Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 18

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Hello everyone 🙂



Two whole days had barely passed, and yet it felt like an eternity. I was getting used to him being around, and I was scared of what will happen when he leaves. All my earlier doubts and reservations had gone out of the window while simply being with him. Om was the perfect roommate one could ask for. No, roommate is the wrong word. We were more like best friends now. No, best friends doesn’t describe it right either. I guess there is no name or substitute for some relations after all.
Sitting on the brand new and comfortable metal folding chair, I looked at the numerous tall buildings bathed in the golden glow of the evening sun. The empty chair beside me brought back the sweet memories I had amassed in these two days; and nights. Frankly, this was a new record for me being happy in three years. A small part of my brain noted how my life had revived simply because of his presence in it. The most obvious example was how his thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone was now, even when I know he is away; at his studio to be precise.

My thoughts go back to the first night he was here after leaving his home. Once I had stopped pestering him about his reasons to come here, he was the most patient and amazing roomie and cook in the entire world. I had tasted Shivaay’s food as well, but somehow I found I preferred Om’s cooking. We even made a truce that I’ll keep the apartment clean and he will be in charge of ‘feeding me something worth eating’. His words, not mine. After filling myself with food for the next three months, I had shown him my parents’ room. He seemed to guess my sadness on entering the room as he said, “It is okay, Ishu. I can sleep on the couch if this will make you uncomfortable.”
I still remember swallowing the lump in my throat and shaking my head vigorously, causing my loosely tied bun to open up and hair spilling over my shoulders in a dark mess. He turned towards me fully and unleashed the full force of his dark eyes on me. I was caught up in a daze as I walked backwards, making pictures in the air with my hands, stumbling over words and making a complete fool of myself in the process while not caring about it at all.

“I… will… the next room… umm… this room is clean… sleep… okay… umm… I’ll go…”
Who would believe that these were the set of words I chose to say in my moment of weakness! I knew very well what happened to me whenever I went inside that room, so why wasn’t I able to control it? I had rushed back into my own room and dumped myself on the bed to die in a weird mixture of mortification and pain. I had no idea when exactly during the night, I had started sobbing loudly. My wailing woke him up and he came to see what was wrong. All that I remember was tearfully drawing a smiley on my hand like my Dad used to do for me, and then a pair of warm arms hugging me to his chest and rocking me to sleep like a baby.

He didn’t mention anything in the morning and I settled with giving him a rueful look and getting an understanding yet happy one in return. The other big news that day was that I had got my promotion to being one of the trainers at the academy besides my usual line up of stunts. That was the evening when Om and I officially went out shopping for the second time and bought the new chairs.
Last night I stayed up for the major part of the night, trying all kinds of tricks to sleep, but it just wouldn’t come. Wrapping a towel around my wet hair, I sat on the couch with my laptop. When I had decided on a boring movie to watch, Om groggily walked out of the room that was now unofficially his. Without even sparing me a glance, he went straight to the kitchen for some water. On his return trip however, he did notice me. With his sleep gone for the time being, he sat beside me and we watched the funniest ‘romantic’ movie ever! A few minutes in and I chortled, “Twilight is officially the funniest movie I ever watched!” Om pointed out the girl’s bad luck was having a father who doesn’t know the length of his daughter’s hair. We found lots of movie mistakes like everyone recognizing the new girl on the first day of school and her stupidity in standing on the volleyball court when she can’t avoid a ball. I kinda proudly pointed out the giant fan which was switched on despite the cold and the mighty vampire who can’t stand the odour of an awkward school girl.
We laughed like a pair of crazy people in the dead of the night for a long time. I pouted later on the lack of action when the guy saves his damsel in distress from a bunch of drunken villains by staring at them! Om hilariously reminded me, “Why would you expect action scenes in a comedy?” Quipping about the fact that he saved her from a bunch of rapists only to kill her by his driving! That threw me into bursts of laughter again, and I had to hold my stomach to keep it from hurting.
I had to admit, joking about our usually touchy topics did make me feel much lighter at heart. By the time the leads were close to realizing their love for each other, we had quieted down noticeably. And by the time they were romancing away, we were fast asleep on top of each other.
Thinking back to that now, I realized how much his funny side intrigued and amazed me and that brought an unconscious smile on my lips. Long story short, I don’t know when the warm setting sun turned into the starless night. I woke up suddenly and immediately my mind went into search mode as I looked for Om. Calling him wasn’t helpful either and I began to worry about where he was. I looked at the clock striking seven thirty as I deliberated whether or not to ask Shivaay or Rudy.
Before I went into the higher level of panic attack, I called Rudy. But he didn’t know of Om’s whereabouts and apparently neither did Shivaay. I picked up my wallet and was about to leave for his studio near the art hub when he returned. Just as I opened the door, he was standing right in front of me. Without even thinking, I crashed into his chest and wrapped my arms around his middle.
Letting the comforting warmth suffuse through each cell of my body, I held my position for a few more seconds. Om’s hands patted my hair and back until I looked up at him. Now that I really saw him, I noticed his slightly puffed eyes and wan cheeks. Tilting my head quizzically, I waited for the reason, but of course he wouldn’t tell me. He shook his head a little and tried moving past me. I blocked his way at the door and planted my feet firmly, demanding the name of the person who made him sad.
To my shock, he simply picked me up by the waist, using his height as an advantage, and put me down at a side like I was nothing more than a ragdoll. Indignantly, I stomped and followed him around the whole place before he finally sat down and looked at me meaningfully. Thoroughly confused with his sudden change in mood, I waited for him to say something, anything! Damn the silence!

SNEAK PEEK: Om returns to the Oberoi Mansion. A surprise for everyone in the Oberoi family.

As promised, I have made this one longer than the last episode. Also, I like Twilight too. It’s just that I couldn’t find any other movie that would be suitable for their midnight comedy show! 😀 Sorry, for all those Twilight fans reading this. It wasn’t meant to be in any negative sense. 🙂
Speaking of negative, I’m afraid that ‘Ishqbaaz’ is following the same track that is typical of Indian daily soaps. What a waste to throw away the opportunities for a different and interesting storyline and continue with the obsolete plots. The heart touching acting on the part of the leads is probably the only thing that is keeping me hooked to the show for now. Also, I have mixed feelings for ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’. On the one hand, I’m happy that I’ll get to watch them longer, but I also think that this might lead ‘Ishqbaaz’ to be firmly cast into the sad mold of typical saas-bahu shows and ‘Dil Bole Oberoi’ will also have a higher chance of going downhill from there. As Om’s story is what we’re all waiting for, I’m expecting it to start off with a bang, but there’s no telling which direction it will shuttle to. Both the shows will be interconnected despite their different names, so disappointment with either one’s story, acting, cinematography or direction will be clearly reflected on the other. Only time will tell whether our expectations or misgivings as viewers will hit the target or not. Until then, what could it hurt to speculate? 😀
That’s all for now. Keep smiling guys. Love you loads! 🙂

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  1. Diyaa

    I haven’t watched the twilight series or read the books. And I was laughing as I read your description of their time watching the movie together. That is one major factor for a couple to be compatible in my opinion. They should be able to laugh at the same things and understand each other’s jokes. Awesome update Samm! Again, short but sweet. I am so curious about why he has decided to go back to Om and what will happen there. Waiting for the next update.☺

    1. Samm

      yeah, i too think that laughter is the best bonding element. i believe two people can only support each other during tough times if they can be truly together in happy times as well. i’m glad that you liked it. thanks for appreciating 🙂

  2. Shubhadra

    I have never ever read Twilight books or watched the movies,except for a sneak peek itself.(No offense twilighters) I enjoyed this whole fan fiction,because this is what me and my sister do,watch old masala,action movies,make fun of them and turn it to a comedy,especially the ones my dad watches!!!Don’t worry samm,you are not alone.My views on DBO and IB are totally,the same…..This was longer,but it was written so well,it seemed short…!!!Why is Om going back to OM????

    1. Samm

      thanks shubhadra 🙂 you’ll have to wait a little to know that. all i can tell you is there’s a huge twist coming up later. till then, keep imagining 😀

  3. Ruhirachel

    I am bug fan of twilight ……..I have watched twilight series uncountable times ……But our story was awesome ??

  4. Ruhirachel

    I am big fan of twilight ……..I have watched twilight series uncountable times ……But our story was awesome ??

  5. JanviSingh

    Hey even I laughed a lot while watching the first part…. Cuz I watched it in Hindi when I was quite young… N even I have mixed feelings for dbo as I think that they should have just expanded the tym period of the show… Bt fingers crossed… Hope for d best…☺☺☺

  6. Kehkasha

    Hey dear same pinch coz Twilight is mines favourite too…….and a perfect one to be applied here…….and the update was really fantabulous……u simply portray everything……..and that description of twilight using phrases like….*damsel in distress*…….oh…..i can’t control my laugh…….

    And about DBO and IB then I am just waiting for the first epi……coz that will clear all sorts of confusions in our minds……..

  7. Superb episode.. loved it…

  8. Renimarenju

    Wow….beautiful…..episode……twilight ka jhatka…….loved it a lot

  9. Madhuri

    Amazing………..twilight part is nice………and samm do you write stories in wattpad………then what’s your profile name in it?

  10. Mrunal

    excellent episode….
    loved it yaar…
    u know i also turn any serious movies into comedy one…
    i never watched twilight series completely…
    but after reading this epi..
    I’m sure gonna watch that full movie…
    this episode was fantastic..
    specially the twilight the romantic comedy movie part…
    what’s wrong with om…
    why is he returning to OM all of sudden..??

    u nailed it dear…
    today’s episode was mind blowing…??

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