Loving you was a mistake – Chapter 1: The Kapoor are coming, beware of them!

Chapter 1: The Kapoor are coming, beware of them!

At the Kapoor’s (fake)mansion

Svetlana’s pov
“Finally the plan will work!” Romi said. “Which plan?” I asked her and she replied back: “We three will say….” “Aww, my little sissy is learning something from me!” Tia said. “Shut up Tia, you’re the dumbest of all of us!” I said angrilly. “Svetlana don’t talk to your elder sister like that!” Mom shouted at me, only because of this Tia rani. “Mom, when are we going to the Oberoi mansion?” Romi asked her, then she answered back: “Romi don’t get over excited, we will be going there tomorrow, but before that you have to take care of our prisoners!” “But why me mom?” “Because today is Monday, so it’s your turn to take care of them!” “Ok!” An annoyed Romi said.
End of her pov

Romi’s pov
“No, one loves me in this family!” “Is what we are doing correct?” “I think I will have to release our prisoners tonight, except for one and that’s our (fake) father!” “If the Oberois, Khuranas and the Boses can turn the tables, then I can do it as well!” “I’m sorry mom, Tia di and Svetlana di, but I have to do it, to find my inner peace!”
End of her pov

Mrs Kapoor’s pov
“I will find my inner peace, when the Oberois are ruined, that’s why I kidnapped the Bose twins, because they both know, how to cross our plans!” “Hahahaahhh!”
End of her pov

Tia and Robin’s convo
“Tia, why are you doing this?” “I have to do this, but I don’t want to Robin!” “You know that I can’t live without you!” He said and I answered back: “I can’t live without you Robin and you know that!” “I don’t like it, when you are near that Shivaay!” “Oho, chill my possesive lover!” “Bye Tia!” “Bye Robin and take care!”
End of their convo

(Fake) Mr. Kapoor’s pov
“I never should have said yes!” “Helping these Kapoors is like hell!” “And now they all are living in my house, they made me their prisoner!” “I have to do something or else I’m dead!”
End of his pov

At the Khurana mansion

Anika’s pov
“I miss Ragini di a lot!” I heard my brother Lucky saying that to Veer and he replied back: “yeah I miss her too, but we still have our annoying Anika di!” “Not a word against my Anika di!” “Your Anika di?” A confused Ranveer asked Laksh, then I came towards them and asked: “Veer, why did you call me annoying?” “Di, I’m sorry!” “I know that I’m annoying, what’s new, so please don’t say sorry Veeru!” “Di please don’t call me Veeru !” “Oh sorry I meant drama queen!” “Di!” I went to my room while I was smirking.
End of her pov

Laksh’s pov
“Hahahahaha you are ao dead Veer!” “Hasle idiot jitna hasna hai, tum bi ek din marrega, jab tume tumhari dream girl milegi(laugh idiot laugh as much as you want, you’ll die one day as well, when you’ll meet your dream girl).” “The time will tell my bro!” I said, then I went downstairs to eat breakfast.
End of his pov

Ranveer’s pov
“Anika di and Lucky are to much to handle, I don’t know, how mom and dad can handle them so easilly!” “Hmmpf!” “I need to go to work or else my boss will kick me out of this job!”
End of his pov

ShekJan’s convo
“Thank you so much Janki for coming into my life!” A romantic Shekher said. “You needed someone in your life or else you would have died old without any children or wife!” “Really Mrs. Janki Shekher Khurana!” “Yup!” “No, one can save you from me!” He said, while he kissed her cheeks.
End of their convo

The Bose Mansion

Ishana’s pov
“Saumu, where are the twins?” “I don’t know di!” “Mom and dad, do you know where the twins are?” “No, we don’t know!” “I think, that they ran away!” I said and mom said: “oye, Ishu tu paagal ho gayi ho(oy, Ishu you are crazy).” “Crazy ki bhen hoon toh me crazy hongi na mom(I’m Crazy’s sister, then I have to be crazy mom).”
End of her pov

Saumya’s pov + Raumya convo
“Dad, cry baby is calling, so I will come to work later!” “Ok!” “Hello!” “Hey Sumo, I need your help!” “What do you want cry baby?” “I want to propose someone!” “Let me guess, you want to propose Romi!” “Yes!” “What, the biggest flirt in the world wants the get married!” “Bye Sumo!” “Bye idiot!” End of the phone call.
“Why am I sad, that Rudra wants to get married to Romi?” “Am I jealous?”
End of her pov

A few questions for you my lovely readers:

“Is Romi good or bad?”

“What are the Kapoors planning against the Oberois?”

“Who is the real Mr. Kapoor?”

What will happen when Amaal, Armaan and Om will meet Ishana, UG1 and UG2?”

“How’s the story so far?”

“Until next time guys, stay blessed, be unique and never change yourself for someone, because you are beautiful the way you are!”

Author’s note
“If you haven’t read the first part and second part of the prologue, so here is it!”
“And here is the link for the OS called: I will love you forever with love Anika.”
“The Copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it, then I will personally kick you where it hurts the most?.”
End of Author’s note

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