Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 18 (Time for Revenge)

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Hey guys!! this is the last chapter for ‘Lurking in the Dark’ *What is that? I hear ppl scold me* NO guys cool I am just putting it on hold! I was trying to upload yesterday for a long time. Network problem. Okie guys Love you all!! Please do let me know how you feel about this! Silent reader’s I don’t know when I will upload this again so let me know how you felt till this episode. ok no more talks here it goes… Enjoy reading… <3

I opened my eyes to find myself inside the basement besides Aaliya. I was shocked to see her lying in a pool of blood. I went and touched her to check whether she was still alive? No, no hope there. She is dead for a long while now. I need to get out and have to do a work and then be back here. I really have to do that now or else I can’t do it ever. I walked out of the store room and went out of the house, I felt like I was being followed. I turned back to find none behind me, but I could sense it was him my clone.

Never mind him, I reached the spot Cyla told me about and I have to start my ritual. So that I myself can see what really happened in my past life. She wasn’t able to tell me every intricate detail which I needed to know. So here I am in the middle of nowhere searching for the portal which will take me to that place. Now how to find one? Ok, let me try this, I don’t remember any of the incantation I used in my past life, but I can do some magic with my bare hands though. I scanned through the whole area using my right palm and found something shimmering all the way across the place. I closed my eyes, opened them to find myself near the Portal.
I entered the portal and started my ritual as instructed by Cyla. I had a mirror with me, I made it a bigger one and let it float before me. I cut my wrists and let the blood flow to the ground below me and thought, ‘Show me my past life in which I was a warlock’ for safety purpose I included Warlock if I had taken birth after that in any other form it will be confusing to get a clear vision.

Now I could see what all happened in my past life displayed in front of me. I was shocked to know every detail, We both cursed each other that is the reason we weren’t able to recollect our past life. I had Cyla to explain everything to me but what about him? Who will tell him about this? I started to laugh as though I was possessed and said, “ That is good, so he will never be knowing I will be the one to kill him. Mahrus (Purab), I am born to kill you, here I come.

When I turned back to face the opening of the portal I saw my clone standing outside it and muttering something. Poor guy, since he dint realize anything he can’t use his powers now it’s time for me to play a game. A game that would change everything. I came out of the portal to face him, He gasped seeing me appear in front of him out of nowhere. I held onto his forehead with my right palm, placing my pointing finger and thumb on either sides and said, “You will forget who you are now and become me, me without powers who just came back from ‘The Black Zone’ you touched Aaliya, so you will be punished for killing her how much ever you deny it.’ I let go off his head and disappeared out of his sight and came back to the mansion and hid inside my own room.
Tanu was sobbing hard,

I hope she came to know about her and is now found out about my clone. I hid silently inside our closet, she was so absorbed in thinking about me and Aaliya and sobbing. She dint notice my essence around her, I use this opportunity to shield myself and called the inspector responsible for this case. I heard his voice in the other side changed my voice and said, “ I know who killed Aaliya Mehra. You can even check with the fingerprints on her body with the one’s you took in this mansion. It is none other than Nikhil, Nikhil Lambha. I hope you will take necessary action.” I ended the call before he could ask anything and was waiting for the drama to unfold itself.

He was arrested and taken back to police station, I heard her cry but this was out of happiness. I came out and saw Mahrus (Purab) was ready to hit me before he could do anything she hugged me. Cried a lot letting her tears pool on my shoulders, her cheeks pale, her lips dry. I have never seen her that way. So she really loves me a lot isn’t it? We both went towards our room. I heard what she was thinking, ‘I know I look terrible but I love you Nikhil. I love you a lot! And never want to miss you, ever. Now I have to manipulate him and start my game’ I thought, ‘I am sorry darling I am not going to let you manipulate me.’ After we reached our room I called, “Anamika.” She turned back with all smiles on her face and showed me her true face and I showed my true face too.

I said, “I know baby, you are as guilty as me for killing Abhi, and I know you are planning to kill Mahrus (Purab) too.” She asked, “How on earth do you know all this?” I replied, “I am a Warlock darling! And I can read your mind.” She said, “That’s good then, I never need to manipulate you because you know why I wanted to kill him. Now let’s plan to kill him.” I said, “ They are confused now! Whether am I real or the clone version so I will go and confuse them once more and come back.” I held onto my forehead and placed my pointing finger and thumb on either side and said, “For 10 minutes you are clone, Niki created by Abhi. You will remain so until 10 minutes are over.” I let my hand go.

Niki’s POV
When Purab was about to close the door, I held it in that position when he looked up he saw me. He tried to grab my collars and hit me. Before he could hit me I said, “Cool Purab I am Niki, the one who got arrested was Nikhil not me. That Foolish guy he touched her corpse I saw it so everything happened. But I really have no idea how Aaliya’s corpse was seen. He replied, “ We can discuss about this later on Niki, go get some sleep.” He slammed the door hard leaving the sound to echo in the empty hallway. I stepped aside and started to walk towards Nikhil’s room. When I reached I felt like my soul was being dragged away and I felt lost.

Nikhil’s POV
Poor Clone he thought he was back in the mansion for some time, I just used his soul so that I can mask mine effectively because hypnotising myself dint work out that good. I was still recognised by Tanu and I dint feel like hypnotised. Whatever the deal is done. So that idiot saw me and followed me to his doom stupid clone. Why is my clone so stupid? Never mind I have a beautiful mate and wife waiting for me in our bed. Ah she looks beautiful in her red attire I don’t want to reveal which dress she is wearing because only me should admire her. She is mine! Only mine! Now and forever.
I told her what happened and she said, “ So you work for them according to them right? Learn to mask your essence Bryan (Nikhil) so that it will be easier to fool them.” I replied, “Yes, Anamika! But shall we discuss about this later and have some fun now?” She replied with just a nod and I got hold of her turning off the lights with just a snap. There begun our Journey of Love…

To be continued…

Thank you so much for the support guys I will be replying everyone in comments for this epi because I don't know when I will upload the next part.

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