by the Vaid. Kush sees the soldiers coming. He says they aren’t stopping, I have to do something. Vaid gets scared of the weapons piercing the hut walls. Lav asks him not to worry, Kush is determined and will keep his promise. Vaid nods. Kush prays and gets powers to stop the army. The guards throw ropes at him and catch him. They try to pull him down.

Kush gains strength and stays firm at his place. The guards stay fall. The guard says we can’t lose, we are Ram’s army, we will see him. Sahukar asks Dhoban why is she beating her husband, isn’t she ashamed, how does she get such courage. The lady scolds Seth and Sahukar. She asks does woman not get hurt by the men’s torture. She says we women have to change this thinking, we always keep silent against the men who torture us, why do we bias between daughter and son, the culprit will get punished, I will change this thinking. She beats her husband. Everyone looks on. Guards people to defend the attack. Kush says I have to think of something, you did wrong to make this fight a war. The guards attack him with their weapons. Kush shoots at arrow and defends their weapons. The guards fall down. The guard sees Kush shooting more arrows. Bharat comes there and asks Kush to stop. He says you are doing wrong. Dhoban says this man should get punished, he deserves this. The lady says yes, but Lav and Kush don’t deserve this, Bharat went to catch them, Kush is fighting the army alone.

Kush says I m not doing anything wrong, its about my brother’s life. Bharat says you have to bear punishment, we will get Lav treated. Kush says thanks for the offer, Lav is getting treated, he will be fine soon, I will not obey your army, if I did wrong, then they have also crossed their limit. Bharat says you are increasing your crime and punishment. Kush says its your thinking. Bharat shouts. Dhoban comes crying. She says stop Prince Bharat, its not Lav and Kush’s mistake, my husband is wrong. Bharat asks what. The people get Dhobi there.

She asks Dhobi to tell Bharat how you tried to stop Lav and Kush’s great work. Bharat asks what is he saying. Dhobi says this woman is a fool, and also Lav and Kush, the society has no place for them. He says look at their courage, they wanted to get respect for a woman like Sita. Bharat asks are you fighting for Sita’s respect. Dhobi says no, they are fighting to insult Ayodhya, a woman like her can’t be forgive, even if she is queen Sita, I m ready to kill them always. Bharat shouts enough, just Ram has the duty to manage Ayodhya, you all have one place, that’s prison. He asks soldiers to arrest Dhobi. Dhobi says you are doing wrong, they will ruin Ayodhya, she is a woman and raised hand on me, she has beaten me up, she can’t be forgiven, you are calling me wrong. Bharat asks soldiers to take him away. Dhobi says my thinking won’t change.

Bharat apologizes to Kush. He says I didn’t know that you are fighting for Sita’s respect. Lav comes and calls out Kush. Kush hugs him. Lav greets Bharat. Bharat says you have sworn to do this great work, I feel that we have no difference, forgive me. Lav says don’t say this Kakashri. Bharat asks what, Kakashri, you called me Kakashri. Lav says I mean you are elder and showing affection, don’t embarrass us by apologizing, if we didn’t tell our motives to you, then its not your mistake, it will be better that we end our fight here. Bharat says I want to help you, for my family’s sake, it will be most imp to unite Ram and Sita. Lav says sorry, we can’t take your help, Ayodhya people think Ram and Sita have sent us to clear their image, if you help us, they will believe this only. Bharat says its right, you can come with me to Rajmahal, you can rest there until you get fine, I m sure my entire family will be happy to live with you two.

The man asks why was Sita abandoned. Kush says its time for call Sita back. Seth ji says yes, she has to give Agnipariksha in front of us. He sets the burning pyre.

Update Credit to: Amena

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