Lurking in the light of love (KKB) (Chapter 19)

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Chapter 19 –  YOU WILL DIE


Taarika’s home 7:00AM


Pragya and Divya stayed back at her home, so that they can attend the wedding in the morning and leave along with them. Both of them were asked to dress up Taarika, feed her and bring her down. Both are seen approaching her room…


Pragya knocked the door so many times, but she din’t get any response. She called Taarika’s number and told her to open the door. Taarika who was in half sleep said ok and opened the room’s door only to realize what she did. She screamed suddenly to divert their attention only to find nobody else is inside her room except for Herself, Divya, and Pragya. Pragya felt, ‘Something is fishy, she is not the one to get afraid of anything. Then why did she scream just now?’


Abhi’s resisdence 7:00 AM


Abhi and Nikhil are seen walking to and fro now, Aaliya who crossed their room noticed this and thought, ‘Now, what happened to these two?’ She entered inside his room and enquired, “May I know what my sweet, sweet brothers are thinking about?” Both Nikhil and Abbhi froze in their place not knowing what to tell her about that incident. But they also know that Aaliya is not the one who will leave them to their own accord hence Nikhil signaled Abhi to tell her.


After explaining everything to Aaliya all Aaliya could say was, “Oh my God! Bhabhi (Sis-in-law) my bhabhi is in danger. But, who would think of doing something like that to her? She is the sweetest person I have ever met.” Now all 3 started walking to and fro when Tanu entered the room and asked them what happened. This time Aaliya was the one to give the explanation, Tanu eyes explained how much she would enjoy if Pragya died. And there was a smirk on her face throughout the explanation. Only Abhi noticed this, and left the room in fury. Tanu thought, ‘All is going well now.’ *smirking*Nikhil who also noticed a smirk playing on her face and pulled her out of the room into his room and asked, “What the hell was that Tanu?” And she replied, “….”


Rajveer’s and Raghuveer’s Residence 7:00AM


Inside Raghuveer’s room a guy is seen sleeping hiding his face, outside a person comes and knocks the door. That guy woke with a jolt and opened the door suppressing his fear only to find his mother peeping in and saying, “Hope you slept well Raghu now take bath, eat, and dress up like the Groom you are.” Saying this she left the place leaving that guy in confusion, turning back he found his brother along with his friend looking at him suppressing their laughter.


Sid said, “Hello Raj, Hope you slept well.” *Winking at him* Raghu just smiled at him and entered his bathroom. After the bathroom was closed Raj pounced on his friend and started hitting him everywhere making Sid laugh even more. All Sid could manage to say in between those laughter were, “We… *Ha ha ha ha* thought to *Ha ha ha* Surprise you Raj.” Raj fuming like an active volcano said, “The worst surprise ever Sid, I am going to kill you now.” Raj started chasing Sid around his brother’s room till his brother came back from his bathroom drying his dripping hair using a towel. Raj stood at attention seeing his brother and Sid couldn’t stop his  laughter seeing his friend behaving like a soldier in front of his own brother.


A few minutes passed in silence only to be broken by Sid, “Raghu Bhai, you came out very quickly, was it a quickie *Winking at him*” Raghu was so shocked that it took him a few seconds to process what he heard and he hit Raj hard on his back and said, “ I have promised her that I will touch her only after our marriage and I do keep my promises all the time. She just kissed me, that’s all *Blushing*”


Sid and Raj both were shocked seeing him blushing and Sid said, “Bhai, you even know to blush? Oh my God! I am not dreaming am I??” Again Raghu hit Raj hard on his back, Raj who got irritated by this interrupted and said, “Why am I the one to get hurt? When he is the one telling all those? * With a deadpan face*” Raj replied, “Because he helped me out when you dint and I have decided to help him out too that was the condition among us.”


Raj replied, “Oh….” Later realized what his brother meant and said, “Bhai, you know right? Who is involved behind that issue? Like who is troubling her? And the main problem is we don’t even know her name.” Raghu asked, “Do you people have her photograph at least?” To which both Sid and Raj looked at each other and said, “Shit! We don’t , we are such an idiot!” Raghu shook his head and said, “Fine! Let me get back from my honeymoon and then I am at your service Sid, I promise you!” Sid gave him a heartfelt smile and hugged him which was noticed by Raj who said, “I am also here, why people keep on forgetting me? Am I that bad?” Sid and Raghu looked at him perplexed and  both asked, “ From when did you become a drama King?” All 3 laughed and they included Raj in their hug.


Somewhere in a dark place


A voice is heard saying, “This time you escaped from my clutches, next time you will die at my hands Pragya! I don’t know who that girl is, I have never seen her with you. Yesterday from where did she emerge just like that. If not for her you would have died. How can you be so happy that too with him, I will not let this happen. Heard that you are going to propose him? *HA ha ha ha ha ha ha* Ok, I will let you do that, you know why? Because I am letting you get your last wish Pragya. After you propose him, that will be your end. Are you wondering how I know about this? I have spies everywhere whom you have no idea of. I will not let you live in peace. *Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha* Mark my words, YOU. WILL.DIE!


Precap :

Abhi called, ” P….. Pra….. Pragya…..”
Pragya turned back and said,” I don’t know why I am repeating this, I have no idea why I did that. But I just felt to make you feel what I really feel about you. I am sorry I know you are shocked beyond belief. I…. I love you Abhi… I love you…”
Saying this she turned her back towards him and went away from there running

Abhi’s thoughts :
Actually, what happened now? Is she really bold or very shy? She showed me both of her face today. One said to me that she is bold like very bold. The other said no way she is shy, very shy. OMG! Which one is true? Anyway! She proposed to me that was the biggest shock, I never expected Pragya will propose me. I thought I have to work a lot to make her understand my love and then slowly propose her. I think I have been too slow for her that’s why she did that. But I still can’t believe it! Oh! My God! She proposed me. She could have done that after proposing me * bending his head shyly * Either way I enjoyed it * smiling sheepishly* I love you Pragya… I love you Pragya Abhisheik Mehra..! Yes! I am going to change your name very soon.

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