Loving again part 35(twinj ff)

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Loving again part 35
It was the 11th day of her marriage and the 10th day of her mother in law and her husband’ s departure but he didn’t call back.

of course, her mother in law used to do video calls where he used to sneak in for his daughter.

She expected a call but he never did, she didn’t know whether he was fine or not … though she talked with  Uma nearly every day and she assured her he was fine but she knew he was not.

Her mother and sister were busy in her shopping and gifts they were supposed to send with her to her house.

For them everything was normal and she had cleared the thin air of doubt from her mother’s head telling she was happy with the wedding.

“Twinkle!!! Kunj has joined his workplace in Delhi, Uma called me just a few minutes back…” her happy mother called her.

“that’s great news Ma,” not being able to express anything she kept herself busy in changing the sheets of her bed.

“i am so happy for you two, my daughter…” and then her mother muttered a few verges to thank God.

“come out, I am pouring tea, I’ll go and inform your father about it.” her mother left the room but she went back to a memory.

“But Ma i see more opportunities there, Dublin will help me gain my goals,” Kunj argued his mother.

“i am not stopping you son but what is wrong here, you are already working in the department of your choice…and you were telling me, in a few months you will get promotions…then why such a decision?” Uma reasoned with her son.

“i was working on this decision for the last two months Ma…” his voice was serious.

She didn’t want to eavesdrop their talks but she had come to call them for dinner and herd them talking accidentally.

“is it because of their wedding?” Uma asked him.

“don’t drag them in this Ma…” he denied sternly.

“what can I say when you have already decided but I wanted both my sons with me.” Uma’s voice was low as if tired.

“We want so many things Ma but does life happen that way…” he muttered leaving the room and standing on the door she had heard that.

Later that evening he had told everyone about his decision and though Yuvi didn’t agree to it, their mother has talked with him personally and after a few days, Kunj has left the house.

Today he was back but not a single thing was the same, he had left the city because of her and today he was left alone because of her… why she was unable to help him and was the reason for his agony every time.

“this too shall pass.” with this thought, she took her phone from the side table and left for the hall.


“where are you Kunj?” her voice was devoid of any emotion.

“i am in the city only but was angry on you,” he replied fixing his gaze on his laptop screen.

“thought to ask your well being seeing you Online.” she has seen him online and though she stopped herself, her poor heart couldn’t.

“was busy with some office work,” he replied retrieving the information about her certificates from their chats.

“i was expecting at least a Congratulation or something from you but you seem to be busy in your own life…right?” she complained childishly.

“it is not like that Neha, was busy with a few things, and I heard you were in the hospital,” he answered taking a look at the wall clock.

“This is the problem with phone calls, when you make one, all the bad also trail behind along with the good… it was a nervous breakdown but I am fine, I swear I am.” she tried sounding genuine and she did.

“i trust you but not everyone believes the same… leave it, how is your life after engagement?” he asked her.

“same as it was before.” though she didn’t mean the engagement time with him, he felt pricks.

“i believe you are happy this time…” he asked her cautiously.

“what is happiness Kunj, is it the accomplishment of your every wishes then I believe I am not but if you ask if it is the future I am planning to live in then yes I am happy.” she laughed saltly.

“you confused me with that answer.” he smiled.

“i am happy… how are you two and when is the reception?” she asked him.

“Ma has decided to bring her daughter in law after Durga pooja so she is able to celebrate her Diwali with her Laxmi.” his voice turned bitter in no moment and Neha sensed it.

Girls are provided with an extra seventh sense of sensing the heart and moods of people close to them and Neha was no exception.

“bring her back soon, I need you guys in my marriage…“and Congratulations on the wedding.” she wished him.

“you have already wished me a few days back Neha.” he reminded her.

“but thought to wish you on phone.” with the wishes I try to make my heart understand you are no more mine but you belong to someone else and I of course to someone else.

A few things are not meant to be said and this was one such thing. She has deleted every memory of Kunj from her life that tried to bring him to her…

She kept her phone beside her on the table only to take it back as a message popped up.

“I hope you have taken the medicines… remember we have to visit the Dr tomorrow.” the text from her fiancé made her smile.

“you still have time, you can break off the engagement with this mentally unstable girl.” she texted him.

“not a mentally unstable but an upset girl, and why to leave her rather I would love her to stabilize my unstable life.” his text caught her a smile.

Why it was difficult for her to love him back when he loved her unconditionally.

Perhaps some people were meant to love someone unconditional and in return, they were not destined to get it back.


“Happy Birthday.” she wished as soon as he took the call.

It was only her heart who knew how hard it was for her to not call him at 12.

Okay, they were grown-ups but she felt excited with birthdays… she was awake by 5 and was waiting for the right moment to call him.

“Thank you, how are you?” he replied in a sleepy voice.

“I am fine… How are you?” she asked back.

“good…How is my daughter?” It was a good start with one line questions and one-word answers, she smiled on it.

“she is playing with her toys… how is the office?” she thought it was a normal way too soon.

“it is good …okay, I have to wash up… .” he was about to cut the call.

“Kunj…wait.” she stood up with the terror.

“Yes…” he waited, sleep has evaporated from his eyes.

“Nothing…take care.” with that she waited for his reply.

He didn’t say a word but the beautiful smile adorning his lips were evident he was happy today.

“Kunj… yesterday a parcel came for you son, I have kept it on your table,” Uma shouted from the yard.

“Okay Ma…” he answered her.

“by the way Ma… he called her.“where are you Ma?”

“i am in the backyard son… what happened Kunj?” she asked when he hugged her from behind.

“arent you forgetting something?” he asked her.

“how on earth My Son is acting all lovey-dovey with his mother…

“oh my God!! Happy Birthday, Son, I am so sorry I forgot.” Uma left the cloth line and wiped her hands in her saree.

“it is okay Ma, Now just give me blessings.” he knelt down to touch her feet.

“always be happy my son and may God keep you away from every harm.” she blessed her son.

“Now go freshen up, I am cooking something sweet…”She said enthusiastically.

“Ma, we already had a feast yesterday..it is okay, don’t tire yourself.” he stopped her.

“let the mother celebrate her son’s birthday in her own way..and did you hear a mother getting tired when it is about her son…hun?” she walked smiling.

“Okay, as you wish..but we will have dinner out so be ready in the evening,” he told her.

“i wish Twinkle and Kavya were here.” Uma thought in her heart.


The packet was rather big to go for any official parcel, it certainly was a gift. He thought of getting ready for the office.

“let’s see who remembers my Birthday.” grabbing the parcel he looked for the sender.

In no moment he knew who was the sender, the curiosity increased when he knew it was his wife.

In the newspaper-wrapped first coat was the second layer of a glittery paper wrapped box.

He opened the box and inside was a little mud pot, he knew she was in contact with a few NGO who were involved in pottery but what got his attention was two little hand imprints on the walls.

His smile widened with the gift.

Even his daughter was made to contribute to the gift… it was indeed the most special gift he had received to date.

“I am sending some seeds of this baby plant your daughter loves to stare… I hope you will plant them in this pot.

Waiting for you

Your wife and your daughter.”

The little note meant him his world at this very moment, he felt all those torturous years were a bad dream to him and he had finally got his life.

He thought to call them but then he took a moment and keeping the gift aside left his room.


Hey everyone… I apologize for the delay, Now I hope you all liked the chapter.

Its been a whole year with you guys, I don’t know what had gotten me that I had asked you guys to pick a telly/movie couple whom you wanted to read a one-shot on, and this “Loving again” had come.

It was only your love and support that it turned into a 35 chapters long story by now and still many more to come.

I thank every one of you for the love, support, and trust… you guys are like my secret guardians who love my tales and encourage my amateur crafts.

With this, I am ending my emotional talks and as we complete a year to us I am coming with another chapter in a day.

Take care Guys… see you soon.

With Love Morusya.

p.s.- lately i am seeing you guys are losing interest here, is that so?



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      thank you so much Love, next part is up

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      thank you so much Siya for liking the chapter, Yeah things are about to get smoothen between them…♥

  5. u completed year isn’t it’s great ..
    Epi was lovely …
    Post soonest …
    No one is posting nowadays that’s why u are feeling that people are loosing interest but it’s not like that .reader’s visit rarely but they read & comment so don’t worry keep posting we luv it

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much Yashika for liking the chapter… and thank you for the support, i just hope you guys keep loving the story♥♥♥

    2. Morusya51

      p.s. – yeah,we completed a year and only because of you guys who have been nearly constant and motivated me to keep posting..a big big hug your side♥♥

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  7. I am new reader and just finished reading your story. It’s an amazing story. I loved the plot and the way you have written it. ❤❤

    1. Morusya51

      Hi Nimrit, i am happy you found this story worth a read, and thank you for your kind words…next part is updated so have a read ♥♥♥

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    1. Morusya51

      Drishti !! you always spread a smile on my face…with every chapter an online writer has some feelings and when the reader understands it the way the writer does, the writer is so happy.
      thank you so much for being a constant Love, and things will turn the way we want to but yeah after a few chpters…
      btw next part updated.♥♥♥

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