Loving again – part 3 (twinj ff)

Loving again – part 3

“Sorry, I didn’t mean anything wrong.”  He said hastily and released her arm as soon as he noticed her surprised eyes.

“What happened?” he asked after a few seconds of awkwardness.

“I don’t know, I just want you to return back, we will be fine here.” She answered and turned back to leave the room.

in these 3 years, their relationship as the prospected bridegroom to in-laws changed their ways of interaction… his rudeness after their marriage increased for her and if he thought correctly it was all the bottled up anger of his which came surfacing as soon as he used to see her.

But today he felt a pleading in her once shining eyes…


“I know Savitri, I had told you to tell my answer in a few days but now situations aren’t same. I have a widowed daughter in law at my place… I know Neha would have been the best choice for Kunj but now….

“it is okay Usha, I understand you.. Don’t think too much, we will think about this wedding later.” Consoling her Neha’s mother told usha.

“You are not getting my point Savitri,  what I want to say is… and suddenly Twinkle entered in the garden breaking their privacy.

“Bebe, Kunj wants to talk with you… seeing her there Usha left the talks and left the place.

“Twinkle, where is our little doll?” Savitri initiated a talk to twinkle who was now setting the table for their tea.

“She has been sleeping Mausi.” Telling her with a smile she forwarded her the snacks plate.

“Twinkle, if you feel like changing your mood then come to the ashram someday, girls there miss you.” in a sweet voice she reminded Twinkle about the ashram she used to go twice a week to help the girls there with English speaking.

“I’ll come to Mausi.” Without looking up she answered her and fixed her stare on the butterflies running around the rose bushes.


“I am taking the tonight flight, bebe.” he told her as soon as she settled on the chair in his room.

“okay.” She already knew he had to go back soon.

“When will you be coming now?” she asked her interest.

“I don’t know.” He told more to himself.

“When?” the lady wanted a clear answer.

“After three months…” and he kept packing.

“Today I sensed a fear… she started with a deep breath.

“About?”His working hands stopped for a while but without looking back he asked.

“Twinkle is just 26 and life is not easy…. With you settling in Dublin, how she is going to keep up after me?” she expressed her fear and this time he looked back.

“I am going to send my resume to some Indian companies… I’ll come back here.” He told her about his thoughts.

“You are not getting my point.” With a low laugh, she chided him.

“do you think I am that blind to not see why you accepted that proposal, you wanted to not face them…  but Kunj perhaps you two were meant to be,” Usha Told her son looking directly into his eyes.

“I think you have some misunderstanding Bebe, my job has nothing to do with their marriage.” He told his mother turning his back to him.

“Okay, let’s assume I have some misunderstanding, but I want you to think about this… it is not easy to live life alone, who knows it better than you.” and she caressed his shoulder lovingly.

“I’ll ask Twinkle to pack the sooji mathri for you, I know you like the flavors she adds.” With a little comment, she turned to leave his room.

“Did you call Savitri masi to tell her about this?” he asked her.

“Yes, I called her to tell about this possibility…. And they were cut with a sound of the baby cry. “But now I think I ‘ll tell later.” And she disappeared in a moment to pacify the baby who has just woken up.


“bebe,  I could have gone alone,” she told her reading the intentions behind her mother in law’s orders.

She could have gone alone for the scheduled vaccination of the little girl but her mother in law wanted her to go with him in a hope they could talk about it.

“But in the evening, there is already so much rush on roads…and suddenly a nerve was hit.

“Sorry dear

“its okay bebe, I’ll go with kunj.” And without a word, she went to change her dress.


In these years she has forgotten he liked Green color and as soon as she opened the back door a voice muttered from the front seat

“looks like I’ll do a good job of chauffeur now.” and it was an audible mutter.

He just had no control over his tongue whenever she was around and pinching and irritating her all these years had become a habit of not going any time soon.

The whole ride to the hospital went in silence, only when the time for the injection came she asked him lowly.

“could you hold her when they inject the vaccine, I cannot stand it.” she requested.

“alright.” and taking the girl in his hands he made a face to occupy her mind.

Seating on one of the far chair she stared how easy he was with kids, even at home she was half the time with him… the man who was so cold to her was actually the warmest person whom she had hurt unintentionally.


This time without a word she took the front seat and immediately the baby reached out her hands to him; in a hope he was going to take her in his arms and walk somewhere.

“For now stay with your mum, we’ll go out later.” caressing her cheeks he ignited the engine.

One more time the silence started condensing in the car, they have nothing to talk… one had her apologies; the other was not ready to hear and one had his anger; the other was in no position to endure so both hanged on the one thing common to them “the loss”.

She recalled how Yuvi always used to say Bikes were so handy, even in traffic jams you can have your ways with the small size and so he never used the car they had, it was used occasionally and when Kunj used to come.

She had not had a single memory of only both of them, enjoying an alone car ride.

And thinking about a traffic jam one was waiting for them just in front of them.

With the car not moving the little girl started getting restless and in no moment a sharp veil left her throat.

With no clue of what should be done Twinkle felt panics, Kunj opened the glasses in a hope to pacify the baby but still no use.

And if the sharp cries were making her uncomfortable a voice from the scooty standing beside their car took the toll.

“it seems she is hungry, maybe you should feed her milk.” the woman on the scooty suggested from the open window.

It left the already agitated couple in the car dumbstruck and with a new awkwardness Twinkle prayed the gods for the traffic jam to get cleared soon.

“perhaps this time I had taken the back seat, why it had to happen Babaji.” and cursing herself one more time she patted the crying baby.



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