Loving again – part10 (twinj ff)

Loving again – part 10

“Sorry, I couldn’t call you.” he didn’t call her all these days, she was his fiance and he didn’t even meet before flying for Dublin. his breath faltered replying her but he had to do it for them.

“Yeah, no worries…you always seemed distant.” the last words were a mere whisper but audible. She had tried to be an understanding person and excused his behavior with his reserved personality but she was wrong.

“how are you Neha?” he asked trying to lighten the mood.

“fine, how are you?” she reciprocated his wish.

“good,” he replied followed by a deep breath.

“it is strange na, we are finances and we didn’t talk for nearly a month.” and she laughed bitterly.

“yeah… you are right.” suddenly he felt out of words. They had known each other from a very long time but due to his reserve nature, he was never in talking terms with her.

She had known his past engagement with Twinkle and the other things but without a second chance, she had agreed to this marriage because of the little attraction she had for this man.

“how is Dublin?” she asked when no one said a thing.

“it is good, covered in snow though,” he replied gazing the snow-covered trees. They actually looked like a Black forest cake, black trees with snow here and there!!!

“my passport came last week, wanted to tell you,” she informed on purpose.

“I am sorry Neha… I am sorry for this situation.” it was like suddenly someone poured a bucket of cold water on his face and threw the reality on him.

“why are you apologizing Kunj…” this was the moment, he was about to tell her. brushing away the big tears she waited for it.

“can I trust you Neha ….with something.” he wanted to tell her without any excuse but it felt rude.

“we are still engaged if you are forgetting…” his query bought a little smile on her face, though this man was about to tell her that he was calling off the engagement but the vulnerability and embarrassment he was going through was evident to her.

“Yeah, I remember… the gold band on his finger was very much of a remainder.

“so what you were saying…” she pointed the earlier thing.

“I think I can not move on Neha… I swear when I made you wear the ring I had started to see a new future but Yuvi’s sudden accident…” and he stopped.

“his sudden accident … I can not let her live alone Neha, I still love her.” he completed in a haste.

“auntie came to meet me…” the tears had stopped but she felt cheated.

“she doesn’t know I still love her, I have left no reasons all these years with my behavior towards twinkle,” he said earnestly.

“life is so strange na… you wish for the thing your whole life and when you are least expecting god grants you, I always felt you were lost somewhere, I’ll wish you be able to complete her emptiness.” she wished and thumped her phone on the bed.

She was angry on him, she was helpless in this situation, she wanted to throw everything around her but she knew it was all illogical, her anger was justified but she needed to calm herself…” her anger wasn’t going to bring him back in her life and she needed to accept it.


“Bebe, you know it is not right… and did you think about Neha?” she was irritated with her; today her mother in law had again started the thing.

Last two days had already given her headaches now this issue.

“I talked with Neha, and she is a very sensible girl, she will understand it.” Sieving the water from the dry-fruits soaked overnight she answered her.

“Ma, how can you do this… I am still your daughter in law, I am not going anywhere then why, why this ?.” she spoke in a lost voice.

Usha knew if she broached the topic of his love for her then a storm was no far and so she played it safe.

“because I am thinking the best for you.” and afterward the sound of grinder muffled any other thing in the room.

How she was going to explain her mother in law that she had only loved Yuvraaj and loving again wasn’t possible for her.

But the last two days also told her how alone he was, he wanted her to accompany him in this life… she has gotten the love in her life and perhaps now was the time to perform duties, to hear what her family wanted her to do.

“And what about Neha?” her other soul asked her. “how can you let Kunj do what you did back then…you left Kunj to marry Yuvraaj and now Kunj will leave Neha to marry you.”

One side was her mother- in -law who wanted her best, another side was Kunj who wished her to walk into his life and there was this one more side where Neha stood with disappointment filled in her eyes.

“Babaji, please show me some way…


“thank you Ma,” he replied on WhatsApp after going through the pictures his mother had sent him.

From the last night, he was so disturbed, Neha had cut his call without a proper bye and he had no courage to call her again… he thought to wait for her call.

And his phone ringed making some sound in his rather silent house.

“Yeah Ma, actually place changed that’s why I fell sick,” he could not tell her about the drink session and he wished his mother wasn’t aware of it.

“you never tell about you, son and it scares me, did you need anything, was there somebody to help?” she bombarded all the questions in no time.

“yeah Ma there is nothing to worry and I have even joined the office from today,” he assured her.

“how is everyone there? And you are doing fine na?” he asked her.

“you already managed everything before leaving from here and everyone is also good,” she replied.

“Bebe…and he hesitated for while.

“yeah son?”

“Neha called me…”


A few things are so difficult in life but without playing around bushes if you come out straight and face it then it becomes somewhat easy to handle it.

This was a difficult chapter for me for I had to show this difficult phase… I hope you guys liked it.

About the delayed update – I have to write a few papers guys because I am at the crucial stage of my career but I am writing these chapters in the small time I am getting.

Keep loving them and telling me how you liked.

With love Morusya.

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