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Hello darlings NILASH back with a TS on RUMYA this time. Well here comes the next shot. Apologies for few hours late. Well thanks to every one of you for liking the last part and sharing all your views. And special thanks to them who spent their precious time reading the story and then paining their hands for clicking the dislike button.

After reading all your views I thought out this part and tried to frame it in the best possible way. I tried to fulfill everyone’s wish and I hope I am successful. Please do read and let me know about all your views.

The link for the first shot for them who haven’t read it.



“Relax Rudra… just relax… she went there to complete her studies right? So she will come back one day and then you won’t allow her to go away from you again… now please relax” Om said trying to calm him down. But the realization of their mistakes no sins would be the better word that they did with Soumya was unexpected.

“Bare bhaiyaa you?” came a shrill shaky voice from the back.

Rudra’s blur eyes raised up with the hope of meeting her and yes he met her. “Soumya” he muttered as softly as he could and got up.

He traced her inches from top to bottom and couldn’t resist but hug her allowing his emotions to flow down calmly. She never wanted to tear up in front of Oberois but she miserably failed this time.

“Relax Rudra” she said trying hard not to reciprocate his hug while he waited for her to wrap him up to console his crying soul. Yes his soul was crying this time, nothing mattered to him now but his and hers relation.

“I am sorry” he managed to say while his tears went deep piercing her soul causing her to reciprocate leaving every thought she had going through her mind behind. Her heart was getting filled up by the new sensation when she realized that he was getting married and her hands fell apart while her body stiffened and straightened.

His mind registered the sudden change in her posture as his eyes travelled up to look at her from a distance.

“I am sorry” he again said holding his ears making his infamously famous puppy eyes that will calm down any girl.

Soumya’s lips curved up seeing that but she was not allowed to loose her in front of the Oberois. Her eyes travelled up to see the other two faces too who were holding their ears and looking down waiting for her to accept their apology.

“No bare bhaiyaa… no Om bhaiyaa…” she said instantly running to them bringing their hands down from their ears. This was when Om realized that she has learnt to call him Om bhaiyaa in past some days. Their heart throbbed again.

“We are sorry” Shivay folded his hands apologizing followed by Om.

“No please” it was enough for Soumya and now she let her emotions flow down after much trial to stop them.

“Please don’t leave us like this” the three brothers said surrounding Soumya in a circle who was a weeping mess. She fell down with a thud not able to control her inner self from coming out anymore. Rudra sat beside looking at his love angel crying.

“Sumo…” her eyes travelled up listening to that name after decade from his mouth. He continued “I was Dumb Oberoi as you mentioned every time… I thought that I can love only a hot and pretty girl. But now I realized….” “shhh…” she stopped him when her senses pricked her mind saying that he cannot propose her now. He stopped listening to her.

“Rudra… go back to Bhavya… listen we were never meant to be together so for us friendship is best” she said trying hard not to raise her hands to wipe away his tears. Looking at him crying like that stabs her soul but she was not allowed because she can never snatch away the happiness of a girl from her as she knows the pain of losing the loved ones.

His hands couldn’t stop to touch her face which was wet. “Okay, I will go back to her if you prove that you have always thought me as friend” he said that widened her eyes because the untouched corner of her bag still safeguards the mangalsutra, the side partitioned hair of hers still hides the pinch of vermilion she puts up every day after bathing because of him. She had no proofs to give rather than getting in to his words and nodding a yes.

Another realization hit her that he is talking sense and maturely, it was never the guy she admired. She remembered how she lost him day by day and smile took over her sad face.

“Woah… you are talking sense, Rudra you have grown up… now you know how to respect a girl and a friend, please go back and marry the girl who belongs to you and not me… I always saw you as my friend. Yes we were married but we were drunk then and you only said consciousness is the biggest factor… so please enough of drama and childishness now.” she completed and she was enough strong to hide her feelings with her sugar coated words.

“Fine I will go back but I have one condition” Rudra now acted childish the way he used to behave earlier.

She smiled broad looking at him. The flashes of their Tom and Jerry fights covered her mind.

“Hmm…hmm what condition Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi?” she asked.

“You have to be there and watch my marriage and then you are allowed to go” he said while his voice reflected the pain. All her smile and happiness vanished within a second and her hopes of getting less pain and hurt this time was thrashed to the ground. Her sight dropped fearing to face this adamant and rude Rudra.

“Are you ready Mrs. EX OBEROI?” he stressed the last two words trying to cover the pain in his voice. She didn’t realize when her tears had burst out again.

“I…I can’t do that?” her voice shivered and he touched across her neck to face him.

“Then accept that you have always thought me the way you were supposed to and not a friend” his words were intense making her fall every moment which she hated.

“Please leave me… I can’t allow another girl to visit the valley of pain I visited… please” she said closing her eyes. Her softness, her every antique made it hard for Rudra from touching and feeling her. He brushed his hands over her lips and she shivered gulping down the past memories. Soon she felt a warm touch over her lips and she gave in without any second thought.

That lasted for not more than few seconds realizing what they were actually doing. Soumya pushed him and got up “you want to hear the truth right? Then listen… yes I love you… yes I considered you as my husband always and not my friend after the day we got married… yes you were the only one for me but I had enough getting hurt and bearing your hatred but not now… I had a dream and now I will fulfill it… I can never think of remarrying but you thought so because I wasn’t perfect for you because of my weight, I don’t want to interfere in your life… please let me go” she folded her hands.

“But I loved that girl of mine who was cute, beautiful, smart, studious, chubby and most importantly mine… I loved that girl who was proud because her height was less as compared to her weight… I loved that girl who was my Jerry and whose Tom was me… I loved that girl who loved the actual Dumb Oberoi… I love you Soumya” he at last confessed kneeling down infront of her extending his hands either side. “Would you love to be the Jerry of this Tom for rest of Tom’s life?” he proposed… his proposal was just like the way he is. Just like the way he should propose a girl like her… just perfect for both of them.

Her heart melted but her soul shouted from inside for not breaking the hopes of the other girl. “No…” she said and walked away getting vanished from his sight. He who got back his life few moments back lost it again with every step of hers. She boarded the flight to follow her dreams leaving his dreams shattered.


“So Adrit it was the story that how your mumma left me after I proposed her” Rudra said smilingly brushing his son’s hair.

“Papa… if mumma went away then how did you get her back?” Rudra smiled at the question of his seven year old son.

“Rudra still you are narrating your useless stories to my boy? Adrit go and sleep now its late.” Soumya shouted while arranging Adrit’s school uniform for the next day.

“Mumma wait I am busy sorting out a major problem” Adrit said looking confused after listening to the story narrated by his father.

Soumya went up to them and sat beside Adrit ruffling his hair.

“Ohh okay so your stupid dumb father could not explain the doubt you had?” Soumya asked smiling.

“Hey stop calling me dumb at least in front of Adrit” Rudra exclaimed irritated.

“Papa… mumma is actually right you are dumb… Dumb Sigh Oberoi” Adrit completed and hid in the embrace of his mother. While Rudra fumed up looking his mother pampering him so much that he is getting naughtier day by day.

“Sumo… stop pampering him, you are making him a monkey” Rudra said.

“Ohhooo… listen you pamper him more… not me” Soumya said looking at Adrit and then at Rudra.

“Okay we will toss to get the correct answer” Rudra said as he took out a coin.

“Okay… okay okay stop” Adrit shouted trying to stop the rebel that was going to happen and he continued when he saw his father and mother is putting fingers over their lips “My Shivay papa and Om papa pamper me the most” Adrit said and ran away winking and throwing flying kiss towards them. Rudra Soumya smiled looking at the cute antique of their beloved son. Rudra closed the door of their room making sure Adrit went to his and his siblings’ room to sleep.

“Thank You so much fatso for making my life a rainbow” Rudra teased and started running.

“Hey stop calling me fatso” Soumya said as she started chasing him. But they soon sat on the bed laughing till their stomach ached to eternity.

“I love you” Rudra murmured in Soumya’s ears nuzzling his nose on her neck.

“Love you too dumbbo” Soumya said caressing his hair and giving him access to her neck.

———————– THE END —————————

And here comes the end to the TS. Well waiting for all your responses about the story. Thank You so much to everyone who have read the story. If you felt it as a good piece please do click the like button. And as this story is much close to my heart so would love to know all your views in the comments section down.


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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much UF
      Isliye nai likha kyunki I wanted ki wo aap sab apne tareeke se imagine kar lo

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear..

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Niki darling

  3. Awesome

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Charitha

  4. Aafiya

    Superb.. Amazing.. Beautiful…

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Aafi

  5. Zaveesha

    Its soo amazing nd very well written…
    You’ve described saumya’s condition very well…nd their convo was also good…
    U have not tell that how they met after that, u have left this for us the readers…nd its a veey good way to end the story…
    Its so nice…
    Lots of love to u…

    1. Nilash

      Loads of love to you too Tanzee
      Thank You so much for loving the story and letting me know how you felt. 🙂 🙂

  6. Jasminerahul

    rudra apologizing and confessing his love to soumya and soumya asking him to go back to bhavya as he knows what a girl feels when she gets rejected as she experienced it were emotional. how she confessed her love and yet rejecting him was painful.surprising that now rumya have a naughty son.rumya nok jhok and I love you scene were cute.
    but I feel you should have shown how soumya accepted him and rumya united. I found it missing.otherwise lovely os

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Jasmine
      Yes initially I thought to portray that scene also that how Rudra earns back Soumya but dear if I would have done that then the story would end up as Rudra has ditched another girl so I thought to leave that part to all your imaginations. 🙂 🙂

  7. ItsmePrabha

    Amazingly beautiful.. loved everything in it..aur tumne toh rumya ki milan kaise hua bataya bhi nahi.. lagtha hai hamari imagination pe hi chod dhi tune..

    1. Nilash

      Haan Prabha tumhare imagination par hi chor diya 🙂 🙂
      Thank You so much… Dhanyavaad a lot 🙂 🙂

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