Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 5 (Return of the dark)

Hey Guys I wasn’t able to upload yesterday and I don’t know how this epi is, Don’t expect much as other epi’s this one is a simple one and you guys have a HOME WORK to do (Evil Grin) You have to find out which language I have used in this Epi I have given you clues in the epi. I actually typed in that font but when I pasted here it changed back to English so I had to give a close translation of that language in English. Hari this is mainly for you coz you always break my suspense. So Enjoy finding the language guys 😉 …

Tanu’s POV
I woke up with a jerk to find myself in my bed drenched in sweat next to Nikhil. I closed and opened my eyes to make sure this is not round 3. No it wasn’t I was safe in my bed at my home. I thought,’ Have to inform Aaliya about this, it’s been 2 years, I slept peacefully every day. Today why I had this dream? Something is fishy.’ I tried to leave a message to Aaliya that’s when I remembered those emoji’s I felt sick of them, I called her.
Aaliya (In half sleep) : Hello Tanu why did you wake me up so early today? *Yawns*
Tanu: So you slept peacefully isn’t it?
Aaliya: Of course yes, why do you question like a kid? Just tell me what happened?
Tanu : Abhi is back!

Aaliya: He is dead Tanu and has been the same past 2 years. What nonsense are you talking?
Tanu: Do you remember what he said?
FB Begins…
A Tantrik says, “He will rise once again to teach a lesson to all of you. When he rises you(Pointing towards Tanu) will know it first.
FB Ends…
Aaliya : You mean he is back again?? How is it possible? He is dead right?
Tanu: Yes, he is back as a ghost . When you were sleeping peacefully He almost made someone or something to eat me I was terrified beyond belief.
Aaliya: By the way, why did you call me? Can’t you just come to my room which is beside yours?
Tanu: Aaliya you don’t know what I went through. Please come to my room I will tell you what all happened.
Aaliya wakes up wears her flip flops walks to Tanu’s room opens it and saw Tanu sitting petrified. Aaliya,” Tanu, Can you at least tell me now what happened?”
Hearing Aaliya’s voice Nikhil wakes up. Seeing Nikhil Tanu jumps out of her bed and hid herself behind Aaliya saying, “He is not Nikhil, he will eat me part by part please help me Aaliya please.” Nikhil asked, ” Aaliya what happened to her ? Why is she scared of me? And why is she hiding behind you telling I will eat her? Am I monster? (While saying this Nikhil gets up from his bed and moves towards Tanu). Tanu moves away yet again remembering what happened in her dream. Aaliya shoved Nikhil away and said (Shaking her),”Tanu, Look at me. Tell me what happened, see he is not here anymore.” She peeped behind Aliya and felt a bit safe and opened up telling her what all happened.
Inside subconscious mind of Purab:
Abhi’s POV
Purab wakes up hearing Abhi laughing loudly * Loud enough to wake up a whole cavalry poor Purab* Purab asked me,” Bhai what happened why are you laughing so loudly?” I said,” Look into my eyes bro.” Purab saw everything that happened to Tanu and said,” She deserves it Bhai.” We both hear Get low fast and furious music. I asked, “Why did you keep alarm so early bro?” Purab replied grinning, “Bro that is also my ringtone.” I made a ‘Come on’ face and lay down letting him to take control of his senses. Purab answers the phone, “Ha choti mein teek hoon. Tum kaise ho ? Aur kyun subah subah yaad kiya?”

A girls voice said, “Bhai mein hamashey teek hi hoon. Aap logon ko kuch madath chahiye ? Mujhey neend nahi aa rahi thi wo sab sunkar ” Purab said,” Nahi Choti hum dheklungi agar madath chahiye tho zaroor puchlongi. Tension math lena choti sojao abhi bhi wakt hai.” Girl’s voice, “Teek hai bhai mein rakthi hoon. Apna kayal rakhna aur Yaad rakhna ki yahan ek Choti hain aap ke liye.” Purab smiles and keeps the mobile on the table. Forgot to tell you guys right? We are staying in a hotel ‘Moonlight’ weird name isn’t it or do I feel so? Forget that. I asked him,” Who is that girl? I heard the conversation but according to me you don’t have any relative except for your grandma.” He said, “She is Achu(Asmitha) my sister but not by blood relation. I told her what all happened in your life. She was so angry she cancelled the call immediately. Just now she called after that asking me whether we need her help or not.” I said (Shocked),” Tumney eh sab kab bathaya?” He said, “Khana kane ke baad aap so gaye the.

Before that weird white dream started I was speaking to my choti.” I asked him (Angrily),” Do you have any idea , what you have done? None should know about me coming back except you. You may even put her life at risk Purab.” He said, “According to her you are my friend and you are still alive, I just said I am helping you collect details against those people who killed your wife ,to avenge them. She is working in media that’s why she asked me whether I need her help or not.” I dint know what to say, there are still people who loves people without even knowing about them completely or the danger they would face if they help them. I just said, “Purab tonight we have to go to a place to finish my training” *Without a hint of expression on his face*

Later, that night
I had to wake up Purab, poor guy dozed off. I have to take him there today else the next meeting will only by next month, can’t wait that long now. Purab asked, “ Bhai where are we going? Where is this place?” I said, “ Don’t worry Bhai, meeting is in the hotel’s basement, that’s how we got to stay here.” Purab said, “ Oh!”
We went to the basement, now the time is only 11:30 half an hour to go. We were walking in the basement (Actually Car parking) and found a secret stairway open, A man passed by the stairway it dint affect him. That’s when I realized it can only be viewed by us. We walked straight towards that stairway and descended it (Just a single flight). We saw a lobby running continuously and was branched into 2 ways. A board was kept on both sides, The one pointing towards the left said ‘ Beginners’ and to the right said ‘Advanced training’ I was confused at first so took the left path and saw a hall filled with only souls. I understood that they are the ones who died today. So went ahead towards right side. There were many rooms I felt like I was walking inside a cave wherever I turn I can see a room but they were closed. We came to a particular turn while walking we heard the tile ‘creak’ beneath our feet. I was irritated same goes with Purab, So I changed those tiles with new ones with my powers. ‘Poof’ they were as new as ever. I walked towards a big hall and saw people standing in rows. We were the last ones to enter, or so I thought I noticed a clock and saw the time it read 11:50. After us many people gathered behind us, It was a big hall with nothing except for a Podium in the far corner of the hall and I was thankful that this hall wasn’t white in colour but then I was mistaken you will know why very soon, We were standing very close to the wall. I wanted to tell Purab something so I called him and said, “ Purab you wanted to know when can I come out from you right? It is now.

But we have to be holding hands and standing like lovers, I completely understand that’s the worst part. There is a reason behind it trust me it won’t look gross since everyone here will be doing the same.” He was about to ask something but our instructor came at that time. Instructor said, “ Good morning everyone! I don’t want to drag this class so you all know what to do now so start it.” I came out of Purab slowly and almost immediately held his hands ( Possible under certain circumstances but can’t be solidified like human for not longer than an hour) and was about to say something he suddenly released my hands and scratched his neck. The very next second his eyes started to glow with red light and he started to levitate in front of me.
He said something in a very different language and there were many voices not double or triple. It was like he was harbouring more than 10 souls within him who were speaking right now.
He said,

hnym hsy hh
myh wh’hl
myh hrwtp’l ‘t shhyrwtnhl r‘p gnyty’w nhhb hw’h y
hmyt hm’hs hht t’ dn’ y’d lywhd n‘ nr‘b hn‘ hht hsy hh
hnym hsy hh
myh wh’hl
hm dhy‘rthshd hh
myh y‘rtshd llhw y w‘n

After saying this there was a ear screeching scream I had to clasp my ears. He fell to the floor and I took him and placed on my lap and was worried about him. I said, “ Purab not a good time to joke buddy open your eyes.” He wouldn’t budge. I saw someone recording when he was levitating I went to him and transferred that video to Purab’s mobile. A makeshift cot and bedspread where prepared for him he was lying unconscious on the bed. I said (Determinately), “ Bro not to worry I will not leave that spirit.” I played that video again and again to find a clue, I understood that it was an old language may be from 1050 B.C I learnt about this language it will be written from right to left, I was cursing myself for not paying attention in History classes there. I tried a lot to translate and ended up writing ‘eh’ at that time I heard someone reciting the same,

hnym hsy hh
myh wh’hl
myh hrwtp’l ‘t shhyrwtnhl r‘p gnyty’w nhhb hw’h y
hmyt hm’hs hht t’ dn’ y’d lywhd n‘ nr‘b hn‘ hht hsy hh
hnym hsy hh
myh wh’hl
hm dhy‘rthshd hh
myh y‘rtshd llhw y w‘n

I Turned towards that direction to find Vishal I asked him, “What are you doing here Vishal?” He said, “ Purab is in big trouble Abhi, you have to be very careful with him never ever leave his body. If you leave she will come again to claim him forever. Today Purab resisted her but he can’t resist her forever and you know that, Evil spirits = Deteriorating human.” I asked him, “ Ok you were reciting what she said right? Wait a minute how did you know that is he/she? And can you please translate what he/she said?” He said, “ How many times I have warned you? Listen to your history classes Abhi, otherwise you have to pay for it! See now Poor Purab is paying for your ignorance. I won’t tell about her now, you will know about her very soon. And for the translation you have started correctly just keep going you will find the meaning. Purab will be fine tomorrow morning don’t worry about him, Concentrate on your work now translate it.” I asked him (Pouting like a child), “ Won’t you help me?” He said, “ Sorry Abhi your child like face will not help you and I am not your wife to fall for this.”He turned towards the instructor and said, “ How many times to tell you paint the walls white illuminate the room with white lights, you never listen to me. See someone is suffering here because of you! He went from there within a second by just snapping his fingers I was left there alone to solve it, all the others went back.

This is the final translation I got,
enim si eh
mih evael
mih erutpac ot seirutnec rof gnitiaw neeb evah i
emit emas eht ta dna yad lived no nrob eno eht si eh
enim si eh
mih evael
em deyortsed eh
mih yortsed lliw i won
I thought to myself what gibberish is this? Then finally I understood and started writing the original form…

Guys Find the language I have used in this chapter 😉

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