Lurking in the light of Love (KKB) (chapter – 23)

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A/N : Thank you Reshma and Moni! Moni : Hope you will catch up soon and Ani thank you so much and here is your update then lease do update Twist in Tale ! Others please do leave your story’s name..

Chapter 23 – Who is troubling who?

Veer’s Residence :

Raj enters inside his home to find everyone looking at him with a questioning look. He kept quiet, not giving away anything about the bomb blast, but they knew something was wrong, something amiss. So they asked him once again, only to hear him scream , “He killed my brother! That good for nothing killed my brother.” *sobs falling on his knees.*

Everyone at home was shocked and confused at his statement. His father came, held his arms and made him sit in a chair, his mother came rushing with a glass of water which was handed to him. After drinking water, he started sobbing uncontrollably again. His mother hugged him , wiped off his tears and asked him slowly, “What happened Raj?” He replied, “He… He killed my brother…” *sobs*

Outside of Taarika’s residence (In Lawn):

Sid sits down on the lawn and whiles away his time thinking of Raj while the sad version of Ye dosti hum nahi chodenge plays in the bg. At first he thought it was his imagination, but later he found that someone was playing that song. He turned back to find Fatima, his sister sitting behind him with a mobile phone in her hand. Sid moved closer to her and hugged her sobbing like a kid. Fati said, “Ewww! You are dirtying my favorite lehenga bro! Move.” Sid was sad again and moved mumbling, “Nobody wants me.”

Fatima, who heard it was furious and slapped him hard on his face and said, “What kind of person are you? Sitting and whining like a kid. Idiot! Get up and prove to your friend you are not responsible for your brother’s death. Don’t look at me like I don’t know that you consider him as your brother. Now get up and get going, move your lazy ass!” Sid was shocked and at the same time surprised, he said, “Who said I am an orphan? I have a mom right in front of me. You are like a mother figure to me from now on Pathu. Just wondering how would my Jaan manage a MIL like you.” Both laughed like idiots and got up for ‘MISSION RAJ’ (Oh, yes they named it so).

Veer’s Residence :

Raj’s parents consoled him once again and asked him, “Tell us what happened my dear?” He narrated them the whole story of how Sid is so determined to get his love and how he helped Raghu in meeting Taarika and in exchange asked for Raghu’s help in finding details about his love. And what all complications are surrounding his love’s life and all that. Now, how his brother (Raghu), Taarika, and his uncle and his family tragically lost their lives in a bomb blast.

His mother looked at him and said, “I must really thank Sid for getting you out of that car otherwise you being an Idiot would have stayed back saying I would adjust with them.” Raj looked shocked at her statement because that is what happened! He wanted to stay back, Sid has indeed saved his ass from getting blasted into pieces. But he still believed in the idea that Sid killed his brother. His father said, “ I don’t know why are you still adamant in thinking that Sid killed Raghu. He is not only your brother, but also our son, please get this into your head and let go off your stupid adamance.” He turned back to find his mother sobbing, when the reality of the situation hit her. His father said, “I have duties to do, so now get up and help me with it and stop being an ass.” Raj just bobbed his head and followed his father.

Taarika’s Residence :

Abhi was thinking about what all happened from the day Pragya got attacked. He even discussed with Nikhil about this, Nikhil has told him what Tanu had shared with him. All he said was, “I was very furious that Tanu was happy seeing Pragya hurt and pulled her aside and asked her about it. And she said, ‘I am just happy that she is being hurt that’s all I dint do anything! I am not that stupid, thank you!’ She walked away fuming like a bull Abhi! I know she dint do anything now. But who is troubling her?”

By the time he reached Taarika’s room, he heard Pragya saying, “She said , one down, three more to go.” Abhi ran inside , Pragya noticed Abhi and hugged him and cried her heart out and said, “ I am not crying because someone is playing with me. I am crying for my Didu, you know, she is the only family I have got! *Sob* *Snifles* *Wipes away tears* hereafter no more tears now all we need to do is find out who is playing with me.”

Abhi shared with Pragya how Tanu behaved when she was told that you were attacked. He said, “I still have doubts on her, If she dint do it, she can make someone else do it instead of her, right?” Pragya thought about for a minute and said, “ I don’t think Tanu did this! She is not that stupid, that too after what happened on our trip to an amusement park. She wouldn’t do something that stupid. Divi… Any thoughts?” Divi replied *sobbing*, “Don’t know who is playing with you like this! But I swear *sniffles* when I get my hands on her, she would pray I would have been rather dead.” *Sobs* *Snifles*

Someone heard this from outside the door and said, “Who is troubling who? Nice game to play always! Oh dear! You have no idea how happy I am to see you like this! *Sighs* I hope this just lasts forever. Hey Divya, you think you can kill me? Awww, that’s so sweet of you my dear, but you know what? That Ain’t going to happen, ain’t going to happen *In a sing song way* And yes, One down, three more to go.” That person left a paper near the door knocked the door and left the place.

Abhi, Pragya and Divi heard the knock, they all turned towards the door to find a paper lying on the floor. Abhi asked Divi to pick it up *Wipes away her tears and picks it up* only to let it down again and run in the corridor. Abhi who was curious picked up the paper and also let it down and ran behind Divi in the corridor. Pragya was the last one to pick it up. She found that ,

One down, Three more to Go!

Was written in that paper, she let it down because her mobile ceased the silence in that room.

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