Loving again part 24 (twinj ff)

Part 24


Days kept passing with the sun shifting his direction in daylight, the heat turning the 10 AMs unwanted but these days had caused subtle signs of progress in their relationship, they used to talk in his evenings and her of course! night.

Time zones had taken the pleasure of talking the time you wanted but for them, it was a blessing cause they used to wait for those few moments when they were free and though light talks or how’s Bebe, how’s Kavya; they were coming close to each other.

The evenings were not alone, anymore!

“her walks are wobbly though,” she commented on the small video of Kavya’s walk Ma had sent him.

“i am dying to just have her in my hands,” he replied through the Bluetooth device.

“we can talk later if you are busy,” she said as she heard him muttering a few things to himself like he always did when he was busy.

Talking with himself! Like “where is the sugar, is it perfect brown for onions, did I miss a cooker whistle?”

“oh yeah, been busy with a few things but I can talk,” he replied undoing the screws of the machine.

“wait… how did you get to know I am doing something?” he asked suddenly.

He was careful about it cause it was embarrassing to tell he had dropped his pants with coins in it and now it has taken a toll on the washing machine.

“i just knew it.” she muffled a laugh.

“i can hear your laugh so you better tell me what it was.” asking her, he shook the pipe, making sounds with the struck coin.

“well, you were talking with yourself,” she answered followed by an audible laugh.

“oh… by the way how much you could make ?” he asked sheepishly.

“not much… just to that, “how could I drop coins in my machine.” she uttered laughing openly.

“it happens.” he shrugged trying to avoid the topic.

“so is the coin out yet?” she asked mischievously.

“No, it is still stuck there…” he replied zooming the view pulling the pipe near his eyes.

“you aren’t making fun, are you?” suddenly it clicked to him.

“No, why did you think like that… I thought engineers were good with remote, TV and machine repairing.” she smiled again.

“ that we are, you will soon see our talent.” he joined the fun.

“when you are you leaving for your mother’s place?” he asked hiding the concern for his mother being alone.

“tomorrow morning… bua is coming tonight,” she told him.

“I’ll be back soon,” she assured about the unsaid.

“I didn’t mean that.” he defended himself.

“was just telling you.” she smiled but made him relieved.

“huh…finally I got it,” he exclaimed with the joy seeing the now dirty coin out of the machine.

“told you Engineers can repair anything.” she laughed again.

Prayers do get heard, they just take time a few times. He had stopped believing in them but here stood his beautiful time of him talking and even laughing with her.




“i have called you Shail… for your son.” Uma whispered in her ears careful to not let Twinkle know about the little conspiracy.

“but bhabhi, why there is a need to make new jewelry when you have already given her in the first wedding.?” Shail was apprehensive about this decision.

“those were for Yuvi’s wife and this is for my Kunj’s wife… I want to do everything I have thought about Kunj’s wedding.” Uma answered her sister in law. “ also since a few members from both sides aren’t happy with the decision I think we would keep it simple.

“whatever you decide, I am happy for my son… we suffered a lot Bhabhi.” a cheerful lady with hundreds of things to talk every moment and who loved talking with people smiled to her.

“that is why I called you to stay with me for a few days when Twinkle is going to her home,” Uma said pressing her upper arm.

“so I have to change the pieces I have at home for they were made for Neha, other things which are in the locker we’ll grab after Kunj comes home.

“and what about Neha Bhabhi, she would be shattered with it.”Shail asked the question which had been eating her brains from the time she had heard the news of the wedding being broken off.

“i feel so bad every day thinking about that beautiful soul but pain for a few time is good than suffering all life,” she answered going away.

A clear hint the topic was not ready to be broached…not yet.

“you have been so strong Bhabhi after Bhaiya, I remember how meek and soft you used to be back then…  Shail trailed off.

“Shail, come here and help me with this.” unable to hear her words from the balcony Uma called Shail for something.

“anything Bhabhi for my nephew,” Shail replied keeping the box of jewelry inside the cupboard.





“you are going home after so long and first-time after…… Ummm, nothing.”Uma saved the words before it stirred something.

“all I am saying is, don’t think about me…me and Shail will be fine together.” Uma said lovingly. “ come back whenever you want to.

“Bebe I’ll be fine…just take care of you,” she whispered lowly as she entered the cab.

“call me when you meet your father… this feels weird that he can not come here because of the schedules.” Uma had tried hiding her sorrow of sending her alone with the little girl but they had no choice.

She wasn’t ready to travel with anyone his father wanted to send, people troubled her with unnecessary questions.

“I’ll be fine Bebe,” she assured her before the cab sped off.

“you so wanted a girl child that you made her your own daughter,” Shail said closing the door.

“house would seem so alone,” Uma whispered as she wiped the little tears came in her eyes seeing the life of her home going away.

“they are coming back..right?” Shail asked putting hands on her hips dramatically.

“yeah they are,” Uma said shaking her head on her childish sister in law.

“i used to think from where my Yuvi had gotten all those childlike activities…no wonder he shared some genes with his bua.” Uma smiled on her.

‘but we never agreed on a single thing, he was always fighting with me…my child was Kunj.” Shail said reminiscing past fights with Yuvi.

“well, how can two people with the same temperament stay still for a few minutes in each other’s company.” Uma teased her.

“what Bhabhi!!!”Shail exclaimed. ” you always side with your younger son…my son is only Kunj, let him come we will tell you two mother and daughter.” unknowingly Shail uttered a few things which were not meant to be said… Now.

“my son has gone Shail…you two will always win.” Uma spoke with tears forming in her eyes.

“i apologize Bhabhi…I didn’t…

“i know Shail, it is okay… he would always be here in my heart, my kid will always be with me.” even if she tried to show her as a strong mother, the loss was unforgettable.




“why do you need me to visit the palace during my trip?” she was baffled by the request.

“she wasn’t very interested in seeing places, and that too now, but this person was some exotic species.

“it is just for a few hours, don’t say NO.’ another message popped up.

“i already have visited the place.” she lied in an attempt to get rid of it.

This was followed by a few seconds of silence that she believed she was saved but in no time popped another message-

“a place is remembered for the memories you make not by the number of visits.” this was not easy.

“she used to handle a good number of people every day in her office but handling this person seemed tough.” she mused.

“so I’ll come to the hotel and pick you up… what do you say Neha?.” he asked her.

“do I have any choice to make?” she typed furiously.

“you do have, a choice of whether we should go in the car or on the bike I have rented for the day,” he replied with the winking emozie delay and she wished so badly that man to be someone else she loved in her heart.


Summer was doing its works on the people, whether they were willing or not.




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  1. Simply outstanding episode dear
    Twinj phone conversation were awesome
    Uma’s prospective for marriage is so clear and pure …
    Happy that Neha’s life is settling down just wish twinj difference also finish by time …
    Although I am short of words to describe your amazing writing skills let’s hope if I have conveyed my thoughts..
    Eagerly waiting for your next post
    Please post soon ?

    1. Morusya51

      you conveyed your thoughts in the most appropriate manner Girl, i love reading these observations. i told you guys na this is based on a real story and even that real life lady is a pillar of steel about that second marriage of her daughter in law.
      about twinj..i guess differences are fading by now ♥ nd thanks for liking this chapter as well Drishti… ❤❤❤❤

  2. Meharin

    Awesome rusi di.Lovely..Eagerly waiting for the wedding…So twinj r coming closer ha..Amazing..Now i am back..So gonna read all..How r u and u r studies..A lot right?Don’t worry take u r time and update.At least we can wait a little for our sweet writer who gives us amazing ffs like this..Love u di,take care.

    1. Morusya51

      thanks Mehr… even i am waiting for this wedding. i am happy your exams are over… i’ good and yeah now college is about to start so updates will get delayed but i’ll try coming regularly.
      hahahah???…thanks for such words my love…god bless you❤❤❤

  3. Morusya51

    you conveyed your thoughts in the most appropriate manner Girl, i love reading these observations. i told you guys na this is based on a real story and even that real life lady is a pillar of steel about that second marriage of her daughter in law.
    about twinj..i guess differences are fading by now ♥ nd thanks for liking this chapter as well Drishti… ❤❤❤❤

  4. Me_rp_27

    Wow… amazing epi yar…
    Maza as gya…
    Gradually everything is settling between twinj….
    Just in love with ur writing skills…
    U described all the moments so beautifully yar…
    Waiting for the next epi…

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