Lurking in the light of love (Chapter-33)

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Chapter 33 – The Accident

Abhi’s residence:

Nikhil’s POV:

I heard someone knocking my door, all I could think of was who the hell now? All I wanted was some sleep after having such a long day yesterday with Tanu. I really have no idea how does Aaliya manage her every other day, Man she was such a pain. She kept on murmuring about unusual and unrealistic things which I couldn’t even fathom about. At last her maid came around 11 pm and I bid her a good bye and left for home. *Knocking continues* Ok, now who the hell is this?

I opened the door to find Abhi looking at me, making me remind that actually, he had a very long day than me. I invited him and listened to whatever he had to say. He said, “ So, I had to go bail this Aadi guy out of the prison, I went there almost heartbroken that is when I saw our old friend. He also explained how Aadi died of lack of food and dehydration in his cell. I explained him my situation and he came with this idea of acting like Aadi and arresting Sneha, who committed suicide yesterday or maybe after midnight. I just don’t know so many things happened all I wanted was some peace Nikhil and all I get is this.”

I really felt bad for him, I hugged and consoled him and told him to forget this and move on. And Pragya needs him more now than anyone else, he was hurrying to meet her and I told him about the time which made him think to wait a little longer.

After a month’s time…

Soniya’s college:

Soniya’s POV:

Today is the last day of my exam, hope I see him today at least and also escape from the clutches of my uncle soon. Yes, After my exams I and my mom are moving away from this state once and for all. Principal and Priya helped a lot in this process, my results will be sent to our new address away from this wretched place but also away from him. I hoped just hope to see him one last time, his face will give me the solace I need. Priya has lent me a few of her dresses so that my uncle and gang wouldn’t be able to identify me, hope this helps.

Outside the college:

Sid’s POV:

I have been waiting outside this college a whole month, but I am not able to identify her at all. But can feel her presence close to me whenever a girl passes by me. Is that her in disguise? Wearing someone else’s clothes? An old friend of mine who is also following his girlfriend saw us and said, “Hey Sid I saw your girl I think she studies in this college. Want to see her?” I followed him and entered inside her college only to be confused in a crowd. Damn! Me and Raj started searching her. That is when I noticed this girl with long hair standing near a pillar talking to someone. I wasn’t thinking I hope, I went and was about to touch her shoulder that is when I realized she is not my Jaan. Bang!

I was being hit by someone so badly that is when I noticed who that guy is. I felt like I saw him somewhere only difference I don’t remember where before I could come to a conclusion I was pushed outside the college through the other side. That is when I saw her my Jaan! Yes, it is definitely her I can see her mole clearly now, have to confront her and tell her how I feel for her I ran behind her shouting, “ It’s her! It’s her! When I was about to touch her a minivan came and pulled her into it. I ran behind the van , one of my friends came on his bike looking puzzled, I got the bike from him and let others explain the situation to him. I followed the van and I memorized the license plate number. I kept following it and then bang!

Raj’s POV:

Everything happened so quickly that I wasn’t able to even register any of it. When Sid took a bike and left the place, I followed him and saw him following a van. That is when it happened , suddenly a lorry came in the wrong side and hit his bike with such a force that he fell from the bike and got heavily injured. It took me some time to register everything that happened. When I understood what happened, I went near him and hired an ambulance and took him to the nearby hospital. He was continuously saying something in his semi- conscious state. I wasn’t able to understand a single word if whatever he said all along the way. All I could notice at that time was a man completely covered in his own blood struggling to convey something to me.

And all I could do was silently looking at him with few tears escaping my eyes every now and then. I thought about all the memories we made with each other making my tears stream down more and more towards my chin. I wiped them off and looked at him with a new determination that I will nurse him back to health.

A/N: So sorry tried to write more but I wasn’t able to write more than this, It took me a week to write this. This is my situation now I am not able to write like usual, my upcoming updates may also be shorter please do forgive me in advance.

Pooja: Aww! Thank you so much for following this story for such a long time again.

Vanshu : Yeah I still remember you ppl, why aren’t anyone of you updating stuffs??

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  2. Oh no! Is this the part where soniya dies after abuse and sid dies bcoz of the accident? My god… I m sad. I don’t want this…

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