loving you was red part 11

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Hello guys, sorry for begin Late buys this days, enjoy reading

Part 11
Swayam put on his glares & left from there, leaving behind fuming shivaye & other shocked members, he went towards his gang & saw them all standing worriedly as soon as they saw him, all of them bombarded him with ques

Swayam: GUYS…..now one question at time

Manik : what happened to Anika ?? She was looking so scared who dared to hurt my friend Swayam tell me I’ll kill him

Diya : yes, swayam what happened to our Ani ???

Swayam: where is Anika ???

Nandu : in the car Swayam, she fainted when Manik brought her here, we got so worried buddy, tell us what’s going on

Swayam: shivaye is here

Gang : whaaaaaaat????

Swayam: yeah, Manik the guy who was holding Anika’s hand was shivaye, her ex husband

Diya : just great, I’ll just go & give Shivaye some piece of my mind

Nandu : yeah, I’ll just go & sweetly tell him what I feel & punch the day lights out of him.

Saying so both diya & nandini, were going towards the obros direction when Manik hold Nandani from her waist pulling her backwards not letting her to go while harry did same to diya, they were having a hard time calming the girls as they were also very much angry with shivaye & wanted to do the same to him

Swayam: calm down guys, he is sumo’s guest & we can’t hurt him

Gang : fhat the wuck, what the hell, how it is possible, why would sumo bring him here

Swayam: don’t know she told me they were like family to her & looks like she don’t know anything about anika, so we should be careful

Nandu : yeah, I’ll be very careful in breaking his nose

Swayam: calm down nandu, it’s not our place to punish him, let Anika do that & for now pls take her back to home , Manik , Harry come with me I heard a click & snap while our oh so pleasant meet with the obros , we have to get those pic back from the media.

Manik & harry : ok, let’s go, girls take care okk

Swayam, harry & Manik reached the spot & checked around, they didn’t find any person there, they went towards the security team & asked them the same but didn’t get any clue

Manik : shit , looked like they got away

Harry : what will we do now, Swayam

Swayam: Mike , is back at home right ??

Manik : yeah

Swayam: call him & tell him the matter & ask him & baby to take ansh out for some time

Harry: ok, let’s go then

Swayam: yeah , let’s go the girls must be waiting…

The guys were going back to the parking zone, with Manik dialling Mikhail’s number, harry & swayam talking with each other, they were near the parking zone, when swayam saw his shoe laces open he sat down to tie it, while harry & Manik moved forward.

Swayam didn’t noticed the speedy car coming towards him, nor he noticed the evil smrik on the guys face as the car was going to hit him, at last moment he saw the car & rolled away from its direction when he heared a so familiar shout of his name : swaaayam

Swayam got up from the ground, dusted his jeans & looked towards the voice & was shocked to see her standing there, with so much fear & concern in her eyes there was something else to which he ignored, he was rooted to his place when Mikhail & harry reached him & examined him from head to toe concern written all over there faces while swayam’s eyes were still locked with the girls, then the guys took him from there & he left from there not even sparing a last glance towards the girl, whose eyes were struck on him & only him if he did he could notice the single tear that left her eyes, the pain that covered her features as if she was the one who was hurt not him…..

Guy : what happened Sharon ??

Sharon: nothing rey,where are others

Rey : coming shivaye bhai looked furious do you know why ??

Sharon: no, I don’t let’s go home we have to perform in the evening also

Rey : yeah, just let the others come.

On the other side with aniyam & gang

Harry & diya were taking there car while Manik was driving swayam’s car with Nandani beside him & Anika & swayam in the back seat with Anika’s head resting on swayam’s chest & she lost in the lands of her dreams while swayam was on Phone.

Swayam: hey sid, listen bro

Malika : hello, sorry but sid is not here

Swayam: ugh hi Malika, it’s really imp can you just call sid…

Malika : yeah, sure can I get your name pls

Swayam : oh yeah Sorry tell sid swayam called & to call me as soon as possible.

Malika : ohk,i’ll tell him to call back you just now

Swayam : ok bye

End of call

Malika pov

Who is this swayam, he seemed to know sid very welly, sid never allows his colleagues to call him sid, if he is Sid’s friend why didn’t sid tell me about him, well I’ve to ask that to sid only.

End of pov

The guys reached swayam’s House.

Harry, diya, manik,nandini helped Swayam take an unconscious Anika to her room, where he played her down & exited the room.

He went downstairs to see taani, mihar looking at them with curious & concerned faces.

Swayam: where is ansh guys ??

Taani : bhai, he is sleeping

Swayam: okk, I’ll be with him

Mikhal: wait , first tell us what happened??

Swayam told them everything & till the end Mike , baby & tani was also fuming

Mike : well, couldn’t you tell me that then only I so wanted to show shivaye what happens when a guy messes up with a girls emotions

Swayam: I want to do the same buddy but we have to wait for our chance & Anika’s health is more important now

Taani : yeah, we should cancel our performance today

Manik : no, we can’t it will affect the shows trp

Swayam : then I will perform alone no need to drag Anika

Taani : hmm, bhai why don’t you sing the new song I wrote for you guys, if Anika wanted to join then she can sing with you & the female lyrics is very less in the song, so if she don’t want to go to the party then it would not affect anything also

Swayam : ok, as you say baccha now I’ll be with ansh or he will be scared

Tani : I’ll be with Anika, if she need anything

Mike : I’ll look after the media

Manik & harry : we will help Mike

Diya, baby, nandu: we will try to talk with sumo & see how much, she knows

Swayam: okk, see you latter than guys & pls someone check our dresses for the party too

All the boys together: girls, will handle that saying so they rushed out of there.

In Ansh’s room
Swayam was sitting beside ansh on his bed & caressing his hairs.

Swayam: your father is here buddy but don’t worry your yum will handle it all, I won’t let him hurt you or your mom ever but if he wants you back then you’ve to choose buddy, but I promise you I’ll always with you no matter whom you choose at the end, I’ll be always your dad forever.

Swayam sat in that position beside ansh when his phone rang, he quickly picked it up & went out of the room, so ansh sleep won’t be disturbed.

Sw : hello

Sid : swayam, you called what happened???

Sw : shivaye is here sid

Sid : whaaaaaaat, how is Anu ??

Sw : not good, she fainted, I guess she had another panic attack & she flinched when Manik held her to take her away from shivaye, the situation is not good here , we have to do something.

Sid: I’m coming there swayam, but till then keep her away from him

Swayam: I’ll try sid

Taani : bhai, Anika is awake, she wanted water, pls be with her till I bring the water.

Swayam: yeah, sure taani then to sid Anika is awake you should talk to her.

Sid : sure

Swayam entered Anika’s room & found her sitting on the bed, playing with the sheets her eyes fixed at the ceiling as if thinking something.

Swayam: Anika….. Anika … Anika

Anika : hmm…

Swayam : sid

On call

Sid : hello, baccha kaisi hai meri princess ???

Anika : bhai, bhai he is here, bhai , I’m scared I’m very much scared

Sid : relax, baccha mein hu na , mein kuch nhi krne dunga usse iss baar, use baar tera bhai hai tere sath

Anika : nhi bhai, he will destroy everything he said he will kill me, if I ever come in front of him again, bhai he will kill me, he will snatch ansh away from me like he snatched shivika from me bhai, I can’t bear to loose them again, bhai I’ll die, pls save me bhai, I’m scared bhai, pls don’t leave your anu this time, I’ll die without you bhai , I’ll die, Anika started crying badly on the phone repeating again &  again saying she will die while on the other side sid couldn’t control the tears in his eyes hearing his princess break like this for the second time his hatred for shivaye growing more while on the other side tears left silently swayam’s eyes to watching his best friend in such a weak condition, he went towards her & took the phone from her hands but she continued crying as if she was oblivious to her surroundings, watching him her old scars had opened, the words she tried so hard to forget were ringing in her ears.

Sw : I’ll call you latter sid

Sid : yeah byee

End of the call

Swayam : Anika , Anika listen nothing will happen to you, we r here , your friends r beside you Anika

Anika: no, you all will leave me, he will snatch you all, I’m bad luck now because of me you will be hurt too, no I should go away, yes I’ll go away, I’ll hide from him

Swayam : Anika, listen , Anika

Anika : no I’ll go away, I’ll go away

Swayam was unable to make her understand she looked in daze as of his words were not reaching her, he moved his hands in his hair frustratedly & saw taani standing outside with tears in eyes & a glass of water in hand.

Swayam went towards her took the water & told her to come latter he will handle Anika till then, he went to Anika & whispered a little sorry to her & then threw the whole water on her face

Swayam : done with your drama, miss what do you think we are, don’t you know how worried we are for you & before you say shivaye will hurt us, I’ll kill him before he touch any of them

Anika (slowly) : sorry, i was not expecting watching him, I got carried away & let my emotions control me

Swayam: it’s ok & friends don’t say sorry to each other

Anika : shit, bhai would be really worried for me now

Swayam : yeah, he is coming here today only

Anika : I’ve to talk to him

Swayam : latter pls, I think I’ve handled enough crying today, you know what you cry more than ansh

Anika : haaw, btw mister you threw water at my face

Swayam: yeah, life time achievement, I threw water on you, can’t believe

Anika : don’t be so happy mister, I’ll threw you In the pool if you ever again threw water on me

Swayam: I’m really so scared then (sarcastically making both of them smile)

Anika : thanks for Everything

Swayam: wanna get a lecture on friendship from me again

Anika : no no no

Swayam: ok , on a serious note , do you want to attend the party tonight, it’s absolutely fine if you don’t I’ll handle everything, you don’t have to take stress

Anika : no, I’ll attend this party, I’ve enough of shivaye, I’ll show him I’m not scared of him now, I’m not his Anika as you said I’ve moved on..

Swayam : you sure, you will be able to handle it all

Anika : with you guys beside me, I’ll be able to handle anything

Swayam : ok, but we are not dancing but singing done, no protests on this cause I’m not listening

Anika : ok, which song

Swayam: I’ll bring the lyrics & sing it for you,now as I’m going to bring food for you too

Anika : no, I’m not hungry yrr, pls I won’t be able to have anything now

Swayam: ok at least have juice

Anika : ok, as you say

After some time

Swayam brought juice for anika with taani, who smiled brightly at Anika & sat beside Anika hugging her & didn’t ask her anything about shivaye much to Anika’s relief

Taani : come on bhai, so us your singing skills wht say Anika

Anika : Yups & I already love my lines but wht will I wear ??

Taani : don’t worry babes , already taken care of Everything.

Swayam : ok, so the song is phir bhi tumko chahunga….

Tum mere ho, iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad yeh alam na rahe

Kuch aisa ho, tum tum na raho
Kuch aisa ho, hum hum na rahe

Yeh raaste alag ho jayein
Chalte chalte hum kho jayein…

Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chahat main mar jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Meri jaan main, har khamoshi main
Tere pyar ke naagme gaungaa..


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chahat main mar jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Aise jaruri ho mujhko tum
Jaise hawaen saanson ko..

Aise talaash houn main tumko
Jaise ke pair zaminon ko..

Hasna yaaron na ho mujhse
Pagal sa dhudun main tumhe…

Kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho
Kal mujhko ijazat ho na ho

Tutte dil ke tukde lekar
Tere dar pe hi reh jaunga…


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chahat main mar jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

~~~~~ anika ~~~~~~

Tum youn mile ho jabse mujhe
Aur sunheri main lagti houn..

Sirf labonse nahi aab to pure badan se hasti houn

Mere din raat salooni se
Sab hain tere hi hone se

Yea sath hamesha hoga nahi
Tum aur kahin main aur kahin

~~~~~ swayam~~~~~~

Lakin jab yaad karoge tum
Main banke hawa ajaunga…


Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Iss chahat main mar jaunga
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

Taani : wow, brilliant guys, you will make everyone cry

Aniyam : why thank-you yrr ???

Precap : same + shivaye burning in jealousy??

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