Lurking in the Light of Love (KKB) (Chapter 8 – Why did you do this?)

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Hello guys! Today is my birthday I am posting this around 12:50AM I have been writing this one the whole day and have no idea how it turned out to be. Hope you ppl like it! Happy reading and kick Pragya if possible! Love you my dear friends, sisters and Silent readers.


Both Divi and Pragya joined the same college, Whereas Aadi joined another college. They both started to drift apart slowly, Pragya wasn’t able to take this anymore. She went to his college to confront him that is when she saw a big billboard in front of his college after reading that she left from there to another place with tears… On the way she texted someone every detail.

What she saw on the Billboard? Here it goes…

Funds to be raised for one of our students, Aaditya Srivatsav for operating his Brain Tumor which will be held on 12.03.2009. Students or parents who wish to contribute can contact Sneha :+91-9885566454. Signed Prinipal Mahoday Verma
These details were written on the billboard along with his photograph.
They were tearing it down, she saw it in the nick of the moment.

Pragya’s POV:
Today is the day he is getting operated? He has a brain Tumor and he never thought to tell me about that? Why is he like this? Why did you do this Aadi? Why? Tears were tracing her cheeks, With all these thoughts, she reached the hospital.

Happy care Hospital 12:00 PM (12.03.2009) Thursday

She searched for his name in the reception area and rushed to the place mentioned by the receptionist. After reaching that place she had happy tears seeing the sight in front of her through the glass. Yes, she saw him sitting on his bed talking to someone smiling. His head was fully shaven and has been wounded with a bandage. A doctor approached her and she enquired about him who was in I.C.U. The doctor said, “I assume you must be his relative or perhaps friend right?” she nodded her head. He continued, “ Listen to me carefully before you go inside and meet up with him. He has lost his memory entirely, he does not remember anyone. He is just like a new born baby with an ability to speak and decipher stuffs. Don’t force him to remember things….” I wasn’t able to hear anything after that, I held onto the wall for support hoping it could support me, but I was wrong my legs wobbled and I fell on my knees. The doctor asked her, “Are you OK? Miss….” I just kept on nodding my head as if saying yes and tried to speak, but no words came out of my mouth. I tried to get up only resulting in falling down on my knees again. I kept telling myself that , ‘He can’t remember me, I lost him too’ and got up and walked away holding the wall again.

I couldn’t keep myself together, knowing that he can’t remember me ever and I won’t be able to make him remember about me. I gave up and let myself fall that is when Divi arrived there at the right time to hold me when I was about to fall. I kept on repeating ‘He can’t remember me, I lost him too’ like a mantra and Divi couldn’t get me to speak another word other. Even if she tried I wouldn’t have been able to speak about it. How can I tell her that the LOVE of my life has gone far away from me and now I am really an Orphan and nobody is there for me to understand my feelings.I don’t know when we both boarded an auto and reached our hostel. All I remember is I kept on reminding myself ‘He can’t remember me, I lost him too’. Divi somehow managed to take me to my room. That’s all I remember.

Pragya’s Room 1:30 PM

I came back to my senses when Divi tried to feed me, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘He can’t remember me, I lost him too’. I heard her speak to someone about me and it’s blank once again.

Half an hour later…

I came back to my senses again when I heard Div’s mobile ringing and she was speaking to someone about me and I understood what they said and thought to give Divi some peace and walked towards my draw where I keep my sleeping pills and ate it with the juice she was trying to feed me. I walked towards the cot and lay down thinking of him my Aadi. Seconds passed, minutes passed, hours passed, I wasn’t able to sleep my eyes forgot to close themselves. I got up feeling groggy walked towards my draw and took my sleeping pills and ate them one for each hour that passed until now which I don’t even know. (Just 10 mins has passed). By the end of an hour (another 10 mins passed) I emptied my bottle of sleeping pills I tried to get up, but my legs wouldn’t move, my upper eyelids finally kissed my lower eyelids and I fell and fell and fell don’t know when I touched my soft bed. (She just fell within a second).

Happy care Hospital 7:00 AM (13.03.2009) Friday

I woke up to find Taarika and Divi sleeping next to each other, Divya resting her head on Taarika’s shoulder. A smile crept on my lips to see them like that. Taarika always used to taunt her and Divi rubs behind her they always end up fighting with each other. Both looked very cute now I turned towards my left and found my mobile there I took a picture of them. Sunlight fell on their beautiful faces disturbing them, slowly both were stirring from their deep slumber that’s when reality hit me that I was in a hospital bed and not any other hospital it was ‘Happy Care Hospital’ and these two are going to bury me alive. Both of them opened their eyes to find me smiling at them sheepishly.

Both walked towards my bed and Divi sat on my right, Taarika on my left. I turned towards Divi, she slapped me (Slightly) I said, “What?” holding my cheek and turned towards my left to receive another slap I held my left cheek and right cheek with both my hands and looked at both of them with pity in my eyes. Both started to scold me at last Divi asked, “Why the hell did you do this?” I replied, “I was just trying to sleep, that’s all and I wasn’t able to sleep thinking of Aadi.” Tears ran down my rosy cheek, I explained them what the doctor said. Taarika slapped me now (not a hard one) and said, “Come on! Memory loss happened because of operating his brain tumor not an accident ok? And we spoke to his doctor, he said that before he could complete you fell down and thought to fill you in later.” I asked, “But he did say I can’t force him to remember things, didn’t he?” Divi replied my question, “Arrey Buddhu! He said don’t force him, let him take his time to recover then we will slowly start I hope you dint listen to this part of what he said.” I smiled sheepishly again and said, “So my Aadi is fine, he will remember me one day.” Divi slapped me again and said, “For this you created a big scene and made both of us run behind you. You know you kept on chanting, ‘He can’t remember me, I lost him too’ I thought he died.”

Now I slapped her (lightly) and said, “Don’t you dare say that again.” Taarika chuckled and said, “ She didn’t say anything wrong, you reacted so badly and you are still depressed about your family so we decided to fix your appointment with a Physcatrist in this hospital.” Divi said *winking*, “It has an added bonus too, you can see your Aadi daily.” I blushed with as I dint have any words to speak.

As we spoke a doctor entered our cabin and introduced himself as Dr.Kannan. Taarika and Divya both went to the hostel to fresh up and I was given a few minutes to fresh up and come back. He asked me a few questions for which I gave perfect answers. When he started to question about my family that is when my tear glands started its work. He told me to explain everything I told him in between my sobs and he said, “ You are really brave Miss. Pragya, With 3 more sessions you must be ok. Surround yourself with only positivity. If you feel worried, let your guard down and cry just like how you did right now ok?” I replied, “Ok, doctor.”

A nurse came with my breakfast an Omelete with hot coffee, I had my breakfast and changed my dress which Divi and Taarika brought with them yesterday and was about to leave the hospital when I saw someone walking towards I.C.U in a swift manner I followed that person and saw Aadi smiling looking at that person he kissed her!HE KISSED HER!!!!!

I.C.U 9:00AM ,13.03.2009 (Friday)

I was about to leave the hospital when I saw someone walking towards I.C.U in a swift manner I followed that person and saw Aadi smiling looking at that person he kissed her! HE KISSED HER!!!!!
He doesn’t remember anyone, right? How the hell does he remembers Sneha? I had to hear their conversation for that I have to sneak in. I was wearing a white kurti I took one of the masks Doctors and nurses use from the trolley nearby and sneaked in carrying a tray full of stuff. They won’t be able to notice me since they have now covered themselves completely with the curtain.

I heard their conversation which was…
Aadi said, “Hey sweetie, what took you so long?” Sneha replied Sitting on his lap, “ I had to take all that money and make them think I paid your bills, It took some time hon. You know yesterday Pragya came here it seems.” He pushed her off from his lap and said, “How many times should I tell you not to speak about her?”Sneha said, “ Come on Aadi, She is your girlfriend!” Aadi pulled her closer to him and said, “So, who are you? My mistress?” He buried his head in her bosom, and she chuckled, saying, “Yes, May be!” Through a thin gap in the curtain Pragya was witnessing all this. Aadi continued, “Ok, why did she come here yesterday?” Sneha replied, “She went to your college and would have seen the billboard I hope. Poor soul, she was traumatized and hospitalized for overdosage of sleeping pills.” Aadi said, “I don’t know why the hell did I propose her! I should have proposed you instead of her. You know right? I love you and not her I just want to spend a night with her. She was so beautiful, but everything changed, she started wearing spectacles, became so thin, pale, depressed, sleepless no human being would fall for her.”

Pragya was feeling down and wanted to jump off the open window, but controlled herself to know what they did with that money. Their conversation continues… Aadi said, “So we successfully fooled them into giving us money! Rs.50,00,000 Sneha! And you another Rs.50,00,000 from your college right? Totally Rs.1,00,00,000.” He stood up and twirled her. Pragya was recording their conversation now. All she wanted to know was in which bank, they have deposited this money and it slipped from Sneha. Sneha said, “I have transferred all the money to our joint account in ‘Manipal Bank’ all we had to do is give this doctor his 10%, which will be Rs.10,00,000” Aadi suggested, “Or we could kill him off by giving just Rs.10,000 to any hit man.” Sneha replied, “Sounds like a good idea but we don’t want any problem before we leave from India so no, we are not going to do that. Ok? Am I clear?” Aadi said, “Ok madam, now give me my energy which I missed all these days.” They both ended up kissing each other passionately. Pragya stopped recording, seeing that (She moved the curtain a bit so that she could cover their faces) and was wondering why nobody came in here? Not even the nurses. That’s when he heard the door open. She hid her face with that mask and rushed out pushing that doctor out of her way making him shout, “Hey! Wait! Can’t you see?” He thought it was Sneha, but when Aadi and Sneha came out hearing his voice he looked shocked and said, “Someone was here! Other than my nurse that I appointed only for you.” Aadi asked him, “Who was that? A Girl or a guy?” Doctor replied, “A Girl I dint see her face though, she had a petite figure.” Aadi realized about whom he was talking about and said, “Shit! She came to know everything. How am I going to manage her now?”

Outside the hospital 9:30AM

Pragya was meddling with her mobile for a while and she was about to get into an auto when a strong arm pulled her back, she was shocked at first, but when that person explained her the situation she remained silent and went with him. The strong arm, which pulled her behind was… (Take a guess! OK, calm down I will tell) none other than her Physcatrist Dr.Kannan. Dr. Kanan said, “Pragya, come with me don’t leave the premises until I tell you to leave these people have planned to kill you. They will search for you everywhere except for inside the hospital. She was already shocked that Aadi was no more hers and now he has planned to kill her this was too much for her. Her heart slowly started to break into pieces. She was being pulled by the doctor inside the hospital through the back door (Morgue). She was walking like a lifeless soul more or less like a zombie.. Every moment she spent with him was coming in front of her eyes…

All she could think was he just acted like he was comforting her, but in reality he just wanted to be with her for one night? Chee!
En Nanbane Ennai Yeithaai.. O..
En Paavamaai Vanthu Vaaithaai..
Un Polave Nalla Nadikan.. O..
Oorenkilum Illai Oruvan..
Nallavarkal Yaaro.. Theeyavarkal Yaaro..
Kandukondu Kanni Yaarum Kaathal Seivathillaiye..

Kankai Nathiyalla Kaanal Nathiyendru
Pirpaadu Gnaanam Vanthu Laapam Yennavo..?
Valaikaiyai Pidithu Valaikayil Vizhunthen..
Valakkaram Pidithu Valam Vara Ninaithen..
Uravenum Kavithai Uyirinil Varainthen..
Yezhuthiya Kavithai Yen Muthalvari Muthal Muzhuvathum Pizhai
Vizhikalin Vazhi Vizhunthathu Mazhai Yellaam Unnaalthaan..
Ithuva Unthan Niyaayangal..? Yennakken Intha Kaayangal..?
Kizhithaai Oru Kaathal Oviyam.. O..
Murukan Mukam Aaruthaan..

Manithan Mukam Nøøruthaan..
Ovvønrum Veru Veru Niramø..?
Èn Nanpane.. Yennai Yeithaai??
Adikkadi Yennai Nee Anaithathai Ariven..
Anpennum Vilakkai Anaithathai Ariyen..
Puyal Vanthu Šaaitha Maramøru Viraku.. Unakkenna Theriyum..
Yen Ithayathil Vanthu Vizhunthathu Idi
Ila Manam Yenkum Yezhunthathu Vali..
Yammaa Yammaa..
Ulakil Ulla Penkale.. Uraippen Oru Pønmøzhi..
Kaathal Oru Kanavu Maalikai.. O…
Yethuvum Anku Maayamthaan.. Yellaam Varnajaalamthaan..
Nampaamal, Vaazhvathenrum Nalame..!!

Prague and Dr. Kannan were sitting in a room near the morgue, where Pragya was reminiscing every moment with him. She thought he never touched her, never gave her an emotional comfort either! I should have been careful, he was.. He was playing with my emotions. Dr.Kannan, who noticed this said, “Beti, I know you love him, but he doesn’t even consider you as a human being. Forget him and move on! I know you tried to sleep forever when you came to know he can’t remember you. Don’t make the same mistake now! Wake up and do something, don’t fall for his trap again. That is when she decided to do something. She started meddling with her mobile again.

Next day 14.03.2009 Saturday, Happy Care Hospital

Police arrested Aadi , Sneha and Dr.Vibhian for forgery and took them away. This was shown in News channel 3 people were watching this and smirking, they are none other than Taarika, Divya and Pragya. Yes, they planned everything..

Ok, rewinds again….

Near Morgue room 10:00AM

Pragya was not simple meddling with her mobile she was sending the video recording of what they spoke to Divya and Taarika. She called them both (Conference call) and said, “Listen both of you (commanding tone) I have sent you both a video it’s very sensitive, you have to inform the respective college authorities about this and file complaint against Aadi (A lone tear escaped her eyes), Sneha and Dr…?” She turned towards Dr.Kannan and asked him that doctor’s name he said, “It’s Dr.Vibhian” She continued speaking, “Ok, you guys heard it right? Dr.Vibhian! Charge a case against them for forgery.” Divi said, “But Pragya what happened? What Aadi did?” Taarika who observed the change of tone in Pragya’s voice said, “Divi, we will ask her about that later now let’s get to work.”

After she ended the call she cried her heart out until no more tears were left to flow. She thought , ‘For him I was about to give my life? He is not worth my life, Nobody is worth it. Why did you do this Aadi? Why?’ She decided not to fall in love in any circumstances. She has to keep herself away from the opposite gender forever. She wiped off her tears and sat straight. Dr.Kannan, who saw this was proud of her what he thought was, ‘Wow! This girl is brave she overcame this situation very quickly.’ But he never knew our Pragya had changed completely she has turned from Miss. Fragile to Miss.Hitler.

Hard Rock Café 5:00 PM

Tears found their way down his chin and to the table before he could wipe them off and all he could manage to say was, “Will she love me?”

Precap : “ Oh! It just happened and ended that’s it no big” Another person, “Really?”

Sorry for leaving you ppl with the same Precap..

Dhivya – Thank you dear! Yeah she faced a lot before meeting Abhi. Love you too <3
Abhigya – Thank you dear I am glad you like it
Reshma – Reshu! Again overflow of emotions?Thank you so much dear
Saranya – Baby doll here is the update hope you will like this one too
Samyusam – Thank you dear. It’s my pleasure that you like my story.
Sangi – Thank you dear <3

Maya – CS!Thanks a lot. Yes, staying calm! Time to consult Divine Guru Pragya for help 😀
B_Ani – Thanks a lot, you feel that the comment is so big, You feel that you ran out of words but I feel I am on cloud nine while reading all your comments even it is a single word it means a lot for me ok? If you read this update you will be angry on her more after knowing the reason. Hell, even I was angry on her. Masterpiece really? 😀 😀 Yeah staying calm and avoiding stuffs that makes me tensed. She smiled when you said sorry and said ‘Sweet Girl, so no slaps!’ Love you too Ani <3
Lokha – Waiting for a life time 😀 😀 Thanks a lot dear! And now your doubts are gone I hope? Take care! Love you too <3

Asmitha (Achu) – This chapter no suspense! So cool. I will try not to vanish don’t worry, Not going to leave without finishing my story.

Moni – Thank you so much Moni! And yes, Less stress more smile! Love you too <3

Pooja – Thank you so much dear!Me writing novels have to think about it! I would love to do. Take care too Love you <3

B.K. Maha – Thanks a lot dear.

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