Loving again… part 5 (a twinj FF)

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Loving again – part 5


he has boarded the flight, ma told her when she came to take a water bottle from the kitchen. And suddenly the whole house felt alone before this news somewhere she believed he was still there, still in the same city but now he was gone.

Filling the water bottle with filter water she recalled how her daughter was not leaving his finger when he had been seating in the cab, the little girl has grown fond of him.

Though she came to the doors she had no courage left to face him after the talks so she never met him when he was leaving.

He had clearly denied her wish to work and so now she needed to talk with Bebe about that, thinking all these things she took the stairs to her room when suddenly the light in his room attracted her attention, perhaps he forgot to switch off the lights and to turn them off she pressed the door and the secluded room welcomed her presence.

Now that he didn’t stay there for long his room doesn’t have many things but the light yellow walls filled with many photographs gave the room a feeling of fullness and she walked to the portraits where two faces had made funny faces looking at the camera and she smiled at it… but suddenly she noticed something and as she took a look she knew he has left something important and she needed to help him in case he searches it.


The woman beside him wanted to say something but perhaps she had been hesitating to say and so observing her attempts for a few moments he turned to her.

“any problem?” he asked.

“ummmm, can we swap the seats? I don’t feel comfortable seating by the window… hesitatingly she requested.

“Oh, no worries.” and he stood to change the seats.

“thank you dear.” the foreigner woman who looked relaxed, thanked him and he smiled in response.

“married?” she asked and he looked puzzled.

“the ring!!” and gesturing towards his ring finger she smiled.

And suddenly he recalled The Ring and the engagement with Neha, though she didn’t call or text him after the accident he felt guilty about keeping her in dark that he wasn’t going to marry her and she had the right to know it.

“Hey handsome, what happened? Thinking about her.” and the mischief in her voice was visible.

“No….not married yet, I apologize but I had been feeling sleepy so if you don’t mind…” and he switched off the overhead lights.

“Sorry if I unintentionally made you upset.” the lady apologized immediately.

“No , its nothing like that… I am tired and just want to take rest for a while.” and resting his back on the seat he closed eyes.


“Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our descent, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Thank you.”

 The announcement for the descend broke his little hours of sleep which came after pretending to sleep for hours.Now he has to wait for two hours at Munich airport for next flight and then one more… he wasn’t someone who used to enjoy this sequenced plane journey but as it was.

He fastened the seat belts and waited for the descent.

One hour has already passed in luggage collecting his luggage and going through the security for the next flight and he was finally able to seat with the much-needed cup of coffee.

“Life is unpredictable and you only learn about it when you have already something,” sipping the coffee his mind wandered to such thoughts.

Somewhere through these years, he had felt jealousy with his own brother, his male ego was hurt and though he had tried to remain normal, but when the relations were not normal then how could he have been normal.

He could have pretended he didn’t know anything about their budding relationship at that time and left it to them to go through everyone but as an elder brother he had given his brother what he wanted and That someone, he wanted to be for a lifetime.

But still it had hurt him when he had asked her opinion and without thinking for twice she had said she had fallen for Yuvi…

Suddenly his phone screen showed arrival of a certain person’s call who hadn’t called him all these months…


Since his Sim cards were not working she had made an What’sApp call and her smiling face in that DP aroused some beautiful tinglings in his nerves which were not wrong yet felt a crime.

Though he knew she wasn’t calling him to ask how he was and did he reach or not but still the call threw all those negative thoughts away and swiping the screen he took the call.

“i think you have left your debit card here with a few documents…” she said in a line without waiting for his response.

And he fell silent for a while so it turned out she saw them and waited for all these hours to make a call.

“are you there?” not getting any response she asked and the answer wasn’t something she expecting.

“I wasn’t joking when I said you have your family…. I left it for any emergency.” one more time he surprised her.

The call was disconnected for a long time but she waited for her own lips to say anything, just anything.so the warmth she has received from the phone never fades but they cold only whisper “sorry”.


Hello everyone, I know you guys asked for a long update and honestly managing a long update needs a few hours and that’s not possible at least for two weeks but I promise soon they will come as the story will pick the pace.

Thank you for the lovely response and all the comments and messages they give me the motivation to sit and write all that is going in my mind for this story.

Now I hope you enjoyed.

With love Morusya.

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