Loving again- part 4( twinj ff)

Loving again… part 4


The uncomfortable situation lasted for five more minutes with she pacifying the agitated girl and him cursing the traffic all the time.

As soon as the signals turned green and they drove away he opened his mouth to say the words, “I am parking the car in side, go to the back seat and feed her.”

The words ringed in her ears like she heard something awful but without looking at his side she waited for the car to stop.

As soon as the car stopped and she took the back seat she looked up but true to his self he had fixed his gaze on the roads ahead and even the front mirror was turned away.

The sudden silence as the baby latched on her was awkward but soon it was filled with the advertisement on FM station followed by lines,

Kal the yahin
Kyun aab nahin
Tum aur main saath dono

And his heart skipped a beat, for a moment he thought to change the station but then the song was not that bad.

Kya mil gayi
Tumko khushi
Hoke juda ye to bolo

 and now he sensed the uncomfortable gestures just behind him, but changing the song meant it was affecting him and he couldn’t show that.

There was a time he used to build his future plans in those brief three months of meeting her, he imagined such rides with her beside him. He used to imagine irritating her nonstop but everything changed with that one day when he found Yuvi and her talking a little too affectionately.

Pyar tha waqt nahin
Jo beet gaya do pal mein

Tu banke yaad rahe
Fariyaad rahega dil mein

And suddenly in his thoughts he missed a speed breaker and the car jumped on the road…

“Kunj careful… protecting the baby in her arms she shouted.

“sorry, you okay?” and as a reflex he turned back.

Those thoughts still haunted him and no one knew what he went through all these years.

 Jo tu na mila mujhe
Jo tu na mila mujhe
Dil ko kya bataunga
Dil ko kya bataunga

 He didn’t know whether she wore Green unintentionally or his gods were playing with him again but she still has the power to take his heart away.


it was already 7:45, he had little more than two hours to take the flight, since all his packing was done before he had nothing to do and so he was making sure on the payment wallet that every bill was paid and there was nothing for them to worry behind him.

“kunj, I am coming from the nearby temple.” his mother was on his door.

“okay bebe, I’ll close the door.” and he walked behind her to close the main gate.

Twinkle had been busy in the dinner preparations as the little girl was sleeping, he thought to go back to his room but then decided against and leaned on the living room sofa.

Many minutes passed hearing the clutters of the pots and sounds of the kitchen machines.

“coffee…” suddenly the sound broke his trance and he saw the cup of coffee forwarded to him.

“thank you.” he muttered taking the cup.

But the next moment he froze as she took the seat on the next single sofa opposite to him.

“you want to talk about something?” he asked composing himself.

“hmmm.” spooning the extra sugar in her coffee she answered.

“go ahead.” he said distracted, sipping the coffee.

“I am thinking to work… and she stopped as she saw his stern gaze on her.

“Bebe won’t understand but I want you to understand and that’s why I talked with you before you go… and she waited for his answer.

“earlier you were ready to leave the job you were doing for the sake of being someone’s wife…” and the taunt sounded rude on his lips.

She thought to answer something rude but not wanting to start a session she controlled herself.

“one more time it is for the sake of being his wife, now he is not here so… and she turned her stare to the floor.

She wanted to stop the tears but the anguish on his rude words made them helpless and they just started spilling out.

“i didn’t mean that way.” and he found her tears touching the floor which she tried so hard to hide from him forcing herself to not look up.

He hated himself for making her cry when he had no rights to console her but being the bold lady, she was she kept the cup on the table and wiped her eyes.

“i cannot stay dependent on anyone, I need to think about my daughter’s future… she was saying the words she never knew she had to even think about.

A silence prevailed in the already heated atmosphere but not taking long he started.

“i am not forcing you but you have these 3 or 4 months before I come back again… and he stopped for a while and she looked at his face trying to understand what he wanted to say.

“Life is not easy to walk alone…think again and again and if your brain functions well, accept bebe’s proposal.”

And with those words he left the sofa and walked to his room and she took a moment to think what did he say.

And she recalled her own words…

“bebe is thinking to get us married.”

 Dil se tu jaayega nahi
Tu dard samjhega ye nahi
Mushkil hai aage zindigi

 Thinking about her deceased husband and then this man who still wished good for her she let the tears flow freely for a while.



Hello everyone, this time I am a bit late but actually I had to write two exams in this week.

But now I am free and expect early updates.

Hope you like the chapter

With love Morusya.

  1. Kifarkpaindahai!

    Okay so don’t comment on ffs or Ss anymore on tu heck I don’t even open tu because the fandom was filled with monotonous stories and they are cringy beyond my imagination but finally you are focusing more on emotions and extremity of the situation rather than just writing without any justification of the characters or the situation .
    I found your writings realistic that’s why I am commenting and I wish to read this story in the future too
    Keep up with the work .
    And I am a member of tu from the past 4 years and ik what kind of stories get published here . atleast you are not rushing with things in the story

    1. Morusya51

      then i am happy you read it and found worth a read and worth writing something for it… be it this story or any any other ff or stories i have done so far, i try keeping them as real as possible.
      and this should be one of those few comments which make my brains and heart feel a positive sigh with the satisfaction of writing something which people are finding different or worth a read.
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