Loving again – part 9(twinj ff)

Loving again – part 9

Whole day passed after that one call where he had replied he was fine but she needed to know he was alright, the vulnerable image of the man who was with her on phone last night wanted her to dial his number but then she was stopping herself thinking it won’t look nice if she called Because how she was to show any concern when it never happened before.

Her husband was a different person, with him she never think twice to talk anything but this man was always the reserved kind of who got more reserved after their marriage..even when he used to come in his 7 or 8 days long leaves,most of the times he wasn’t home or whenever he was he stayed in his room.

“Twinkle, brother is fine… it is all just little awkward that’s why he doesn’t feel like coming out of his room,” she recalled the reply her husband had very nonchalantly gave when she asked about Kunj’s behavior.

But it never turned normal… with time he turned rude with her.

This time though he liked spending time with the little princess in the house, he had even bought so many toys for her.


“Neha, I know it is not easy for a girl…but you yourself are a Girl..you can understand how tough it would be for Twinkle.” Usha spoke in a calm tone.

“are you indirectly telling me to break this engagement Masi…” the girl with big eyes asked and Usha was left with no answers She had forced Neha in a situation no girl ever thinks to experience even in her nightmare.

“i am so sorry Neha..but I don’t want my Twinkle to spend this long life all alone… call me selfish dear but I am helpless.” tears threatened to spill from Usha’s eyes.

“what about Kunj? Is he ready?” and with this question she expected Kunj’s mother to deny it.

“he will understand the situations..” not meeting her eyes Usha answered.

“i want to talk with Kunj once … I hope I still have that right Masi,” she asked and this request made Usha stung.

“But she would endure all these embarrassing moments for the happiness of everyone.” she decided in her heart.


The walls seemed to blur inside in the washroom, he had come to take a hot shower so the hangover was defeated but it seemed it was going to take a few more hours and suddenly he stopped himself from falling on the washbasin.

Balancing himself on his feet he came to his room and scrolled through his last night phone calls… one more time he saw the long call to Twinkle and pressurized his brains to recall what did he say.

But no use, he felt himself wandering parallel worlds, one minute he was conscious about the happenings around him but in the next moment, it seemed like a Deja vu.

Unable to focus he closed the phone screen and lied down… in that moment his stomach grumbled and it meant he needed to cook something or order perhaps.

His little and unorganized nap was disturbed with the ringtone and without looking at the screen, he cut the call.

But it again went on without a second of delay and cursing the person on the other side he took it and it was the third consecutive call of Twinkle in past 24 hours…

“are you okay?” came a disturbed voice from the other side and he felt bad for not returning her cares.

“ummm, yeah..I am fine.” he hesitated.

“feeling better? And please tell the truth…” she requested.

“yeah I am fine, would be perfectly fine by morning,” he replied observing the time.

“what?… it means you are not fine,” she exclaimed suddenly.

“arey..I’ll eat something then shall sleep and I hope by morning I’ll be fine,” he replied somewhat irritated. The hangover was making him irritated on small things.

“oh yeah, it would be night in Dublin,” she realized aloud.  “how you managed all day?” she asked.

“well, was in bed mostly.”

“and did you eat properly?” and suddenly she realized the words whispered care and praying baba ji that he doesn’t get it she waited but the little long silence suggested he understood too.

“yeah… ate something…sorry, don’t remember what.” he answered without pressuring his brain.

She felt bad about him, she always wondered how people loved living a secluded life. But what an irony she never questioned this question for him, she never ever thought about him and now she felt guilty about it.

“so I think we should end it here,” he suggested when didn’t receive anything from her side.

“how you manage your food?” she asked unable to stop the curiosity.

“well, here finding a helper isn’t easy like India, so most of the times I am cooking something or ordering anything…” he put the pillow under his head.

“so what are you ordering today? don’t eat oil and all” she didn’t know why she kept asking these questions but she just felt he was alone and maybe these talks could help him.

“i don’t know, would see or maybe would go out…it does not feel good staying in the brick boundary all day,” he answered earnestly.

“what about your neighbor? Isn’t he visiting you this evening?” she asked about Noah who had been big support last night.

“he came but I denied his offer to send the dinner because I just felt will order something.” he lied about Noah.

“Okay then.” she had now no reasons to talk; she had asked everything.

“okay then…take care.” he wished and waited for the call to end and only after the phone vibrated signing the other person had hung up he kept the phone away.

He knew she found him vulnerable that’s why she called him, he could hear her guilt but they needed to work upon it and if something good was initializing then he wasn’t in a mood to stop it.

“but what did he talk with her last night..” one more time he tried remembering and in vain punched the bed.


Hey guys, a very happy valentine’s day !!! spread love and humanity. and i apologize for not being able to write a long update but i hope you enjoy this chapter

and did you notice the ice is melting between two…

Thank you all for all the wonderful response and support, it means a lot

with love Morusya.

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