Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter -31)


Chapter 31 – Locked in (Part II)

A/N: I am so sorry I know I have been missing for a very long time now. I hope you people will understand my situation. And I have written something after a long time don’t know how it has turned out to be. Please do tell me ppl!! Will try to update regularly and will update the other two stories too. See you all soon!

Sneha’s POV:

After seeing my brother Suhaar in their clutch my heart went out to him, what did he do to deserve this? He just helped me in my plan. He has nothing to do with any if the attacks or in hurting anyone. I just made him a spy, I did this for his own safety and now he is the one in trouble. Everything happened because of me, why should he suffer

??? No, it dint happen because of me, The sole reason of all my problems can only be her, yes, ‘Pragya’ how dare she?

Aadi nudged me and showed the footage once again, I said, “First let’s tie these silly people up and then will deal with them. *Turning towards Abhi, Pragya and Aaliya* All three of you come here without any fuss I may change my mind and let you go, If not will shoot all three of you right now.” All three stood in the same position, A gun shot resonated throughout the godown. I hope these fools understand that I meant business now. All three hurriedly came to the place I mentioned earlier and Aadi made them sit on a chair each, tied them up and also blindfolded them.

After all this I let them in opening the Godown which I closed immediately after they entered. All I could say was, “Suhaar.”

That good for nothing guy held my brother’s neck by knife all I could think was how to slice his skin apart using a knife.

Raj’s POV:

I saw her glare at us with such an intensity I thought we would melt right in front of her. My goodness, what kind of a woman is she?? How can she stoop so low and murder people like harvesting a field? I can’t even imagine what would Pragya have gone through because of such a woman. Ok, coming to the point this woman is a bad omen DOT! Sneha said, “Let him go you swine! Otherwise, I will shoot all 3 of them and kill them right in front of you.”

I heard another voice saying, “Not so fast, darling!” She turned and we all saw a guy tearing his face off . I can understand that is not a sight you would wish to see whatsoever. But the thing is he dint really tear his face off that was a damn mask (Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha) *Nervous laugh*

He pointed a gun at her head and told me to untie all 3 and their blindfolds too. I did as said, but before I could remove the blindfold and untie that man I noticed her, That woman who was staring at us like she would melt us on the spot was looking so vulnerable ,weak, angry and all kinds of emotions clearly showing betrayal was written on her face.

There were so many questions running in all our minds, Pragya came running towards that man so I walked towards Sid, who is as confused as me and still holding Suhaar in his vice grip who was shouting at that gun wielding man like a possessed person. That woman was being pushed towards the Godown entrance and the shutters opened immediately with just a press of a button on her remote. I think she just accepted her fate and moved along. He signalled Sid to follow him along with Suhaar. Sid immediately followed his order and led him outside the godown followed by me.

Pragya’s POV:

All I could think of was WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???? I am so confused right now that I feel like I was just hit with a damn brick on my head. Aadi *Ewww* tied all of us on a chair and blindfolded us and all I could hear was Sneha letting Sid, Raj and her brother in and speaking to them. Suddenly I heard a different voice which made me wonder who the hell is that? I felt someone untying me and removing my blindfold I opened my eyes to find a man standing pointing a gun at Sneha’s head. I saw that Raj was the one who removed my blindfold and untied me as well others before he could remove Abhi’s blindfold he was so preoccupied by Sneha that he stood right in front of Abhi without removing his blindfold and untying him.

I ran towards him, removed his blindfold and untied him to see a smirk on his face that is when I understood that all this was his plan. I signalled Aaliya to come behind him who also understood that he is the master mind behind all this. I counted 1..2..3.. We both beat him, but suddenly remembered that Aaliya doesn’t have much time and we all rushed outside the Godown towards the ambulance. On the way I saw Sneha and Suhaar being pushed into a police van. Raj came towards me and asked, “Any idea what just happened? I just understood that, that guy was a cop like a damn cop!” I replied, “All this was his idea and he never thought to tell us about this that Idiot I am going to bury him alive.”

He smiled at me and said, “Thank you so much Pragya, I mean convey it to him. Can’t thank you guys enough for this, he just got justice for my brother and sister in law’s death.” I said, “Why do you thank us? After all, she was … NO… *Clearing throat* she is my sister and he is my brother in law . I can do anything to bring justice for them and he knows that too. I will definitely convey your thanks to him. Take care both of you *Looking at Sid, who just entered the scene*

I walked towards the ambulance bidding goodbye to both Sid and Raj

To see him waiting anxiously outside the ambulance waiting for Aaliya to come out. I went near him and asked, “When did you plan all this?” He replied, “Will let you know all in good time! All in good time.” *Hugging her*

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