Lurking in the Dark (KKB) Chapter – 17 (Anamika aka Tanu)

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Hey guys! Just want to say something before getting into the story. I really want to do some justice to my story, so I have decided to post the past of Abhigaya as a different FF. Can anyone suggest a name for that FF? For now it will be named as ‘The Past (LITD)’ so that you can associate with ‘Lurking in the Dark’ . I don’t want to mix both present and past and confuse you guys, and I don’t want to slow down the present stories progress. So guys leave me your feed back regarding this one too. Here goes the story! Enjoy reading…

After my confrontation with Amoriya, I came to know about me, I would have banished her away with my black wand. She pleaded and said, “She would love to help me and I remembered how powerful she became after that ritual we all did. So I decided to keep her with me, but still I can’t forgive her for bad mouthing my parents so I sent her into a dreadful trance for now. May her mind rest in peace ha ha ha ha! So it is actually cool being a witch. I have tell about this to Aaliya and Nikhil for Aaliya minus the part where she was my slave, of course *Winking and laughing* Before I sent her into a trance, she said, “You were cursed Anamika be careful and also you can’t walk in sunlight after you have realized who you are.”

I gave it a thought, I always had trouble walking under sunlight I always had to wear sunglasses, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to open my eyes for a whole day. Doctors weren’t able to tell me what was the problem. Now I understood so what? I can’t walk under the sun, but still I Can lurk in the dark! Queen of Darkness!! Ha ha ha ha!! I heard someone coming towards me and I can sense it was Nikhil! But I feel like he is not Nikhil. We both walked towards party all were enjoying I saw Aaliya alone and asked her, “Where is Purab?” She replied, “Don’t know searching for him.”

Nikhil din’t even speak with me after a few minutes I dint even see him. He disappears and appears at random times. I just wished Amoriya could clear my doubts right now. That’s when I sensed her presence, she came near and said, “Hey, Anamika! Thinking of me?” I said, “Yes, could you tell me what happened to Nikhil? He is behaving in a weird manner.” She replied, “Oh! You need my help now? How dare you? You sent me into a dreadful trance and now seeking my help? You know very well I am much more powerful than you. So stop doing this ok? If you promise me I will help you.” I thought, ‘Hell with her, but I need her help so I have to do this. Let me get all her powers, then I will throw her away.’ I said, “Ok, I promise you. I won’t do anything of that sort. You know very well Nikhil… Nikhil was my mate in my previous birth I saw him before I was engulfed by fire. So please let me know what happened to him, please.” She said, “Ok, I understand you were true to your mate. You were waiting for him to discover you, so I will definitely help you.”
She closed her eyes, opened them and said, “Something has gone wrong! Nikhil has been cloned. The one whom you saw, it is not Nikhil.” I asked her, “Who did that? I am asking you, who did that?” She replied, “Stop shouting Anamika! I know you are hurt, but that doesn’t mean you can shout at me. I don’t know something is blocking my vision I am not able to see who cloned him. Whoever it is that person is very cunning.” I dint know what to say, I went and continued to search for Aaliya. Ah! found her.

I said, “Hey, Aaliya! Where are you going? I think I saw Nikhil and Purab going towards store room. I gasped hearing the word ‘Store room’ I still can’t forget what happened to me back there even if it was a dream. Aaliya understood and placed her hands on my shoulder to pacify me. She said, “I will go and check out the store room you stay here.” She left me all alone in this party hall with all the guests staring at me. Oh, I never said what costume I wore right? It was a ‘Witch’ costume I chose this without even knowing about my past. *Smirked*.

Aaliya came back after some time, saying, “Nobody is there, but the lights are turned on, I switched them off and came. Come on, Tanu let’s celebrate.” She held my hands and took me to the dance floor, we both danced for some time. After a few hours all the guests left our mansion I mean her mansion. We both went to our respective room, I had a plan to test if he was Nikhil or is Amoriya lying to me.
I saw Nikhil in our room even before I came, he changed his dress to T-shirt and sweat pants. He flashed a smile looking at me and told me, “Tanu, go change your dress and come we shall sleep.” I just nodded my head and left to our closet. When I came out only night lamp was on. I went near our bed and touched him, he flinched and said, “Who is that?” That’s it! I knew he is not my Nikhil, he is his clone. My Nikhil never flinched like this! He always holds my hands and pulls me towards him and gives me a tight hug. I said, “Sorry, I dint want to scare you.” He replied, “It’s ok Tanu, we will speak tomorrow now you can sleep. Good night.”

I wasn’t able to sleep at all, after knowing Nikhil was my mate and I dint even spend a single minute with him. Even in this birth I dint love him as much as he loved me. The moment I realized my love he is gone. I swear, I will not let that person live peacefully who is having my Nikhil now. I have to sleep now that would be better so that I can think of something better to do tomorrow morning with this clone.

Next day…
I woke and saw that clone is missing in our room, I felt relieved and went to brush my teeth and bathed. When I came out I heard Robin scream. I walked towards the place where the voice came from and I called,“Nikhil… What was that sound?” Later I found a hatch in the basement and said, “A hatch? Is there a basement here?” I went inside and saw Aaliya lying in a pool of blood and screamed my heart out. I heard that clone saying, “Robin inform the police! Tanu calm down dear, we will find out who did this and will punish them for sure.” I thought the only friend I had! The only one with whom I can share anything minus she was my slave and what I did to her. I cried and cried and cried. I badly wanted a reason to cry now, I miss Nikhil badly and now Aaliya. I cried my lungs out thinking of both of them.

After the police arrived, they asked a lot of questions to which Nikhil, I meant that imposter answered, I dint even speak a word I never want to. I want my Nikhil back, my friend back, how badly I miss them. It can’t be expressed in words I would need a whole new dictionary to express my feeling towards them. I saw Purab coming along with Bulbul, I thought, ‘What is Bulbul doing here? I know about her very well, she never has the guts to kill anyone. But why are they together? Does this mean Purab and Bulbul are loving each other and Aaliya came in between so Purab killed her?’
My fast running thoughts were broken by Amoriya, she said, “No, he dint kill her. It was someone else again, I am not able to see who is it. They block me out, I am sorry I am helpless here.” After that she disappeared from my view too. Yes, she is visible only to my eyes. Bulbul came towards me and consoled me, her concern was genuine one. I cried on her shoulders, letting my tears hit her dress. She never mind me crying on her shoulders. I thought, ‘If anyone else did what I am doing to Bulbul to me, I would have said don’t cry on my shoulders and spoil my dress.’ She is very sweet! Oh Bulbul!

I was snatched from her shoulders by that imposter and led to our bedroom. That idiot went out after leaving me inside, I never did mind him. I didn’t eat the whole day after that. Around 10, Inspector Prabha called us out. When we all came out I saw that imposter walking towards us. Prabha said, “ Fingerprints results has come and I found Mr.Lambha to be guilty.” He started shouting, “No… I didn’t kill her… I dint.. dint… kill her.” He knelt down holding his face. Inspector Prabha knelt down beside him and said, “ Sorry Mr.Lambha you are under arrest.” I felt so happy even though I was worried about my Nikhil and mourning over Aaliya’s death.

I cried, but this time it was because of happiness Bulbul came and consoled me once again. I wish I just wish I hadn’t done anything to Abhi or Pragya. Bulbul would be visiting us to see her favorite senior Pragya. We could have been best friends, I missed everything. But I want to take revenge for killing me! This time it’s you Mahrus (Purab) I will kill you. I am sorry that I killed Abhi, but I won’t even feel sorry for killing you! Never! Ever.
We all stood there in complete silence when we heard Nikhil’s voice from inside the Mansion. I ran towards him and hugged him, letting my tears pool on his shoulders, I know I look terrible but I love you Nihkil. I love you a lot! And never want to miss you, ever. Now I have to manipulate him and start my game *Smirked*.

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  1. Maya

    As usual it was awesome and the way u describe the emotions is aweeome too! As usual eagerly waiting for nxt update….title suggestion ah? Hmm….Lurking in the Lightness of love….lol its too long…i thought of this as this one is dark then the past can be with light…ok i think it never makes sense…anyways whichever title it is i am waiting to know the past eagerly too

  2. pakka witch that tanu is. i hate her to the core. but i find it a little funny and also confusing.
    nikhil came out of the black zone and touched aaliya and so he was sent to prison. but this nikki (clone) is the one who came out of the mansion right? i mean the person whom tanu now (in the last part) thinks to be nikhil is actually the clone. am i right?
    and for the past, whatever is your way, i am in that way. so keep rocking!!!! and go by your plan.

  3. Saranya24

    Supr dear but one doubt nikhil or clone who was arrested and the past iam ok wit wat u say love u baby doll?????

  4. Awesome di
    Love you

  5. Awesomeeeeeeeee akka..asual loved it a you akka????

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Desperately waiting to read the Next one…………

  7. Awesome narration di so interesting!!!! the way potrayed the characterization is too good your idea as a new ff is nice eagerly waiting for the next episode

  8. Sorry for the late cmnt di..
    Superb update di…eagerly awaiting for past and present chappy

  9. Awesome?

  10. Monesha

    WOWWWWW the way you described was AWESOMEEEEEEE to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEE….. I loved it Akka. I am really sorry akka i don’t know why my comment didn’t post. Sorry for that. Keep rocking my dear favourite Akka. Love you ?

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