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Radhika was happy that it was the last time she will have to come in class.There will be then giving exams and free to do anything.In college she was often disgusted for her looks and her less marks.Radhika never wanted to do engineering but wAnted to be a writer.But her parents forced her to do it else they warned of cutting ties with her.Radhika did not get the logic why they had to cut ties just if she did not do engineering.Right now she was doing MBA.She somehow managed to pass the engineering.It was the final year.She was very good in studies but was depressed as people teased her for looks.She did have some friends.

Just as she was thinking,Rohit came.Rohit was the son of a multimillionaire father.He always believed looks were more important than skills.He always taunted Radhika.Right now he said,”hey nerdy ugly duckling,do you have any notes?” to which Radhika replied no.He said,”what can I expect from a foolish duckling who’s already so ugly?” Radhika did not reply.She was used to this.Other boys too started teasing when the stylish group of girls came.radhika thought them as 3 idiots.Their name were Anshika,Amaya,Amiya.What could she expect from such girls now?More insult.

They too started saying,”Hey who’s here ugly little foolish duckling?its Radhika, radhika.”When suddenly someone shouted,it was Arjun,a stranger who Radhika never knew but he always stopped them from teasing.Radhika thanked Arjun from her eyes as she used to do from so many years.She saw him from her engineering college.He always protected her from the teasing though they never met and talked.It was coincidence that he got admission in same college as hers.


End of chp 1

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Credit to: Tanya

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  1. Hi tanya,,,,wow its nice yaar….pls continue my dr…eagerly waiting for upcoming epi

    1. Thank you @deepa

    2. deepa where is ur story…arjun and radhika crazy love

  2. Hi deepa I am d biggest fan of ut stories…
    Pls can u tell me where r u cont ur story…
    PlSsSssssss I am dying to read ur story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey zayn,,,

      just go to manarziyan telly updates page in tat see fan ficton,,, u vll see many stories written by our kfar,tanya,thena,naaty,anu and also by me…..u can read it dr

      am updating from 1st episode yaar….

      U have to wait for some day to continue next epi…..

  3. Hey Tanya dearyy great story i lv da start 😀
    Atlast ur here 🙂

    1. Thank you @kfar.I am enjoying your stories so much.

  4. nice continue I m always in manmarziyan s favor so do story

  5. Tanya grt work … Keep going … Nice part on tu to help us this way … By posting our views …. And manmarzian made me knw my extreme feelings wat I am capable of like over joy and over cry … So if star plus did such nainsafi wit dym I also can do one thing for dym is tht I promised on myself I wil not watch sp aftr dym’s closure and I am keeping my promise till now…..
    Tanya plz post daily …
    And if anyone here can tell me any one else posting abt dym then I could also read tht … Plz reply me frnds ….?

    1. Thanks @devga

    2. Devga how r u? And where u were?

    3. DEVGA !HAI ! how r u? its been so many days……after 3 months

  6. Dear nice yaar loved it

    1. Thank you devi

  7. Nce story taar tanya….wana knw mre abt d chrcters…

    1. You will surely get to know.

  8. woooooooooooow.tanya nice start hope u continoue……………

  9. Tanya nice try dear… liked it…waiting for nxt epi…

  10. Grt wrk dr…keep gng

  11. hey Tanya….yaar welcome my buddy……amazing track dear….congraaaaaaats

    1. Thank you @thena, @sona @ dipika @jayaru.

  12. Hey tanya, ”

    First day to comment here. Just loved your story. Another college stories going to start.

    Just loved the essence of Arjun and radhika. Dear .

    Dear But add some familiar names so that we can connect with the characters.

    Such as zubin , and the negative character in the real story. add mmz real characters in your story and give them the new scripted characters.

    So than we can connect more.

    But just truly loved the first day first show hit.

    Love you tanya.
    Keep writing daily.

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    1. Surely I will try.Thanks for advice Nisha.

  13. Hey Tanya nice. ….waiting for chapter 2

  14. amazing! !! college love story between ardhika…. wow wow wowwww I’m dying to know about next more epi… post it soon yaarr ♡♡♡♡♥
    love you dear!

    1. Thanks @zara and @mitty.

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