Loving again – part 8 (twinj ff)

Loving again – part 8

“Yeah, I am fine now.” he replied the question. “but why so many calls Twinkle, everything okay?”

“you don’t remember?” came a rather surprised voice from the other side.


“never mind… eat well and call me when you are fine.” she told him and he too felt he wasn’t in a mood to talk so ended the call muttering affirmation.

His head hurt like hell, he felt nauseous at times and though he had slept like a hog after the assurance of Noah that he was with him he still felt a lonely feeling due to the terrible hangover.

He had done it to help himself sleep and block the awful things but turned out that it was one hell mistake.

The more he looked at his phone screen, more his heart sunk anticipating what did he talk with the person he had called last night and that too a call lasting an hour.

He had little memories of the talks but he wasn’t sure it really happened or he dreamed the things… he wasn’t going to do this ever again.

“hey Kunj…. have this sandwich and no more lemon water, you are going to acidify your system,” Noah spoke entering his room.

“Thanks, Man. for the support but I don’t remember how I called you and when did this happen,” he spoke his queries finally.

“Man, get married first… living alone is not easy and that too when the heart is not at ease.” Noah joked opening the windows for the bright sun after nearly a week of no-sun days.

“and don’t worry, I talked with her… she cares about you.” unaware about the complicated things in his life he commented.

“she is family… not what you are thinking.” Kunj muttered under his breath sipping the lemonade in a dire need to end the hangover.

“But at the middle of the night when you are not fine, drunk and all alone you don’t call a girl who is just family.” Noah again smiled.


The first thing she did after waking up this morning was to call him but he just didn’t pick and then when he finally did he didn’t remember anything.

This was the problem with being drunk, you are not going to remember the things you do to yourself and make others feel because of you,”

Telling this to herself she collected her long hairs in a bun and resumed working on the rags in her cupboard shells.

She felt sleepy because of the lack of sleep this morning and even her mother in law had asked whether she was sick or unwell.

But she wasn’t sick, she just felt tired because of the sleepless night.but when she tried to close her eyes, a lot of things surrounded her and so she thought to just clean her room.

But one more time her brain wandered to him, “All these years he didn’t marry and when he was finally trying to move on this happened… this drink session made her live him for the first time, he was so alone and it wasn’t easy for him to live there this way.

her vulnerable heart asked the brain the reason for his condition and Brain though hesitated but said it was because of her only.


“Guruji, I know we can’t do it for a year but I want you to consider the nearest date…I know in one year, God will surely do something for them.” with a new light in her voice, she told the family Purohit on the telephone.

“it was always a match Usha so there won’t be a problem for this reunion, but I will look for a perfect Muhurt.” the man who worked uniting the God- decided hearts spoke in the vibrant voice.

“you have gotten a big heart.” one more time he couldn’t help but praise his once a favorite student.

“i am just selfish Guruji, deaths shows you the cruel reality and you want your loved ones to be around you for the little days you have gotten on earth,” she spoke the deep words.

She used to feel the pain his other son was going through despite his own proposal to get them married if they were fallen for each other but when God has granted her a chance to make everyone happy or safe if not happy then she wasn’t going to make a moment of delay.

“come here Shona, I’ll get you a bath and after your bathe lets send your uncle your pic…” she told her granddaughter who smiled a toothless smile.

She had noticed the birth of a father that day when he had carried the little girl to him after the accident and fathers needed the pic of their kids every now and then.


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