Lucky (Om and Ishu) Epilogue

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Heyyo guys! Turns out I am having severe withdrawal syndrome from my own ff! It’s unbelievable and I know it too, but as so many of you asked me to give you an epilogue, I decided to put myself out of my misery and write it at 03:30 in the morning! Also, many of you asked me to come up with another one soon. So I wanted to tell you guys I am so overwhelmed that you guys are excited about my writing. But it will take some time to come up with another story. It has been some time since I started thinking of Mahi’s story, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to pen down my ideas properly. So sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long and thanks again for your love and encouraging words 🙂 I love you guys a lot 🙂


The wide dark eyes framed by long, thick lashes stared back at me in wonder. I stood motionlessly for a long minute until my husband walked up behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder. “What’s so unbelievable?” he asked softly. I smiled at his reflection in the mirror, amazed at his mind reading powers once again. The light blue floor length frock-suit with simple golden embroidery at the top cast a different glow on my face, complementing the soft peach lipstick enhancing my lips as the vermilion in my hairline stood out. On instinct I tilted my head as he moved my open hair to a side and planted a kiss on my neck. His hold across my waist tightened and I turned to face him. Holding myself back from kissing him and ruining my carefully applied makeup for the day out, I settled for holding my palm against his warm cheeks.

“Om, turns out it is younger FIL’s birthday tomorrow! Dadi wants me to help her with selecting a gift”, I told him. He immediately turned protective, “Should I come with you guys? I don’t have anything important going on this afternoon.” I had to reassure him multiple times that I’ll be fine before he finally agreed to it.
Later that evening, all of the youngsters sat in the hall discussing love stories. The kids, that are Prinku and Sahil were sent away on some errand and the oldies, that is the fathers and mothers had gone to some party. Anika, Rudy and Saumya were busy preparing for the surprise midnight birthday party while Shivaay Bhaiya, Om and I lounged around. Our evergreen lovely Dadi was enjoying hot and spicy samosas (against Shivaay Bhaiya’s health-cautions) while reliving her own love story with Dadaji. “In our times, loving translated to being daring. Your Dadaji came to see my father when another guy had come for my alliance. The entire village gossiped about how dashing he looked when he asked my father for his blessings while the other guy could only gape at the unbelievable situation!” she chuckled.
“Billu, you always used to say marriage is a deal. What do you think now?” Dadi suddenly asked amidst the laughter, making everyone go quiet and hold their breaths. Shivaay Bhaiya exchanged a wary glance with an evidently curious Anika before replying, “I still think the same, but there’s some modification now. Marriage is a deal of trust, giving your all, being surprised with everything you get and yet always wanting more. In short, love is sweet pain.” Cue world’s most intense eye-lock ever! While everyone was busy bringing Shivika back to the land of the living, I was lost in my own thoughts.

‘So that’s what he feels like! It’s all so different for me, even though it’s the same thing! Isn’t it?’ I thought to myself. I looked at his smiling profile and wondered what it’s like for my artist husband. “Sweet pain.” That’s how Bhaiya described this weird thing called love. Did my Om feel this sweet pain too? Does it hurt? I didn’t know because it was the exact opposite for me. I took Om’s hand in mine and continued on my train of thoughts. ‘He’s absolutely one of a kind! Whenever I’m in contact with his warmth, an exceptional feeling spreads through my body; the feeling that everything will be okay and the belief that I’m strong enough to overcome any challenge. All my apprehensions, indecisions, troubles and pains run away simply by being in his vicinity. I never feel like I have to give anything to receive so much in return, unlike Shivaay Bhaiya. The thought saddened me and Dadi noticed the change in my expression.
“What happened, Ishu? Is something bothering you?” she asked in her trademark sweet way. I was shocked for a minute but shook my head quickly. The sudden attention unnerved me and I blurted the truth under their unwavering gaze. “I feel really selfish next to you guys. I mean, what did I ever do to deserve so much love?” Om appeared dazed by my short speech but then he shook his head a little and declared, “Conceit, thy name is Ishu Singh Oberoi!” Everyone burst laughing at his remark while I frowned. But like all other times, it passed soon enough, dissolving into mirth, harmony and amity.
To be honest, I really am very lucky to have such a loving family. All my life, someone or the other in this family had been watching over me. In the orphanage and after being adopted, it was Anika. And then after the passing of my Momma and Daddy, it was Tej Singh Oberoi, if we ignore his motivation for sending me the money while I lived alone. And then there was Om and his entire family who taught me that loving someone always made you vulnerable to pain, but as long as you have love, no kind of pain can ever touch you. Rather than living one day at a time like finishing homework, I now dream of our bright future and enjoy watching them come true one by one.
In Om’s words:
“Veiled was his face, but was he even real?
Vagueness at its zenith,
How will you strike a deal?
Different names for the shape shifter!
Another mirage, which decides your meal!”

But I liked to think of it a little differently.
“A knife washed in milk,
And a drop of tear,
Both have the power to slay
As long as the victim is near;
Unless the hunter turns prey
And holds the victim dear,
Then comes love into play!
And that’s all the luck you need…”
And with that I ran out of my poetic juices! I’m not as creative as my better half, but there are definitely things I got right, especially in the matter of love and luck.
So what did I learn? To truly be happy with whatever turn the weather takes, because you know that no matter what, ‘that person’ has got it all covered for you, even if you can’t do much about controlling the weather. The person who would share his umbrella with you in the rain and wrap you up in warm blankets when it gets cold, that person who stands by you in good times as well as bad is your luck. And with my own experience, I know that such luck awaits everyone in their lives at the very least once or twice, to turn your life into a fairytale with your own happily ever after, no matter when they appear. Everyone gets lucky at some point or the other after all!

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  1. Diyaa

    Oh My God! That was one beautiful epilogue. And that ending is the stuff dreams are made of. Who would not get a nice dose of hope and optimism reading that!!? I love the idea of Mahi’s story. Do develop it and share it as soon as the first bit is ready. I am already curious as to who would be his love interest. Waiting eagerly.?

    1. Samm

      thanks diyaa 🙂
      it’s not clear as to who will be his love interest in the show, or if he will even get enough importance and proper acknowledgement in Ishqbaaz to warrant a love interest for him, seeing as how he’s kicked aside every time by everyone! but the emotional angle to his story tugged at my heart and i really don’t trust the show to give me exactly what i want, so i thought of going ahead and write a nice story for him before i get burnt again! 😀 😛 thanks again 🙂 will try to post soon 🙂

  2. It is awesome Sammy dear…..
    Hats off to your writing skills…. Ishu pov is awesome…..
    Awesome.. Amazing.. Superbbbbbb… Epilogue…
    Eagerly waiting for your next work….. Come soon….. With lots of love and care dear….

    1. Samm

      thanks nikita 🙂 love you too 🙂

  3. Shivika22kapoor

    Di sorry to say but for the first time I have a complaint from you. You know what you shouldn’t have written about ur new story in the beginning, all the while when I was reading the epilogue I was just thinking about ur new story and giggling to myself that hell excited I am for ur next story. Maybe u don’t believe me but that the truth. Coming to the epi it was another very beautiful and blissful one. I am a bit sure now that u are an owl, obviously only an owl can write something so beautiful @3 in the morning or maybe u are insomniac. Please do clear my doubt.
    Net the heart snatcher of the epi were the two beautiful poems written by you and for this I really request you di please join mirakee. Maybe u don’t know what that is so I will brief you. Mirakee is an android app for writers where people publish their thoughts and poetry in any language they wish too. And owing to your beautiful writing skills that is really a good place for you to showcase your talent. I hope to see u their and if u join that then do message me ur ID name. But please do join that please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please.
    Coming back to the epi it was a picture perfect epilogue. So beautiful definition of love by all. I just loved Ishu’s P.O.V.. Hat’s off to you di, you just nailed it. It’s a super Sa bhi uper Sa bhi uper wali dhamakadaar story.
    And yup I am hell excited for ur next story.
    For now I have nothing more to say, just come back super duper soon and why June & July I had given the reason in previous epi only.
    And once again u can congratulate me for my early morning comment ??.
    Bye ? now catch u soon.
    Love ❤ you di…?

    1. Samm

      uh-oh! so sorry for that shivika 😐 i’m not sure if i should be sad or happy about this complaint, but sorry anyways and i’ll remember that next time 🙂
      hahaha! i don’t think i’m an owl and i don’t think i, of all people, could be an insomniac as i love to sleep, day or night! it’s more like when i have thoughts that need to be penned down, i can’t rest until i get it done. also, i’m mostly free at night to think of all kinds of crazy stuff, so most of my creative work is reserved for night.
      thanks for your suggestion. i’ll look into it and let you know when i join 🙂
      as for june-july, i read your comment in the last episode. it’s just that it’s gonna be a busy time for me with exams and all, so i’ll do it sooner or later than that, but not during that time frame 🙂 sorry for that! i was just amazed you would zero in on that interval only! 😀
      i’m so glad you loved it 🙂 and yes, congrats for the early morning comment 😀
      thanks again shivika 🙂

  4. Aarti32

    It was….Umm I’m short of words??

    1. Samm

      heh! hanks aarti 🙂

  5. Kehkasha

    Hey Sammie….as usual super hit……but I can’t believe its the epilogue…….as till now I was waiting for it like anything…….and now u posted……obviously it ended my curiosity……..but it also ended a beautiful story too…..

    But another thing is that I am getting very much excited for the new story by u……welll its a great concept to write something out of the league…… All the best for that…..and yeah come soon with that……as i am eagerly waiting……
    Yes do join mirakee…… I was gonna to say u the same…..but yashu stole by words…..but its ok…..she had explained u the details……do try to join……it is for someone like u….. And finally Congo to me…….as I successfully convinced few of my friends to join that……and they r doing same with others and the chain continues……
    Till then take care…
    See u…

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂 i’m excited for it too 🙂 and i’ll definitely join you guys on mirakee 🙂 thanks for the suggestion

  6. Yashu

    Loved it ??…no words left man….too good…

    1. Samm

      thanks a lot yashu 🙂

  7. Renimarenju

    Oh My God!!!!! U made me 2 smile as well as cry through this ff……Really…..outstanding……..I have no words 2 describe how amazing this one is ………I loved the end note abt luck…..which i could relate myself also……Truely this just went straight 2 heart and made a great impact on me…..I felt this as a combo of ur creativity, philosophical view and in frank u depicted ur views form heart in this epilogue…..I felt this as most touching and the lines u used 2 describe the situation perfectly matched …..i loved it to the core……Thanks a lot for writing this epilogue and from heart am feeling myself 2 be a regular reader of this lucky ff……And pls come back with another article……so that i can feel more lucky…….Take care…..and keep a beautiful smile on face…..samm…….U just rocked it ……I will remember this ff forever and will remember u also because it gained a special place in my heart…….Waiting for more articles from u….pls keep writing…..and don’t make any delay in sending links also…….Bye…..with lots of love…..renima….

  8. Amazing epilogue… loved it…

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